i ain't gonna go to bush's war no how
by H. Millard (c) 2003
Iraqi girl

Hobo shacki ran into oneshoe sitting out in front of his little shack of a home down by the railroad tracks where the air stinks of burning rubber and where skid row ends and the cement l.a. river begins before sloping up to east l.a. where all the old mexicans--an earlier generation of illegal aliens--live at the edge of post-american america, because they haven't figgured out yet that all of l.a. is now mexican. i thought oneshoe would give me an intelligent guy's take on some of the political stuff this year.

oneshoe is one of those people who is beyond left and right and who hews to no party's line. Some say he's nuts. others believe that he's been touched by god and has become one of god's eternal non-conformists whose religious calling requires him to forever be beyond societal pressures in order to retain inner purity and to be true to higher cosmic truths. maybe that's overblown. maybe he is just nuts. he's kind of like the old beatniks. some think he's a right winger but, if he is, he's not your father's right winger. the difference between oneshoe and bums, according to oneshoe, is that oneshoe has a purpose. he says his purpose is to try to get people to see what's important, genuine, and true and what isn't. he does this with his poetry and songs that guitar playerhe performs at some local bars in exchange for food and some change thrown into his guitar case. mostly, oneshoe is intolerant of stupidity. he can't stand stupid people of any stripe. that includes stupid left wingers and stupid right wingers and he especially can't stand bloodless button down yuppie right wing "anti-racist" pop-conservatives like radio pudgyradio pudgy and his shallow spawn. oneshoe figures that most of those pop-conservatives who have predictable radio and tv programs where they use predigested opinions and who have no convictions from their bones, and who have a formulaic dislike about sexual things but who always include sexual stories as part of their patter, because that's one way they get ratings, are useless idiots. oneshoe told me one time that he believes the true believers who are fans of these pop-conservatives are "mostly lifeless dead in the loins and lifeless dead in the head drones who are uptight about things of the body except in secret dirty ways, and that they're anti-life and anti-the-things-of life." oneshoe concluded that earlier conversation with something that now seems to be proving itself true, "they worship death, not life. that's why most of them are single and are childless or have only one or two accidental children and why they constantly push for wars and death and destruction or their corporate equivalents."

Hobo fireas i walked under the bridge where oneshoe was boiling some water for coffee over a little trash fire, oneshoe said "i had another nightmare last night. it was about man's inhumanity to man. it was about cruelty and deceit and about money grubbing and runnin' after oil and power seeking. it was about evil and psycho world leaders. it was about the antiseptic dropping of bombs from planes flying way above the clouds by fraternity types who never have to look at the smashed and dismembered bodies of babies they kill on the ground, and who figure they're good americans.

War is Peace"while i was dreamin', i dreamt that i woke up in a house out in the suburbs and i was sweatin' and there was this guy george w. bush smiling like he wuz mr. rogers or somethin' and telling me how moral he is and how much he supports freedom, but we gotta go kill some babies in a desert far away. first he said that guy in charge of that dirt pile of a country had weapons of mass destruction. then he said that we can't find them weapons and this just proves the guy is sneaky and now he's demandin' that the guy prove that he doesn't have them. and, the guy's been saying 'if i had 'em, you'd find 'em, how'm i gonna show you what i ain't got? i'm showin' ya nothin' cause i ain't got nothin'. i think the guy's also figgerin' bush is gonna do like cops do sometimes with drop-guns and that bush will use some drop-nukes or drop-germs that he'll put in the sand and then find and say, 'see, i told ya the guy's got weapons of mass destruction.' then we gotta nuke all them camel-ridin' arabs cause dude ranch preppie bush knows that guys ain't supposed to be ridin' no humpy ugly critters, it's un-american. i bettcha bush learned about being a man by watchin' Singing in the Saddleold singin' cowboy movies. when a guy wants to start a war he can find all kinds of pretexts. i'm waitin' for bush to continue to use nutty evidence against them arabs. umbrellas? hey, they ain't umbrellas, they're parachutes for saadam's billions of crack paratroopers who are gonna fly over d.c. and jump out of their planes all with nukes on their backs. swimmin' pools? hey, they're secret bases for saadam's thousands of nuke subs. pottery factory? hey, they're really making heat resistant tiles for saadam's vast fleet of space shuttles equipped with lasers built in disguised flashlight factories. and why can't we find any weapons of mass destruction? bush will probably next say that evil saadam has his weapons factories mounted on herds of camels and they keep movin'.

"no one should have the right to start a war on a flimsy pretext. war ain't like a prepie cricket game, muffy. when people fall down in war, they often don't get back up. there's gonna be real live people including many young babies and kids kilt if this guy keeps it up. them arabs is way over there, they ain't beatin' on our doors and they ain't invadin' us, or anyone else, so why the rush to go and kill some folks? we gotta stop being quick on the trigger around the world, 'cause what goes around, comes around. if we was being invaded i could see the need, like we're being invaded by mexico, but is bush doin' anything about mexico? nope. Bush and buddy Blairhe's not even making a gesture of protectin' our borders. anyway i figger bush seeped into my brain and influenced my dream while i was sleepin' kinda like that freddy guy in the movies or like that gopher face disgustin' tony blair from england. man, i don't want to sleep no more so long as loopy guys are runnin' countries.

"i don't want to see no george bush givin' me a heavenly smile while smoothly tryin' to manipulate me into thinkin' up is down and night is day. what a crock. i figger the guy has some psychological issues and is also after power and wealth and that's all, and he'll change his positions in a heartbeat to get those things. i been in war, and a buncha them phonies around bush and the phony conservatives on the radio and tv never been in so much as a boy scout uniform, but that don't keep em' from tellin us we gotta send our kids to kill and be kilt. it ain't right, and i ain't gonna support this phony friggin' war. it ain't gonna be bush's kids goin to war, and it ain't gonna be radio pudgy's kids. count on that.

