a paen to genocide

by H. Millard (c) 2002


President Bush is a simple man,
He has simple thoughts,
And a simple plan

"We good; they bad."
The thinkin's the same
As with dear old dad

Evil wears a black hat and sneers,
To simple folk
With simple ideas.

Simple folk just can't think things through
Real is what they see right now
And, history, "Hey, that's just a day or two."

A broken arm, the simple see
But cancer growing
"Hey, it doesn't bother me."

So, the evil easily sneaks right in
And eats the nation
From within

It kills by choking out the good
And spreads like mold
While saying brotherhood.

Evil is now upon our street
It came in at night
On walking feet.

The evil speaks (but with a smile);
And here is what I know it said:
"Hola, gringo
I wish you dead (and I have for a very long while)."

And the simple folk saw the smile so sweet
And ignored the sound
Of the now marching feet.

"Hey, we're a nation of ignorants,
That is what makes us strong
And those who don't like ignorants,
Why I guess they must be wrong."

Genocide is practiced here
Goodby white folks
George Bush is near

And open now the floodgates wide
to destroy America
with the tide.
# # #


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