"Weird science'"
(The Great We're All Alike Hoax)
by H. Millard (c) 2003

The big lie of our age is that race doesn't exist.

This big lie is an even bigger whopper than the one that once held that the Earth was the center of the solar system. It's also more mentally stifling, more anti-life and more harmful than that earlier big lie, because the big lie about race has the potential to wipe out entire races of man if enough gullible people fall for it.

The nature hating and nature denying kooks behind such big lies never seem to learn that what is real isn't changed by denying it.

Anti-racist activistThe big lie is being spread, in part, by some of the usual moist-eyed, nut case, so-called anti-racist, blenders with utopian ideas who want to have all humans blend together and thus have all people be racially mixed. Some of these blenders are true believers in the big lie (of course, some of these crazies also believe in the wonderful space brothers and in spirits who talk to them from trees or from their toilets or whatever).

Some of these blenders are motivated by an anti-life, anti-struggle, false belief that creating mixed race Tan Everymen will stop racial conflicts. And, conflict and struggle of any type is something they neurotically avoid. Such people truly don't understand nature and the big picture of existence. Some of these people are just stupid or misinformed. Others are masochistic, eternally wounded, passive, helpless, marginal personalities.

Once one accepts and internalizes the big lie, there are few bars to blending away one's genetic heritage, and taking one's family down a road that may lead ever further from its traditional and unique genetic foundations that have made each person a part of an identifiable group of like individuals--an extended family, a tribe, a race.

The truth of nature is that the races of humans are like breeds of dogs. Race is real and it is genetically determined, yet some who deny the reality of race try to show that the genetic differences between human races are so small that we shouldn't even consider these genetic differences to be of any consequence. Even the fact that it is now known that the genetic differences between humans and chimpanzees and humans and mice are also very small doesn't deter the race denying blenders' neurotic fantasies of there being only one race--"the human race."

alien scientistBeam yourself up now to a fictional far distant planet and listen in on a conversation that might be the logical result of the type of thinking behind the big lie: "Our probes failed to extract DNA from a wide variety of creatures from a planet called Earth," said one scientist to another. "Our analysis of the DNA indicates that the Earth creatures apparently have a lot of different names for virtually identical creatures. For example, our DNA samples from a creature called a human, from one called a chimpanzee, and from one called a mouse are almost the same. This indicates that we didn't get samples from different creatures, but from essentially the came creature under different names."

"Have we actually seen these creatures?" asked another scientist.

"No, but we have no need to do so. The DNA is the proof that humans, chimpanzees, and mice are the same creatures."

chimp scientistMeanwhile on Earth, our own PC scientists with blending agendas are busy turning out reports indicating that the races of man are virtually identical. "Why, the DNA is so close, that there is no difference," many say in one way or another. A recent news report indicated that scientists in Brazil who studied blacks, whites, Indians and mixtures of all three have recently said that there is no way to look at a person's genes and determine his race, and that "race has no meaning genetically."

So, if there is no meaning genetically, then why are the different races so different from each other as we see these genes expressed in the complete creatures who make up these races? The scientists apparently have no reasonable explanations for this. But, one may find the truth by analogizing this to a situation in which scientists looking at a list of the types of materials used to build a house, without looking at the finished product, might conclude that a slum building is exactly the same as a mansion. Same nails. Same wood. Same cement. Same window glass. Must be the same thing. Of course this is absurd. It is a little like that with all living things. Of course we are all alike on some level. No reasonable person would deny this. After all, we're all on the same planet and we're all made from the same basic materials and are designed to live on this planet. Nature engineers creatures from the materials at hand to survive in the environment also at hand.

Brazilian indianIn contrast to the report from Brazil, scientists in England announced recently that they've found genetic differences between the English and the Welsh--and the English and Welsh are even part of the same race. So, on the one hand we have scientists in Brazil saying that they can't determine race by genes and we have scientists in England being able to even tell the difference between two groups of people who are so closely related that most people can't tell the difference between them. What's going on in the world of PC genetics? A lot of baloney, false assumptions, false science, anti-racist agendas, and flawed results.

