Trent Lott
by H. Millard (c) 2002

Trent Lott is probably still confused about why there was so much teeth gnashing over his recent remarks in praise of Senator Strom Thurmond, and he's probably doubly confused why he has now been forced to take a back bench seat in the Senate. Such confusion, if in fact it exists, is often the result of having the wrong idea about reality.

My guess, based on Senator Lott's actions, is that Lott falsely believed he was being attacked solely because of his words. With that as his reality, he seemed to have concluded that all he had to do was apologize for those words--repeatedly. The apologies were getting so silly that it almost seemed as though Lott was about ready to have his hair put in corn rows. It didn't work. All that Lott accomplished was to look absurdly out of touch, not only with blacks, but also with whites who have some sense of who they are. In fact, under the circumstances, going on Black Entertainment Television to apologize to blacks must have seemed insulting and condescending to many blacks who might have seen this not as an attempt to get things straight with equal, before the law, citizens but almost as though Lott had gone to the local watermelon stand to apologize.

Whites who keep abreast of the race intimidation going on in this country right now, probably knew that Lott's apologies wouldn't work. They knew why Lott was really being attacked.

What Lott didn't understand is that he was being attacked for being white and seeming to have some consciousness of this fact. No matter how much he apologized, he just couldn't get rid of his whiteness--it comes from within and is natural with many whites who have less conditioning that others. In addition, Lott may not have recognized the general anti-white bigotry and hatred of whites that is bubbling just under the surface throughout post American America. Such hatred of whites in post-American America doesn't always carry easily seen symbols of this sickness. Instead, the attacks against whites, for their whiteness, often come disguised as attacks against some expression of white consciousness or identity. This is often accomplished by white haters through the device of calling whites, with any white identity or consciousness, haters or racists or any of a host of other terms that are, themselves, hate terms. Few whites are even able to see through the smoke screen of these attacks to their real nature, and waste their time intellectually castrating themselves by defending against the silly charges. Once one starts defending against these imprecise hate terms, the haters smell blood and continue their attacks. Instead of fighting back, Lott tried to prove that he wasn't a racist and ended up looking ridiculous.

Speaking about this issue of the anti-white bigotry and hatred in post-American America; it isn't going to go away by whites trying not to be white or by apologizing for being white. Whites need to stop pandering to non-whites in a misguided attempt to stop such hatred of whites. Whites need to treat all peoples with respect, but they also need to start demanding such respect for themselves as a distinct people with a right to self-identification, self-determination and, yes, a right to their own destiny as they themselves wish it.

We'll just have to wait to see whether Lott's spirit has been broken by all this and how he handles his Senate demotion. Two possible futures immediately present themselves: 1. Lott might wake up to the real nature of the attacks on him and get mad enough to change things for the better for all repressed white people in this country, or 2. He might evidence a variation of the Stockholm Syndrome and spend the rest of his time in the Senate trying to prove that he's not a racist by becoming a black racist himself and doing things that will be anti-white. He's already said he's in favor of affirmative action, which most whites consider to be a thinly disguised anti-white shuck and jive that penalizes whites. One also wonders if Lott is so cowed that he'll back off his strong stands against illegal immigration for fear he'll be called names again.

There are lessons in this Lott matter for all white people:
1. We must understand that the spirit of our times is anti-white.
2. We must understand that anti-white haters will attack any white who dares to BE white.
3. We must understand that if we are attacked we should honestly ask why we're being attacked--we need to step back and see if the attack has any real merit. If it doesn't, then we shouldn't apologize.
4. We must understand that we must never deny that we are "racists." If we are called this, or similar terms, we must ask for a definition of the term. Then, if we think the definition is valid, and if we choose to answer, we should do so by using the definition itself, and not by saying that we aren't racists or whatever term we are called. For example, if someone calls you a racist. Ask for the definition. They may say "You hate people of other races." If you don't, you might reply "I don't hate people of other races."

Don't fall into the anti-white bigots' trap of responding to labels that are so vague that they could mean anything. ALWAYS GET THE TERMS DEFINED and always respond to the definition, not the label.

Bill ClintonBill Clinton was ridiculed for once saying something depended on the definition of "is." Clinton was right to ask for the term to be defined. And, "racist" has many more possible meanings than "is."

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