Buwh liar and/or puppet? (c) 2003 New Nation News
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Is George W. Bush a bigger liar than he is an incompetent or is he about the same in both categories, or is he neither?

Consider. Not only did Bush apparently not give the world the complete truth about Iraq (the Bush shills say he was misled) to get us to attack that nation, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, but he has also taken an historic national surplus and turned it into a $ 455 billion deficit! Lies and incompetence?

Consider. Bush continues to let our nation be invaded by millions of Third Worlders who have driven our unemployment rate to sky high levels (and it's still climbing). These Third Worlders are bankrupting our social safety nets, our hospitals, and our schools, and are destroying the United States as a First World nation. Bush, who seems to get words mixed up all the time (such as calling Africa a country) probably got something else mixed up and believes that the United States is a Nation of Ignorants. Ignorants may have built America in Bush's mind, so it's important to leave the borders open so even more ignorants can come here. Lies and incompetence?

It's a toss up. Bush's seeming untruths and Bush's seming incompetence appear to be running neck and neck as defining characteristics of Bush and his administration.

Bush speaks to the Sheeple - (c) 2003 New Nation NewsSadly, it may be that Bush is the president that post-American America deserves. He may just be the latest reflection of the shallowness and ignorance of the majority of the gullible so-called "American" people who are easily manipulated with a few words and phrases and who are unable to use critical thinking skills.

This massive herd of American ignorants--both the home grown ignorants and the ignorants sneaking in across our borders--seems to want to rush headlong into the warm and fuzzy bland center of the Bell Curve in all respects.

Bush may or may not just be a symptom of the underlying problems we face in post-American America. Can it be that Bush is to our problems as a cough is to a cold? Or, is Bush the cold itself? I would argue that he's a little of both.

tweedle dee, tweedle dumbMost of our problems in this nation, today, can be traced to our two party system of government that has now become a machine for mediocrity. Once upon a time the two parties were different from each other. Today, they are only different in their packaging of the same crap. Unless we have some major changes to our society it will be impossible to break out of this two party tweedle dee, tweedle dum machine that causes both political parties to want to appeal to the voters in the center of the Bell Curve. And, the center of the Bell Curve is where mediocrity reigns.

Instead of trying to move public opinion to what is right and true, the politicians pander to the mediocre masses who are as suggestible as little children and who are therefore easily manipulated with carefully selected words and symbols. We live in the age of the electronic mob. The electronic mob in post-American America is no more intelligent as a group than their forbears who were whipped up by demagogues standing on stumps pushing their psychological buttons to create mob hysteria.

"Freedom Fries" - (c) 2003 NNNThink not? Consider the high poll rankings of Bush's private war against Iraq. Consider the recent silly trumped up hatred and bigotry for all things French, because the French didn't think a case had been made to invade Iraq. "Hey, don't those silly Frogs know that Iraq is trying to buy uranium in Africa? President Bush told us so, and he doesn't lie." This led some numbnuts to proclaim that they were renaming French fries, Freedom fries. Goofy. Silly. Stupid. Yet, the electronic mob slobbered all over its collective self after being whipped into hysteria by phony conservative Bushie neo-con shills on radio, and on Fox TV--which seems more and more to be the propaganda ministry for the Bushies.

Even worse for America than what Bush is doing worldwide is what he is doing here at home. As already mentioned, the economy in sinking fast. And, Bush's shills are saying it's just a business cycle. They're wrong. Our economy is now a house of cards. It is hollow and it is weak. And, this is structural.

illegal aliens demand amnestyWhat really seems to be happening, in a larger sense, is that many factors are now converging to forever change America for the worse. These factors include the fact that we have become a service oriented nation and not a product producing nation. We are sending our factories overseas to Third World nations where labor is cheaper. At the same time, we are importing millions of Third Worlders to this nation who, once here, find there are few factories in which to find work at the fabled high labor rates they thought they would receive. They then gravitate to service industries--which don't produce anything. They make little money in the service industries, so they support themselves by using charities to make up the difference. Even many union bosses, who were once thought to be America Firsters, seeing their base of industrial workers shrinking, are now pandering to illegal alien service industry workers and are pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens.

Politicians need votes, so they pander. Union Bosses need members, so they pander. Business leaders need cheap labor, so they pander. Who gets the short end of the stick? Ordinary, traditional American citizens.

