by H. Millard (c) 2003

Things got even weirder in the U.S. this week as the comply or die Bushies continued to kick sand in the face of a 98 lb. weakling of a nation that hasn't done anything to the U.S. except be an Arab state with a lot of oil that is near Israel. More and more Americans are noting the nuttiness of Bush's mad rush to war and are pointing out the very obvious appearance of the Israeli hand in this. As is common, as soon as people point out that the third party beneficiary of a U.S. war against Iraq may be Israel, they are branded as anti-Semites.

However, "anti-Semite," like "racist," simply doesn't have the sting it once did. More and more good, decent people seem to understand the black and white world of some of the bigoted serial name callers who use these terms, and these people aren't quivering in their boots when they're called some of these hate terms--unless of course the person being called such terms is a politician. In that case, the politician can be expected to slobber all over himself or herself to apologize for doing nothing more than telling the truth.

This week, it was Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va. who was forced to step down from his leadership post in the House after pointing to the Jewish/Israeli connection in the mad rush to war against Iraq.

Jim MoranDespite Moran's apologies to Jews and Israel, most thinking people realize that he is being pressured by the very people who claim that they are not pressuring anyone. And most people who can connect up dots know that it really is the Jewish/Israeli lobby that is pushing the world to the brink. It's almost as though little Georgie Bush is a kid on a playground and a bunch of his new best friends, who "just happen to" support Israel, or who "just happen to" be Jewish, are there telling him to beat up some weak little kid who isn't bothering Bush at all.

"You can take him, Georgie," says one friend of Israel. "Go get him. He looked at you funny," says another. "He's a geek. Go ahead and punch him Georgie," says a third. "Hey Georgie, if you don't beat up that kid, people are going to think you're a sissy," says still another. "I hear he thinks he can beat you Georgie. Are you going to stand for that?" ''Hey Georgie, he's a towel head. Show him we don't like camel jockeys around here." Of course, those pushing Bush's psychological buttons aren't so ham handed as to use the terms that might be used on a playground, but that's what they're really saying. The fact is that U.S. policy in that part of the world is being dictated by what Israel wants, and most intelligent people know it.

animal farm commisarPart of the evil PR campaign to have U.S. citizens die for Israel can be seen in the fact that the United States, which was once called a Christian nation, is now usually called a Judeo/Christian nation. That change sort of crept in the way the rules for the animals written on the back wall of the barn kept changing as Napoleon and his fellow pigs in Animal Farm crept in and changed various rules a little at a time. We went to sleep and the words on the back wall of the barn said "The U.S. is a Christian nation." When we woke up, it said "The U.S. is a Judeo/Christian nation." Like the dumb animals in Animal Farm, many Americans simply thought that was the way it had always been.

It hasn't. So, what's the big deal with this change? Just that it makes it easier for those who support Israel to convince American Christians that they and Jews are the same and that Arabs and Muslims are their common enemy. It's the psychological manipulation of easily suggestible people into putting themselves and their children at risk to do the bidding of someone else, by first convincing Americans that these others are the same as them. How often have we heard various manipulators justify our support of Israel because "Israel is a democracy." How many dopes hearing this even bother to say "So what?"

target SaddamAnd, out in the playground of Washington, D.C. the Jewish kids and their supporters are still there egging little Georgie on to do their bidding. "Pssst. Go get Iraq, Georgie. If you don't attack, people are going to think you're a sissy. If you do attack, Georgie, people will think you're like Ronald Reagan. Go ahead, Georgie, kill those Arabs. They're not Judeo/Christian like us Georgie. It'll help you get re-elected if you attack. Don't worry about the Arab babies who will be killed. We'll plant stories that Saddam did that. And, hey, once we attack, we'll plant some weapons of mass destruction around Iraq and claim they were there all along."

If I had President Bush's ear I'd tell him to get away from those who are counseling war and go up to Camp David and reflect upon what is really going on in the world. Attacking Iraq is wrong for America and it is wrong for the world. It is something that does not have to be done, and which shouldn't be done.

But of course, I don't have Mr. Bush's ear. If I did, Mr. Bush's Israel lobby would whisper in his ear that like most of the people opposed to this needless war, I'm just a fill in the blank______, anti-Semite, racist, liberal, bigot, hater, extremist, anti-American, lefty, righty, white supremacist, white separatist, liberal, Democrat, Bush hater.

BloodlustOf course, if Mr. Bush could get past these real haters who surround him, he would find that like many of those opposed to this Iraq nonsense, I'm a Republican, I voted for Mr. Bush, and I served in the military. Mr. Bush might also find that most of those who oppose attacking Iraq aren't cowards or pacificists, but are people who believe that you don't go to war unless there is a very good reason to do so, and then you do so very reluctantly and with sorrow in your heart. Contrast this attitude to the blood lust coming from the mouth warriors who call themselves neo-Cons and conservatives, but who are really part of the informal Israel lobby who are trying to push Mr. Bush to war.

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