Liberty gagged
by H. Millard (c) 2002

The French sent us the Statute of Liberty in 1885. It was supposed to be a lasting memorial showing that both the U.S. and France were dedicated to human liberty.

Maybe it's time the U.S. returned the favor and sent France a Statute of Repression to commemorate that nation's decline into a virulent form of left wing fascism that is keeping people from expressing their political and social views.

The Statute of Repression might look like the Statute of Liberty, but with duct tape covering the mouth and with the hands covering the ears.

The latest outrage from formerly free France came this week after a group calling itself the Union of French Jewish Students said they didn't like the speech coming from a non-Jewish group called Radical Unity. Acting on those complaints, the government of France banned Radical Unity. Now, a French judge has ordered that the web site of the group be closed down as well.

French "Aristos"The cowardly, freedom hating French elites have become afraid of thoughts and words, and they're afraid that these thoughts and words might persuade others of the rightness of the positions behind these thoughts and words. So, like small minded bigots everywhere, they are trying to outlaw certain thoughts and words.

It seems that in France, human rights and freedom of speech only mean that one can have these if the government and the Union of French Jewish Students approve. This, of course, is not freedom at all. It is repression.

The GuillotineThis new Reign of Terror in France carried out by petty tyrants and phony aristocrats who are trying to stop free speech will, no doubt, eventually fail. History has shown us that the French common people--if not their leaders--don't long put up with such repression. History has also shown that once the common people finally get fed up with the repression, that there is a terrible price to pay by those who attempted to stifle the human spirit and the life force of the common people of France.

Trying to repress people is a little like trying to keep steam from escaping from a steam boiler. The more successful you are in keeping the steam from escaping, the greater will be the explosion. The common people of France have always seemed to be a little more intolerant of repression than many other peoples, and this should, but probably won't, give the arrogant petty tyrants pause.

As in other countries where free speech is repressed, the French elites will no doubt try to fool the common people with an illusion of the right of free speech in the hope that this will act as a safety valve for the rising anger. At the same time, these elites will try to paint those who demand free speech and other human rights as extremists in order to isolate them from others and to divide and conquer the freedom loving French people.

French RevolutionWhen will the French common people rise up and throw the fascist tyrants out of office? There's no telling, but if history is a guide, the French people are already meeting and discussing this violation of their human rights in secret living room meetings away from the ears of the tyrants. Free thought and free speech are the foundation of all other freedoms. Without them, there can be no other genuine freedoms.

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