And, what about the charities that are helping support illegal aliens? If you're not up on what you can get from charities these days, and the word "charities" only conjures up fuzzy, warm, milk of human kindness pictures of Mother Teresa, free soup, and starving little children, you need to tune in to post-American America.

Se Habla EspanolCharities today are big businesses. They provide free medical and dental care for the asking (especially if you have a south of the border accent). They provide free bags of groceries. They provide after school day care. They provide money to help pay the rent and utilities. They provide free clothes and free furniture.

The effect of all these freebies is that employers don't have to supply medical and dental programs or living wages to their workers. Many charities also provide cushy lifestyles and handsome salaries for many of their executives. One charity I took a look at in a medium size California city pays one of its executives more than a $100,000 per year. This same charity announced recently that it is expanding by about 30%. Most of those receiving services are euphemistically labeled the "working poor," which in this community mostly means illegal aliens.

I was at a local government meeting in the above city when a CEO of a company that produces life saving equipment for our troops in Iraq asked the city government to keep funding the charities in the city because his 300 or so entry level workers couldn't make it without the charities. Meanwhile, this guy lives in one of the richest communities in the world.

Presumably, this CEO may be able to underbid other manufacturers in his field by keeping his labor costs low by paying non-living wages. Then, his employees, who appear to be mostly Third World "immigrants," make ends meet by using the charities funded out of our tax funds. So, we're all being taxed to give this guy a cushy life style while we are also funding illegal aliens who are destroying our nation. We are, in effect, helping illegal aliens live in communities where they can't afford to live, in a nation where they don't belong. Their presence, and their charity ethic, is helping destroy communities.

Can anyone of normal intelligence doubt that Third World immigration is weakening America at the same time that it is padding the bank accounts of the elites in our society? It can be seen everywhere. Instead of birthing our own workers in this nation, we are importing them. And, most of those we are importing are far different than the Europeans who built this nation.

Furthermore, instead of Bush looking out for the interests of citizens of the United States, he, like his father before him, is blind to what is happening here at home. Instead of working to cure diseases in America, he is now sending billions of our dollars to fight AIDS/HIV in Africa.

Democratic candidatesUnfortunately, we seem stuck with Bush and those like him in both political parties. This is so, because our two party political system is set up in such a way as to reward and encourage mediocrity and conformity. Both the Democrats and the Republicans can read the polls and know that the great mass of voters are clustered in the center of the Bell Curve where I.Q.'s, among other factors, are like Goldilocks' preferred bowl of porridge.

We need a major shift in thinking in this nation to do away with the two party system. Yes, it's stable, and while that's good up to a point, it has now passed that point and is causing intellectual stagnation and political sameness. We need to rethink the way our political system works so that we can bring in parties with different views and which will offer reasonable opportunities for some of the smaller parties to be heard and to get their own candidates into public office instead of being brow beaten by the ignorants in the center of the Bell Curve.

The two major political parties are like two cigarette companies. They may have different names and different packages, but they're both pushing the same noxious product.

Our hopelessly corrupt and destructive political system just coughs up an endless stream of middle of the Bell Curve clones who reflect the stultifying conformity and mediocrity that is now a badge of post-American America. Real change won't come until we reinvent our political system to reward truthfulness and competency and not the mediocrity that breeds lies and incompetency.

Here are a few things that a real president (should we ever have one again) needs to do to save America:

1. Protect America by stopping all immigration for a time, and then cut it back when we allow it again.
2. Not go to war unless America is truly in danger.
3. Stop most foreign aid and use the money at home.
4. Seek to get back to the genetic recipe that made America great.
5. Reindustrialize America.
6. Encourage Americans to have more children, so we won't have to import workers.
7. Put the American people first in all decisions and be very careful how you spend their money.

"The Lessor Evil"Notwithstanding all of the above, will I vote for Bush again in the next election? Probably. Of course, that will change if another candidate comes on the scene, from any party, who truly is better and who truly has a chance of winning. So far, I don't see such a candidate out there and I don't see a viable third party alternative. As with everyone else I, too, am caught up in the idiotic political system machine with no way of breaking out. Even though the machine is grinding us all up, we are trapped and we are probably all doomed unless we can change things and stop our headlong rush into the Third World. Bush may end up as the lesser of two evils in the next election. Time will tell.

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