Short Friction* by H. Millard (c) 2002


"Whites have always been the problem for people of color on this planet," said the President of Earth, Kevin Mgule, in a worldwide televised speech from Earth's capital in Kenya. He was giving the last few thousand whites on the planet an ultimatum.

"All citizens of Earth should know, however, that white people aren't the way they are because they want to be evil. They are victims of genes that make them that way. These genes are coexistent with their whiteness. It's a sickness, and we are a compassionate people toward those who are sick. Fortunately, we can help cure the white disease. Those currently infected are infected for life. However, many whites have undergone voluntarily sterilization and by doing this they have shown that they are not racists. By not passing on their diseased genes they are letting their sick family lines die off. This is good. Their family names can now be cleared and they will be known as righteous whites. Some other white people have joined the wonderful tapestry of humankind and have married brown people. The children they have produced are brown, and they are starting the recovery process to eventually breed out all white genes. But, there are still some very sick white holdouts. These are the ones whose genes are so infected with whiteness that their inborn racism can't be hidden. These are mentally deranged racists who refuse to accept that they are sick and in so refusing, they refuse to blend in with the beautiful rainbow of humanity and rid their family lines of white genes forever. They refuse the diversity that we have come to love so much. Look around you at your fellow citizens. You'll see all shades of beautiful brown. That's the natural color of humans.

"We want to help these whites. We all know the lessons of the evil old days when whites controlled most of this planet even though they were only a small ten percent of the human population. We also know how the beautiful people of color rose up in one nation after another to demand that evil white genes be removed from Earth. Some of the brown people, after being victimized by whites for years, acted with violence against whites. We do not condone violence and we want to emphasize to our beautiful brown brothers and sisters that whites can't help being as they are, so we need to help them.

"Who among us can forget the change in South Africa from a white dominated society to a black dominated one?

Who among us can forget the heroic actions of President Robert Mugabe, who in 2002, told the 4000 white farmers of his nation that their robbery of land from blacks was over and that they had to give up their farms to blacks? Who can forget that racist whites resisted, and had to be put down like animals?

"Who can forget the change in the United States of America from a white dominated nation to a brown one, and the driving out of whites who didn't want to assimilate into the rest of mankind, and who remained unrepentant racists?

"It has happened world wide that the colored peoples have said that the Earth is the brown planet and that it belongs to non-white peoples.

"Those whites who chose permanent sterilization so they would not pass on their evil white genes are to be given the highest praise. Those whites who have seen the light and have given up their racist ways and who have married non-whites and produced beautiful non-white children to correct the racism that is inherent in their family lines are also to be praised.

"Today, I want to announce another plan for the last holdouts. Turn yourselves in to the nearest authorities. We will allow you one of three options. You can accept voluntarily sterilization, or you can marry a brown person, or and this is what is new, we will transport you to a new colony we are establishing on Mars and you can live out your lives there. If you do not turn yourself in, we will come find you and execute you. We will no longer accept racist white genes on the Earth. This is the end of racism, now and forever.

"Help us end racism. Turn yourself in. Do it now.

"We are also announcing today that we know that some whites are passing as browns. We know they are dying their hair black, curling their hair, wearing dark contact lenses, and using chemicals to darken their skin. We will find these frauds and deal with them. Anyone caught manufacturing, selling, or otherwise aiding whites to hide that they are white will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the anti-racism laws."

This message from the President came at a time when some in our little band of twenty-five white holdouts were feeling that our cause was useless. Some didn't want to be white anymore. Some didn't see any reason to not blend in with the rest of humanity. After all, they said, we are all humans and we all bleed red blood.

"What do you think?" asked the leader of our little group as we sat around in our cave deep inside a mountain in the woods. "Should we turn ourselves in?" "No," I said. "It's a trick." "I don't think so," said Beth, who was one of our women. "I'm going to turn myself in. I'm tired of being a racist. I'm very tired and I just want to join the rest of humanity. I'm tired of all this hatred. I don't want to hate anyone. We're all just people. What are we preserving, anyway? You know scientists say that race doesn't exist. I want to be part of the rainbow and the rich tapestry of humanity. "


After much secret discussion among the leaders of our group, it was decided to secretly wire Beth, before she turned herself in. We had to do this without her knowing about it, because she was so demoralized and beaten down that she would probably tell the brown ones about the implants.