Evil Empire"i wanted to like bush, i really did, but i think his bad ideas are now outweighing what i hoped would be good ideas. he's been losin' his intelligent white base, and he knows it, so now he comes out, like at the last minute against affirmative action at a college back in the midwest, but he talks outta both sides of his mouth. next he'll give somethin' to blacks and mexicans to make up for the affirmative action thing. he figgers he can fool the dopes out in the the pta's of middle-of-the-i.q-bell-curve-america where the intellectual level is something just slightly higher than that found in a petri dish full of half dead flat worms. its like a tropism thing. shine a light and get a plant to grow in that direction. throw a bone to the white folks and then throw a bone to non-white folks and you neutralize any opposition. he's trying to manipulate the stupid masses.

" i suddenly realized how death and war and evil find their way into our world. they don't come in lookin' like what they are, they come in with rationalizations and smiles and soft voices. they trick and fool the innocent into thinking they're what they're not, and they reassure the easily suggestible need-to-believe-in-something crowd and the "Stepford people"stepford people who inhabit this here post-american america now that intellectuals aren't listened to and people keep tunin' into radio pudgy who is a propagandist for the guvmint. so the war mongers beat the war drums and the weak toadies around them who only want their guvmint careers, go along with the screwball ideas in order to save their jobs. i guess they figger that after all the babies is dead several thousand miles away, and after they're no longer in office, they can write books saying that they then regret what they did, and gosh they were misled."

about this time, i was starting to wonder if oneshoe had been drinking some antifreeze again, but i guessed i had asked for it by asking him his opinion. "anyone else believe these things that you're telling me oneshoe?" i asked.

"i don't know man, and i don't care." said oneshoe. "this is what i believe, and i've never not been true to myself in my life. at least i've never compromised on what's really important to me since i became an adult when i was 14, and i've always followed my own lights as i go through this life that will end in a grave just like everyone else's. rich flesh and poor flesh rot the same. i try to be as pure to my inner soul as i can be, and i do that by livin' outside the bell curve of conformity.

Mother Bush"most people, no doubt, have their own opinions about mr. bush. many of them, especially the phony pop-conservatives, are congenitally receptive to such views because they're a bloodless lot who are sexually repressed and constipated and this seems to make them perfect pigeons for the likes of bush and his minions who plant numbnut stuff in their brains by puff pieces in the main stream press that presented mr. bush as a reincarnation of mother theresa with a sex change, right? and then they had the likes of radio pudgy, who says he's got millions of conservative listeners, talkin' in their ears. most people aren't beyond being influenced by such pr crap. we live in a soup of subliminal messages and many people are like easy subjects for our stage hypnotists pushin' this here war stuff. it's like 'listen to my voice, listen to my voice, when i snap my fingers you'll go kill some babies 'cause iraq is an evil land and even the babies are evil and have to be kilt.'

"people think they have complete free will but then they decide to buy a certain brand of whatever or a certain make of car or a certain religious view because...well...because the messages seeped into their sub-conscious minds and they marched like little robots off to buy what was planted there all the while smiling those stupid pta smiles and thinkin' it was their own decision. and, come the next election, they'll vote for a candidate because certain images seeped into their subconscious, but they'll think they were the ones who decided. stupid ants.

Iraqi children"oh, the propagandists for war and destruction will be all over the t.v. soon, and he'll tell us again that some nothin' of a country thousands of miles away is dangerous to us. why it'll be just like we're in church as he tells us what's right and what's wrong, and why we gotta kill some arab kids. how could we have ever thought otherwise? and radio pudgy will waddle his sissy soft flesh up to the microphone and tell us that bush hit a home run with this or that speech and then callers will call in say that golly, bush hit a home run and they'll think they thought of the term and gosh, stay the course, and axis of evil to you baby and hey, what's your sign and cool man it's like really awesome and twenty three skidoo and groovy.

"now, don't get me wrong, phony liberals aren't any better than phony conservatives but some of their arguments have more depth to them than some of the cliches spouted by the present crop of phony conservatives. it's not that the phony liberals are right, it's just that they seem to have fewer stupid cliches right now, but i figure they'll catch up to the phony conservatives at some point. Desert stormbut, maybe i've got it wrong. when i see bush and radio pudgy and their families out in front of our armies and marching across the sand i this war, i may reconsider. until then, forget it. for now, i see a whirlwind like none ever seen before being unleashed if this war madness continues. all wars before may pale with what is coming.

"i'm workin' on a little ditty about bush's war, "i think the tune should be that song i ain't gonna work on maggie's farm no more, but the words should be somethin' like, ' i ain't gonna go to bush's war no how,' waddya think?"

" yeah, may work. take care, man," i said, as i got up to leave. so there you have it. from reading the press, i don't know how many others share oneshoe's opinions, but even in post-american-america guys like oneshoe have a right to their opinions. at least until the feds come and stomp them. and if things keep going the way they are now, that may not be long off unless people start speaking out and trying to save this nation both from the mexicans who are invading it and from those who are letting them and who are taking away the rights of citizens and making phony excuses to go to an unnecessary war.

wounded soldieri forgot to mention that oneshoe served in viet nam and was wounded a couple of times and got an award for bravery. that's how he ended up with only one foot. i'll take the true patriots like oneshoe over self-absorbed elite radio pudgy and other mouth warriors any day. true patriots like oneshoe stand up for what's right, even when the elites and the dumb masses they manipulate stand up for what is wrong.

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