Mexican  corruption
by H. Millard (c) 2002

Remember when the U.S. was a nation of laws and those who worked for us in Lady Justicegovernment actually upheld our laws? Those were the days of principles and color blind enforcement of our laws. It was a simple formula. If you broke the law, you broke the law. Period. It didn't matter what your color or national origin was. The law was the law. That's what a nation of laws meant. That's also why Lady Justice is blindfolded while holding a scale. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn't matter to Lady Justice what you look like. She doesn't even see you. She rules based on the law. Mexican corrosion

That was before the massive invasion of illegal alien money grubbing criminals from Mexico and points south who are bribing those in government with promises of votes and other goodies. Suddenly, we have become a nation of scofflaws. Scofflaws, in case you need a definition of the term, are those who flagrantly violate our laws. It's the type of thing Mexican copyou see in Third World nations all the time. In such nations, laws mean whatever someone wants them to mean, and laws are bent by corrupt officials all the time. Go down to Mexico and get pulled over for driving too fast. Want to avoid the ticket? Give the cop a bribe. No problemo. You're on your way, amigo, with no ticket.

The U.S. has become a little like that. Today, Lady Justice is corrupt and looks to see who is on the scale. If you're a brown illegal alien, you can break many of our laws. Citizens see examples of this in every city in this nation all the time now. See all those people who don't speak English standing on your street corners looking for work? The police know they're illegal aliens. Illegal means criminal. Police are supposed to arrest criminals. So, why aren't they doing so? The answer is that the police are being ordered by higher ups to look the other way and not enforce our laws. Ultimately, these orders to look the other way are coming right from the very top. It is no less a personage than "our" President who is setting a tone that is allowing this nation to become one giant corrupt cesspool. We all know why, too. Bush and his fellow Republicans are trying to get Latino votes.Most illegal aliens are Latinos. The fix is in.

The Democrats are trying the same thing. Given the two party scam we have in this country, this bounding after Latino votes by the two parties means that citizens are getting screwed and have very little voice in preventing the destruction of this nation. Most of us can do little but sit and watch as our cities, states and, yes, our nation, are being eaten away from within by Third World corruption. We don't have much power, we citizens. We are even treated like second class citizens to illegal alien non-citizens.

"Jesus" ApodacaAs you have no doubt heard, a newspaper in Colorado recently ran a sob story about an illegal alien student who some people apparently wanted to be the poster boy for open borders. It seems the kid had a 3.9 grade point average in high school but was going to be denied in-state tuition rates in college because, gee, he was A FRIGGIN' ILLEGAL ALIEN! Sob. Sob. Sob. How mean. How cruel. It's one of the oldest propaganda tricks in the world. Go out and find someone who is photogenic and sympathetic and have him represent the whole class of people of which he is a part--in this case, illegal aliens. Then, wrap this guy in the American flag and tell people that all he wants to do is salute the flag and work for world peace or something similar. Soon, you'll get the low I.Q. easily suggestible PTA types saying that he should be allowed to stay in the country along with everyone just like him. "Why, let's just overlook the law. Gosh, what's the harm? He's such a nice boy," say the numb nuts.

Tom TancredoWell, Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colo) read the story, and as one sworn to uphold our laws, demanded that the kid be deported. Good grief! An honest Congressman. An Untouchable. How awful.

Ever since then, Tancredo has been called a variety of names, including "racist" which is the all purpose hate term that is used by slack-jaws, to force whites to shut up when they disagree with lefty whack jobs. As usual, many of those calling him names are the same extremist left wing professional anti-white racists and bigots who make their living off scaring people into thinking that everyone who disagrees with these whack jobs is about to burn a cross on their lawn.

Unfortunately, Tancredo has now felt compelled to deny the goofy racist charge. Such denials usually send a signal to the anti-white bigots that they have someone on the run. Like bullies everywhere, these anti-white bigots look for a sign of weakness, and if they find it, they don't go away, they just continue with their bullying. So these anti-white bigots may now think that they can pummel Tancredo into silence along with all other citizens who want our immigration laws upheld. Time will tell whether or not Tancredo can withstand the name calling but, for the sake of this nation, one hopes that he doesn't back down.

In virtually every propaganda story about this situation, it is pointed out that the illegal alien, Jesus Apodaca, has a 3.9 grade point average, as though that somehow mitigates the fact that he is an illegal alien. There's no relation between the two. The grade point average does not erase the crime. In fact, because this kid and his family cheated to get into this country by cutting into line in front of people who have been playing by the rules by waiting their turn, one wonders if this Mexican citizen got his 3.9 grade point average the same way.

Immigration cheaters should not be rewarded for their arrogant and criminal act of sneaking into this country. This illegal alien, and all others, should be arrested by honest cops and booted out of this country. Honest cops? We probably have as many of those as we have honest politicians these days. Welcome to post-American "Tijuana smells"America, dear friends. We are a nation with a death wish. As we move toward our collective grave, we're passing through successive stages of devolution. Things, Athensincluding our laws, just don't work as well here, as they once did. Things aren't as bright anymore. Things aren't as efficient. Things aren't as good. Our shining house on the hill is looking more and more like a cardboard box shanty in one of the gullies of Tijuana. There is a tawdriness over the land, and there is a stench coming from the White House.

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