"Then and Now"
by H. Millard (c) 2002

THEN: "We need help on the farm. Let's have some more kids."
NOW: "We need help on the farm. Let's hire some illegal aliens."

Sod school Nebraska Sure, I know that people probably don't often vocalize as shown above. I also know that small farms dependent on cheap labor are less important now than in the past. The reality that I'm trying to point out with the above two statements is that the pressures on Americans to have more children in post-American America and thus, as a natural result, to grow the country from within--which strengthens a nation--have been replaced with an easy; in the short term, alternative, in the form of stoop labor provided by illegal aliens.

Today, at least on the surface, it appears that in post-American America we are developing an effete class of citizens who are getting too lazy to even mow their own lawns; or perhaps a more accurate statement would be that many citizens are doing cost vs. benefits analysis of things such as mowing their lawns. The thought process goes something like: "Why mow my own lawn, when I can just sit here mesmerized by the beastand watch TV, and pay an illegal alien a few bucks to do the job for me?" Multiply that thought process millions of times in our society and you see why we have a "need" for illegal alien labor used to Third World wages, in a First World nation.

One of the long term problems with this dependence on illegal alien labor is that as the years go by, the higher breeding illegal aliens--who, in addition to religious reasons, do believe that more births bring in more wage earners to the family, as Americans used to believe--will start replacing the original citizens in all niches of society. This is inevitably so, because the illegal aliens are outbreeding the original citizens.

In the past, the waves of immigrants to this nation were pretty much genetically all the same. So when the Irish or the Italians, for example, came to these shores with their higher breeding populations than the existing English who had come earlier, the new immigrants easily blended in with the earlier immigrants with no major genetic dissonance or changes to the gene pool and the population. Europeans were Europeans. They were all closely related and their differences were mostly found in artificial national cultures, which were blended away in America in favor of a plain wrap European on a new continent.

Today, the waves of immigrants coming here, who have transformed American into post-American America, are often genetically very different from the Europeans who came to these shores. These immigrants--mainly millions of illegal mestizosaliens--are mostly mestizos or Indians from the lands south of the U.S. They are not genetically the same as the Europeans, and a blending of them with the Europeans means, given the higher birth rates of these new arrivals, the genocide of European genes, if current immigration trends continue.

The reality of history is that the United States became the most powerful nation on Earth because it was originally a new Europe. It was full of Europeans who were unchained from centuries of national small mindedness and world views that had strangled the creative juices and energies in the old Europe. It was if the collective life force of the European people had abandoned Europe and shifted to America.

In recent years, it has been PC to try to avoid saying that genes or Europeans or European genes have anything to do with anything good, and it has become common to try to elevate the importance of the contributions to the U.S. of non-Europeans who also came here. Of course, there were always non-Europeans in the U.S., but up until recently the dominant strain was European.

Now, a people--a genetic people--acts, in the larger sense, as the unique genes of that people dictate when faced with various factors in the environment as surely as certain types of ants will act as their genes determine. Take something as black basketballerpedestrian as basketball as a quick example of this. Why is basketball dominated by blacks? They didn't invent the game. They didn't make the rules. So, why do they dominate the sport? The answer isn't, as some aracial conservative whites like to say, that they work hard to develop their skills, but that they were born with these skills. In other words, their genes gave them the skills needed to excel in this and various other sports requiring certain physical traits and abilities. Some lefties have tried to ridicule this notion by saying there is no basketball gene. Of course there isn't. But there are genes for jumping and running ability and the various other tasks required in basketball. Even the most brain dead among us must ultimately come to the conclusion that genes matter in sports.

However, when we switch from sports to more subtle and intangible things such as society and nation building, we often run up against a brick wall of bigotry in trying to explain that people build those types of societies and cultures that are a result of their particular adaptations to the environment as determined by their genes. In other words, people may think that their free will gives them unlimited choices, but in reality their genes not only predispose people to certain activities but they also predispose people to have certain likes and dislikes and ideas of what just seems right to them. People then automatically act in accord with their genes. When they don't, it is often because they are insane.

New Hampshire kidsThere's a reason why 98% white New Hampshire is virtually crime free and why areas with large non-white populations are full of crime. PC types will blame drugs and various other factors for the high crime rates rather than looking at genes, but in fact, the nature of every society is determined by the people who live in that society, and those people are who they are because of their genes.

We might say that just as basketball prowess is a reflection of black genes, so to was America (up until recent years) a reflection of European genes.

racistIf all of this sounds racist, by which was meant, originally, racial hatred, but which lately means saying anything that indicates the races of man are different from each other, then I would suggest it is time we get over negative, mind dulling name calling and start looking at reality once again. It's time we get rid of our age's equivalent of the Sacred Cow of an earlier age that held that people were evil if they said that the Earth wasn't the center of the universe. The truth is the truth, even if some want to deny it. Genes matter.

If America is going to survive, we need to understand reality and not hide from it, and we need to discuss genes and racial matters that make many people uncomfortable. Genes do matter. They matter in sports ability and they matter in nation building ability. If you change the genes, you change the sports ability and you change the nation building ability. America became a nation where millions of people want to come to live because of a certain recipe that made this nation a great place.

the "mortar of AssimilationThe main ingredient in that recipe was genes. Change the proportion of the various genes in that recipe and you change the nation as surely as you change a cake by changing the proportions of ingredients in the cake recipe. # # #


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