We waited for Beth to fall asleep, and then we used ether to put her into a deep sleep. When she was out, we had our physician plant some of our miniature equipment in Beth. The camera went behind her right eye and the microphone was inside her right ear. We put one other piece of equipment in her stomach cavity. Now we could see and hear everything that Beth saw or heard. When she woke up, we told her that she had been seriously injured in an earthquake when a bookcase fell on her, and that she had undergone some operations to save her life. She didn't seem at all suspicious.

After she had healed up for a couple of weeks, we accompanied her through the forest until we got to where she would be found by the brown ones. We left her and returned to the forest. Once back in the cave we turned on our equipment so we could record everything that Beth heard or saw. We kept the recorders going 24 hours a day. We planned to edit and beam our recording to other small groups of whites around the planet when the time was right.

It wasn't long before a brown patrol spotted her and picked her up.

"I want to give myself up," said Beth to the brown ones. "I no longer want to be a racist, and I want to join the rainbow."

They took her to the city where she was put in a jail used only for whites. She was interrogated and tortured and she was forced to tell where the browns could locate us. However, the directions she gave were wrong, because we had implanted false ones in her mind before waking her up. One morning Beth was taken from her cell in chains. She was taunted by the guards as she was marched naked to a building in the middle of the prison yard along with a group a hundred other whites,

"Where are we going," asked Beth.

"Showers," said the guard

"Why?" asked Beth.

"Orders. I just do what I'm told."

"You're going to kill us all aren't you?" asked Beth. "Why are you doing this to me? I cooperated. I came in voluntarily. I'm not a racist."

"All whites are racists. You are being executed for being a born racist. Your people have harmed the brown people since first there were white people."

"I'll mate with browns," said Beth as she tried to save her life. "I'll go to the Mars Colony," she said in desperation.

"Mars colony? Sorry. That was a lie to bring in white racists. We don't have a Mars colony. Rockets and space travel are part of evil white science."

"We also no longer allow cross breeding between whites and browns," said her guard. "That was just an interim step to rid the planet of whites. Now, we're trying to eliminate all white genes from the brown gene pool as fast as possible, and breeding seems to leave a trace of white genes in the gene pool for too long. Miscegenation is no longer allowed and is a capital offense. Any brown who mates with a white is subject to the death penalty."

"But, this sounds like racism," said Beth in frustration.

"No. This is the way we remove the evil white seed from our lines, and this is the way we end racism," said the guard.

Beth was herded into the gas chamber with the other whites. We could hear the shrieks of the whites who were being gassed through Beth's ears, and we could see the horror on their faces through Beth's eyes. There were several little blond children about six years old who were crying and clinging to their mothers who were trying to keep the children alive by holding their hands over their faces to protect them from the gas. It was futile. The whites started dying a horrible and agonizing death. Finally, we had seen and heard enough. We called the rest of our group to the video monitor and allowed all to watch. Then we asked if we had a consensus on taking the next step. It was more than a consensus, it was unanimous. We then all put our hands on a red button on a control console and activated the other thing we had implanted into Beth's body.

The mushroom cloud was gigantic, and even though we were many miles away, we could feel the wind from the force of the blast that completely destroyed the city of the plain and all who were in it. Then, as the clouds of dust from the blast receded, we could see a beautiful rainbow over the former city that had once been home to 5 million brown racists.

We sent out the recording of Beth's last days to the few other whites still alive on Earth.

We gathered up our belongings and moved on. There were many other cities like this one, and there were other whites who thought that all they had to do was give up and stop struggling and that the brown planet would accept them and let them exist. They're wrong. We're right. Night and day cannot exist at the same time. Light and dark are forever enemies, . Beth's death has proven this to even the weakest minded in our group. To exist, we must exist alone.


#  #  #
*"Friction" is Millard's name for his un-pc fiction.


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