alien rapist
by H. Millard (c) 2002

I read a column written by a citizen in a local newspaper the other day. The guy started off with a fairly good overview of local problems and why a part of the city needs a major redevelopment--the place is full of illegal aliens. So far, so good. Then he got stupid and gave readers a variation of "If you're going to be raped, you might as well relax and enjoy it," when he told readers that we must consider the wishes of illegal aliens when we consider redevelopment. He also tells readers that illegal aliens work hard and that their employers like them.

illegal alienGeez, get your head out of your taco! Illegal aliens not only should not have their wishes considered, they should be arrested and deported. They are engaged in what amounts to an ongoing trespass and are criminals. The fact that some may work hard does not excuse the fact that they have cheated and jumped in line ahead of people who do obey our laws and who are still waiting to be allowed to come to this country legally. Many bank robbers work hard, too. Working hard does not excuse the crime.

child laborFurthermore, the reason many illegal aliens work hard is because they are working under the table with few workplace laws to protect them--they're friggin' criminals who have to walk on eggs, and this puts them in in a position similar to child laborers of the 1800's who were at the mercy of their employers who could fire them and rehire twenty more in the blink of an eye. And, of course businessmen like illegal alien employees. They can pay them substandard wages under the table and give them no benefits. Hiring illegal aliens at lower wages gives these businesses a competitive advantage over businesses that hire citizens, because with lower labor costs, the businesses can undersell their competitors.

How do these illegal alien workers, who get low wages and no benefits, make ends meet in First World U.S. cities? Easy. They get their benefits from the non-profits that give them the equivalent of health insurance by offering free medical and dental care--while the rest of us pay large chunks of our income for these benefits. What about other expenses? Well, the non-profits give them bags of groceries for free--while the rest of us pay large chunks of our income for our food. They get help with the utilities.

They get help with paying the rent. They get free after school day care for their kids. They pack several families into one bedroom apartments and share the rent (while causing overcrowding and health problems for themselves and others).

All of these things--these "compassionate" things--simply drive down the standard of living for citizens of First World cities and keep illegal aliens in a perpetual child like state where they must be supported by citizens. Who benefits? Some of the businessmen who often make enough money because of their reduced labor costs that they can live in ritzy places such as Beverly HillsNewport Beach and Beverly Hills. The people who work at the charities also benefit and often get very attractive salaries and job security so long as they can encourage more illegal aliens to settle in an area. The losers in this symbiotic relationship between illegal aliens, businesses and charities are the good, decent hardworking average citizens of cities where the illegal aliens are concentrated, and where the quality of life for citizens must, of necessity drop when there is a large semi-welfare class living within the city.

I was at a city meeting about two years ago when a businessman spoke. He said he employs about two hundred "entry level workers" (wink, wink). He then said that the city should keep giving money to the non-profits because his workers couldn't make it in this city without the assistance of the non-profits. I was aghast. Here was an apparently very wealthy businessman who doesn't live in the city, saying that the citizens of the city should keep subsidizing his (illegal alien) workers so this guy could get richer. I looked around the room to see if anyone else had heard what this guy was really saying. What I saw was a bunch of charity moguls with Stepford people nodding heads and charity smiles. Good grief! I felt like screaming, "You friggin' morons, wipe those self-satisfied smiles off your over fed faces and try to understand that you're destroying this nation."

The writer of the column also pointed out the reality that our laws are not being enforced. His "Untouchable"solution to this corruption that has now infested many levels of our society is to ignore these laws. A wiser solution is to do what they did in Chicago in the '30's when similar conditions existed--bring in some Untouchables who understand that America is a nation of laws and that our laws need to be upheld. To not uphold our laws leads to a distortion in our society such as we see in Third World nations, and increasingly in First World American cities.

Illegal aliens are not part of the solution in any city. They are part of the problem. One may argue all day long that this is not the case, but I would ask those who so argue to look at the demographic data of those cities that are nice and those that aren't so nice. What you will find is that those cities with the largest number of illegal aliens have the lowest standard of living, the highest crime rates, the worse schools, the lowest home values, and the most social problems.

First World American cities should not be experiencing the types of problems that are normally found in decaying inner cities where you find slaughter houses and toxic industries.

a Citizen speaksOn November 5, CITIZENS of First World cities all across America will have a chance to vote and make some changes in their cities. All politics truly are local. And, it is at the local level; in towns and cities all across America where real changes can be made that will bubble up to the national level--hopefully before the US is totally transformed into a Third World nation. Will citizens vote for those candidates who want to give more freebies to illegal aliens or will they vote for those who want to improve their cities? We'll just have to wait to see what the "people" want. And, under our laws the "people" means citizens.

Unfortunately, the pandering politicians are part of the symbiosis that I mentioned above and they too benefit from illegal aliens because most of them are Latinos and these politicians figure they can get some votes by promising to make illegal aliens, legal.

AvariceThis then is how America is ending, dear friends. Not because of foreign armies, but because of the self-serving avarice of those who profit in the short run from illegality. Corruption is now endemic in this nation, starting right at the top and filtering down to every city and town. To get America back on the right track is going to require a major sea change in thinking and the hard work of ordinary m intelligent citizens who have the courage to stand up to the evil that is eating America alive.

grassrootsI am not optimistic that we even have enough people with this intelligence, courage, and energy to start attending their local city meetings and to start bringing in grassroots change right where they live. But that's what is needed, and that's what will bubble up to the national level if enough citizens do this.

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