In truth, nature works with small differences at the genetic end of things and these small differences are magnified and result in major differences in the finished product. In nature, it is often the differences that are important, not the similarities, but this is just the opposite of what blenders want you to believe. They want you to ignore the "teeny little differences" and look to all the things we have in "common" and to believe that because there is so much in common, we are all the same. Nonsense.

Franz BoasOne of the early blenders and anti-racists was an anthropologist named Franz Boas who said that human head shape was influenced by environment. In 1909 and 1910, Boas measured the heads of 13,000 European-born immigrants to America and their American-born children. He reported major effects on cranial form, depending on the length of exposure to the American environment. Boas' conclusion that environment was important in head shape, and by extrapolation, other racial characteristics as well, had been considered gospel since it was written.

Now, however, Dr. Corey S. Parks of Pennsylvania State University and Dr. Richard L. Jantz of the University of Tennessee say that Boas may have been motivated by a desire to end "the racist and typological nature of early anthropology." Jantz also said that Boas "was intent on showing that the scientific racism of the day had no basis, but he did have to shade his data some to make it work that way." In fact, Parks and Jantz's view of the published data indicates that environment is insignificant on head shape. Head shape, like other racial characteristics, is genetically determined. In other words, although the scientists from Brazil may think that "race has no meaning genetically," it is a fact that different races have different head shapes and that these head shapes are a result of genes.

Because of Boas' prejudice and intentionally flawed studies, millions of college students have been taught false things about race. And, many of these college students have gone on to teach others. Is it any wonder that so many people are confused about genes and race?

Dr. Karl Stefansson, chief executive officer of Iceland-based DeCODE genetics goes even further than many other scientists dare to go when they discuss genes and says "I believe the majority of human destinies have a genetic component."

What's all this mean? Several things. First, as has become common in the courts of this country in recent years, there is a battle of "experts" in science, and one can find so-called experts to take any side of just about any issue. And, second, some scientists still do not want to admit the overriding importance of genes in human beings, because to do so would completely undermine their preconceived and entrenched notions born of the racial conditioning that we all are exposed to by those with an agenda. mad scientistOne half wonders if admitting the truth might cause them to lapse into neurosis as they are unable to reconcile their now fixed prejudices with reality.One can almost imagine them, ala a cheap science fiction movie, running around the room with smoke coming from their ears while they pull out their hair and scream "Will not compute. Race doesn't matter. Genes don't matter. All people are the same. Contrary information will not compute."

We must ask: Who are we? Are we all just lone individuals popped whole and without antecedents as though we are one-off models from a toy maker's bench? Or, are we part of what we came from and are we part of all similar beings who also came from what we came from? And how do we know who is Us and who is not Us? The answer to these questions is as plain as the noses on our faces. All we have to do is use the senses that we have been given--which have been given to help us survive--to help us make the determination in most things in our lives.does it taste good? If something smells bad, we probably shouldn't eat it. If something sounds too loud, it is too loud. If something doesn't feel right, it's probably harmful to us.If something tastes bad, it is probably bad. If someone looks like us, they probably are like us. Again, we have been given our senses to help us survive in a world that really doesn't care if we survive or not. To deny our senses is to head down the road to oblivion.

Once one gets the nature of genes and race straight, the issue becomes whether one wants to further one's genes and race or not. Enter so-called free will. It is up to us to decide whether we want our genotype to survive as it is or whether we want to extinguish it. We have enough free will to decide the right and wrong things for us and our family lines. We can believe the experts of the moment or we can believe nature as we know it through our senses and as we process our knowledge of nature in our brains. We can have our family lines remain Us or we can have them become not-Us, but let's not be fooled by the blenders into thinking that not-Us is Us.

It is when we try to deny our nature and our senses, and believe the "experts" and crackpots who say that race doesn't exist, that we are threatened with extinction. And, extinction is far easier than survival. All you have to do is stop struggling and blend in.

GuruAnd the voice of blending says: "Just close your eyes and relax. Now, isn't that much easier than fighting and struggling? Just relax and be one with humanity. Don't try to remain separate or different. Be nice, and let your genes conform. There, isn't that better? Now, just close your eyes and go to sleep. That's it. You're drifting away. Let yourself go. Why, extinction is just like a very long sleep, and your struggling genes will never have to wake up, ever, ever, again. We promise. You're going to that wonderful place of the Mohicans. There, isn't that peaceful?"

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