by H. Millard (c) 2002

In 1347, the Black Death invaded Europe. It lasted about two years. In those two years, it killed one of every three Europeans. Those who survived, bred and built up their populations again. It was, thankfully, a time of no modern birth control measures, no easy abortions, and no massive invasions of lands occupied by white people, by non-white people. At that time, had there been modern birth control measures, easy abortions, and massive non-white immigration, it is probable that today there would be no white people on Earth. And, assuming you are white, you wouldn't now be reading this column, because you wouldn't exist, and I wouldn't exist either, so it wouldn't have been written.

Those who would now exist instead of us, might be reading books about extinct animals and next to the DoDo they might see pictures of centuries old paintings showing what white people actually looked like.

It's obvious that some of our ancestors did survive the prior Black Death as white people. Today, rathowever, a far more dangerous new Black Death is invading Europe and other nations, such as the United States, that have large European descended populations. This new Black Death, unlike the earlier one, isn't sneaking in on the backs of rats, but is sneaking in by airplane, by car, and on foot.

This new Black Death promises to wipe out all Europeans and European descended people on Earth.

There are a variety of names for various aspects of this new Black Death: non-white immigration, cross-breeding, miscegenation, blending, assimilation, genocide, low birth rates. Call it what you will. It is a reality. Whites are dying as a people, and we who are now alive are watching it happen right before our eyes. Our people are being erased from the Earth.

Unfortunately, many white people either don't even know about the new Black Death, or if they do they are often unconcerned about it. White minds have become so infected that whites are often alienated and completely unconnected to who and what they are, so when they hear of whites What me worry?becoming extinct it doesn't phase them. "So what," they may say, "There are plenty of people on the planet." Such ignorance and lack of concern is learned, not inborn. This cosmically wrong apathy lets the haters of white people sneak in and condition even more white people, especially children, into willingly accepting the new Black Death. This conditioning is dangerous, because the first line of defense against the new Black Death is to have a strong mind and the ability to use critical thinking skills to avoid being easily manipulated by various types of propaganda and conditioning.

horsemanThe earlier Black Death wasn't nearly as dangerous as the new Black Death, because the earlier one infected individual people in families and killed them one by one, while leaving other members of the family untouched and with the opportunity to breed and rebuild the family to replace the now dead ones. The new Black Death is far more insidious and infects the genes of a person and is passed on to every child who is born. It wipes out entire family lines that have been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years and robs people of their natural right to exist as white people. This new Black Death turns white people into non-white people, and in a single generation it can destroy a family line, and turn all its members into carriers of the Black Death.

Once the genes of a family are infected, there is no cure. You can actually watch as entire white families turn ever darker.

The Black Death transforms white people into non-white people. The white skin turns dark. The hair doll bodiesgets dark. The facial features change. The eyes turn dark. The voice changes. The brain changes. They are no longer white people. There are those who argue that this isn't a bad thing and that it is just natural, but one cannot argue that it is the death of white people when this happens. If there is value in having white people on Earth--who some speculate are the next evolutionary step for humankind-- it is a bad thing. Rumor has it, and the history books haven't been completely changed yet, that white people have invented most of the things that make the modern world, the modern world. From this one might say that white people are worth saving, but even if they hadn't invented so many things, they still have a right to exist as a distinct people, so long as they forcefully assert that right and refuse to be bred out of existence.

You can be certain that no one will try to save white people from extinction if white people won't do it themselves.

The Black Death lurks in the genes, and like AIDS it is spread through sexual contact. Every mating of a white person with a non-white person helps spread the Black Death and kills off white genes.

The Mulatto and the Sculpturesque White Woman by Lajos GulácsyWeak minded white people who are easily suggestible, are the first to get the Black Death. The physical presence of the Black Death hidden away, like a thief in the night, in the genes of whites, is preceded by a decrease in mental faculties so that those who have had their brains infected by various forms of conditioning and psychological ploys are receptive to accepting the genetic later stages of the Black Death. One can often tell if someone has been conditioned by listening to them talk. If they babble on with any of the following clichés, you can be pretty sure they are infected: "We all bleed red blood." "America is a nation of immigrants." "Race doesn't matter." "We're all the same under the skin." "People are all the same." "There's no such thing as race." "Skin color doesn't matter." "We're all humans." "Diversity is wonderful."

Such clichés indicate a lower consciousness and a poor sense of identity. Those who say these propagandathings are most susceptible to becoming infected with the Black Death. Strong intervention and deprogramming can sometimes save them at this early stage, but even with intervention strategies, it is difficult to bring them back to being fully white. This is often so because their anti-white conditioning may have begun when they were little children in school, and genocidal anti-white thinking is the only thing they've ever learned. Sometimes, though, they can be brought back to a level of consciousness that can be described as racial ennui. This is to say, they may have some inkling that they're white, but it's generally not a strong feeling. Still, this is better than leaving them at that hate filled level of consciousness where they hate themselves and all other whites in a quiet sort of loathing.

Smokey says...Protect your family from the Black Death.
Teach your children the truth about genes, race, history,
and about the virulent white haters who are pushing
the Black Death disguised as anti-racism, tolerance, and diversity.
Teach your children how to survive, and how to avoid genocide, extinction,
and non-being.

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