"100% American!"
(Trying to beat extinction with identity)
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Al Nobody blew threw town last week saying he had a plan to save white people.
The newspapers noted his presence, but I'll get to that a bit later.

"The word shall set you free," said Al.

"You mean the Bible?" I asked.

"No. THE word."

"What word?" I asked.

"Don't rush me," said Al. "Let me read this to you, and see what you think." Al then immediately started reading from an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of white typing paper in his hand.

"Who are we? WHO are we? Who ARE we? Who are WE? And, will WE find out who WE are while there's still time to do something, before WE become extinct?

"Kill the White Man""White people, or more specifically, non-Jewish white people of European descent, really are in danger of extinction. The numbers are out there for everyone to see. You don't have to have a crystal ball or be a trained demographer so understand what's going on. You don't even really need to see the numbers. Just look around. Your eyes aren't lying. Your world is getting as brown as the rest of the world. More brown equals less white.

"Whites are dying as a people. Our group birthrate is below replacement levels. As a people, we are getting old. We are not the buds of spring, but the dried up leaves of winter. 'Excuse me, isn't it a little cold in here?' Instead of being full of life, they are full of death. 'Hey you kids, get off my lawn!' yells the old white man, who never had children, and who is the last white person in his neighborhood, to brown kids on his lawn. Once, there were white kids in his neighborhood. No more. When he's gone, the neighborhood will be completely brown. But, he doesn't mind. 'Why, we're all just Americans. People are all the same. I'm not a racist.' I ask you: What's an American? If the old man's bones are dug up in a thousand years, will scientists say 'We can tell from his bones, that this man was an American'? Of course they won't say that. That's because 'American' isn't in our bones. It isn't in our skin. It isn't in our genes. It is an artificial term. It does not tell who we truly are. His bones will tell scientists that he was a white person. His nationality would not be revealed.

Brown gang 'kids'"Who is to blame for the possible coming extinction of whites? It is ourselves. 'Kids today, aren't like they were when I was a kid (literally),' says the old white man. But he doesn't truly understand. Once again, who is to blame for the possible coming extinction of whites? It is the old white man who didn't have children, or who had too few children, and millions just like him. It's you and me. 'It's not your lawn, old man,' yell the brown kids. 'You're just using our land. And, when you die, we'll dance on your grave. Maybe, we'll even tell stories to our kids about how there used to be white people on this planet, but that they were too stupid to survive. We'll tell how they weren't racists, and we'll praise them for that and thank them for destroying themselves because they didn't believe in races. We'll tell how their insane lack of respect for their people and their neurotic lack of a will to survive led them to die off.'

Ruins of Hvalsey Church, a 14th century Norse building in the Eastern Settlement, the site of the last documented evidence of Norsemen in Greenland"It's easy for some whites to point at other peoples and blame them for the possible extinction facing whites, but if white people perish from the face of the Earth, it will be our own fault. Whites, as a group, are not adapting for our own survival. Our old ways worked fine in the isolated white lands where we traditionally lived, but those days are gone.

"What's really wrong with whites that is pushing them toward extinction? The major and most obvious factor is that we are, and always have been, a very small minority on this planet. We are only white today, because we mostly lived in isolated lands in Europe. That kept our genetic blueprints from being changed. Our modern world has largely destroyed that isolation. To survive as a distinct people in the modern world (Oh, how I hate that term 'modern world' that carries the notion that 'modern' is good when, in fact, it really just means that this is the world we now live in), whites must now learn to have a psychological isolation from the people who surround them. This usually means finding a religious basis for such psychological isolation. Maybe in time (but will it be IN time) such a religious basis, that will capture the imaginations of whites, will take hold. Maybe it won't.

big family"And, what about the low white birthrate? It wasn't always that way. Once, whites were as fecund as many non-whites are today. This being the case, it's probably safe to say that our present low birthrate is a cultural problem, not a genetic one. This means that this is a problem that can eventually be corrected through proper education so that whites can birth up to our natural limits. Nature made the sex drive strong for a reason. If it is allowed to work as nature intended, it can help whites survive. White science that has led to modern mass transportation and to modern birth control measures is turning into black death as whites outsmart nature and traipse toward oblivion. Our minds have not kept pace with the products of our minds--our inventions--and are still full of 10th century notions about survival that don't work in the 21st century. New thinking is required.

"Another problem is that whites lack a proper sense of identity. Some whites only have a vague sense of their identity as white people. Other whites have too narrow an identity based on their surnames or the countries from which they or their ancestors came. Still others have too broad a sense of identity and consider all humans to be their kin. All three of these are unhealthy and harmful for the continued existence of white people.

"Having a sense of identity requires language. A term. A word. We need this to think about it and to accept our identity. Such a word must be exclusive enough so that it only includes those who share that identity, but it must also be inclusive enough so that it includes all those who truly should be included. The word should also mean, or come to mean, something good and positive to the person who it describes so that a sense of healthy pride is felt by the bearer of the identity word.

"Without such a defining word, there can be no real sense of identity.

"European' doesn't hack it. It's too inclusive and now covers just about anyone born in Europe. And, today, there are many non-Europeans being born in Europe. You see the problem.

"100% American!""So, what is a good name for "non-Jewish white people of European descent"? Some are using "Euros," and maybe that will click and stick. I don't know. Maybe something new is better. Maybe we need to reinvent ourselves as a people. And why not? Are we to believe that an identity word that we invent, is less genuine than all the other words in our language that were invented at some time or other by other people? Why can't we stand upright, raise our fists to the sky and scream out a new name for us? Do we think we need permission from someone to do this? Nonsense. We can be who we want to be. It is our choice. We can use any word we want, and if enough of those who we are trying to describe take and internalize this word, it will be so. I say, and I told you I'd get to this, THE word is EURISH. To my ear, that term sounds better than Euros.

"Ultimately, if Eurish doesn't turn out to be THE word, then another will have to be found. I've done my part. I'm pretty certain that if no word is found under which white people can find their true sense of identity, then white people will slip into non-being for lack of believing that they are different, and that they should remain different. Extinction is more likely without a sense of identity. THE word will save us.

"Perhaps we should ask why it's even important to have a proper name for our people. The answer lies in the fact that we must be cohesive to ward off extinction, and to be cohesive, we must see ourselves as part of something, of a group, that transcends national borders. We can't be too narrow on our focus on identity or we'll think of ourselves as Irish or English or Swedish or German or Italian or by any of the other national names that may still mean something genetically for many of the people in those nations but which are virtually meaningless for Irish or English or Swedes or Germans or Italians or any of the other European descended people who live in America and increasingly on other parts of the planet as well. Too narrow a focus would mean seeing ourselves as different from other whites. On the other hand, if we see ourselves in too broad a focus the way the blenders want us to view ourselves, we'll not see that we are a distinct people."

"Waddya think?" asked Al as he finally finished. "I figure if Eurish doesn't stick, we can always use 'Aryan."

"The Aryan""Aryan's been done," I said. Al just nodded and walked away to go to the photocopy joint down the street. A few days later, a local newspaper had a story about 'hate fliers' turning up on people's lawns. I figure they were probably Al's. It didn't sound like hate to me when I heard it, but in post-American America, any discussion or expression of wanting to save whites from extinction is considered hate. And, the fact that whites--Eurish--put up with such name calling is just another indication that we are letting ourselves be beaten down, and that we will be doomed unless we unapologetically start asserting our peoplehood once again. Maybe Al had a point. Maybe THE word, needs to be found and used.

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