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by H. Millard (c) 2002


On March 1, the two Democrat gubernatorial candidates in Texas held a debate

Dan MoralesTony SanchezIt seems that before the debate, Dan Morales a former Texas attorney general and his opponent Tony Sanchez, a Laredo millionaire, got together and decided to hold their debate in Spanish. And, they did. However, during the debate, Morales angered Sanchez when Morales spoke a little English. Sanchez subsequently said that by speaking some English, Morales delivered an "insult" to all Mexican-Americans.

INSULT! Insult this you creeps! The real insult was delivered by both of these Remember the Alamo?Mexicans (whose asses may be in the U.S. but whose hearts are apparently in Mexico) to all European-Americans and to those who died at the Alamo to free Texas from the fascist Mexicans of an earlier day. A further insult is found in the fact that this Spanish debate is being largely glossed over by panty waist liberals and sissified pseudo-conservatives who say things such as "well they're just trying to reach out to a Latino constituency."


What these two candidates did was give a single finger salute to Americans. Don't be fooled into thinking that these were just a couple of candidates who wanted to respect their heritage. These two Mexicans living in the United States Jorge W. Zapataaren't running for dog catcher and they weren't out there jumping from ethnic food stand to ethnic food stand, eating a blintz over here and a polish sausage over there. These guys are running for Governor of the second biggest state in the union and the home of our President George W. Bush. Excuse me, judging from Mr. Bush's forthcoming amnesty for illegal aliens, Bush probably prefers Jorge W. Bush (pronounce that in the Mexican way as Whore Hey).

The debate in Spanish was an insult to America which is an English speaking nation. Spanish is a beautiful European language, but today in America it is the language of the invaders and its use is an insult to America. Spanish is one of the tools that is being used to divide and destroy this nation and it is one of the devices being used to steal several western states and turn them into a new Mexico.

The fact that this insult was delivered in the very state where President Whore Hey W. Bush lives make this even more troubling for the future of America, given the fact that Bush panders in Spanish from time to time and his brother Jeb is married to a Mexican woman and has children who the first President Bush called "those little brown ones."

Remember the Alamo? Hell, if this nonsense keeps going on, we'll probably see the Alamo torn down as being "insensitive," and we'll see President Bush driving the bulldozer. Picture Whore Hey sitting up there with a sombrero perched on his head and looking like Alfred E. Neumann of Mad Magazine fame, as he says "What, me worry?"

"Don't mess with Texas"? Maybe Bush and his fou fou pals and these other politicians will change that to "Don't mess with Mexico."

So, while President Bush chases terrorists all over the globe supposedly to preserve the American way of life, the real terrorists are invading right under his eyes and destroying the American way of life.

The only thing our elite politicians do in the face of these insults and this massive invasion of America, is grin and speak some pidgin Spanish to the invaders of America. The now tired cliché of fooling frogs in a pot to stay put while they're cooked, by simply heating the water a little at a time is what's going on to America. The rich establishment types aren't in the pot with average Americans, folks. Average Americans are pretty much locked to our land, and if our land gets ruined we get ruined. The elites, on the other hand, are immune from the changes that affect any piece of real estate--such as the state of Texas--or the entire U.S., because these elites are internationalists who can jump in their jets and fly off to wherever they want to live when America becomes one giant sewer. They've already moved their factories to other countries. Their families will be next when things get really bad here.

Who the hell said that Americans want the United States to be a new Mexico?! If we wanted to live in the stupid Third World, then we'd be sneaking across the southern border and demanding freebies from Mexico the way millions of Mexicans are sneaking into this country and are demanding freebies from us.

It's time that Americans, and especially European-Americans, shook off the neurotic death cult of PCism and started boldly speaking out again about right and wrong and about saving this nation from the hordes of invaders who are absolutely ruining OUR American dream.

Hey, creeps, you want to speak Spanish? Just cross the border to Mexico. There you'll find a whole nation full of people who speak Spanish. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. And, guess what? Our lawns will still be mowed, our tomatoes will still be picked and our kids will still be watched. Our crime rate will also fall and our prison population will drop. Our schools will get better and our kids will start learning again. And, watch as our states start getting fiscally healthy again since they won't have to pay for your medical and other care.

Somehow we'll just have to live without "the wonderful diversity," and the other screwball notions that we've been told are good, but which no one has ever been able to substantiate as being that.

Ex-governor Rick Perry opens taco stand in  HoustonThe Mexican primary in Texas is on March 12, so we'll have to wait and see whether the Mexican who doesn't want to speak any English at all beats the Mexican who will speak some English and will be the Democrat party nominee to face Republican Governor Rick Perry in Novemember.

There's no word as to whether Perry will have a Spanish only debate with the winner, but don't count it out.

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