"The FEDS"
by H. Millard (c) 2002


John AshcroftEver since U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that he might change some rules to allow local police to arrest illegal aliens for their crimes of breaking our immigration laws, many fat cat local police chiefs have arrogantly said that they won't enforce immigration laws.

The prestige of being a police chief and the large salaries made by many of them, puts them on the same level as local political elites in their communities. The chiefs don't usually hang out with lower ranking officers, but with the charity bosses, the captains of industry, the leaders of the local non-profits, and other elites in their community.

In many cities today, this elite class is very liberal and also profits in one way or another from having a large pool of illegal alien supplied cheap labor and charity clients in the community. The message the elite establishment sends to the chiefs is to not arrest illegal aliens unless the illegal aliens actually commit some major crimes. So, when you hear the police chiefs saying that they won't arrest illegal aliens, you can be reasonably sure that you have an evil establishment behind the scenes enabling that chief to say such an outrageous thing.

Such refusals coming from police chiefs who are are supposed to serve and protect, is just one more indication of how deep the corruption in this nation has become. The evil of illegal immigration has now put its malevolent, cancerous tentacles in all levels of our society much as the Taliban had its tentacles in all levels of Afghan society.

We've seen the local elite establishments, including local elite top cops, disobey our laws in the past in this nation. The examples abound. For example, we have many stories of corrupt police from the old west of the 1800's, where it took Wyatt EarpAl CaponeFederal Marshals, such as Wyatt Earp, to clean up the local corruption. We also have ample examples from Al Capone's Chicago of the 1930's. As you may remember from a TV show and a movie, the corruption in Chicago was so pervasive that it took a very special squad of Untouchables to end it.

Part of the problem in the old west and in Chicago was that the local cops were part of the establishment that allowed the lawlessness. Many arrogant cops thought they were a law unto themselves. Because of their positions, they were often able to use legal and extra-legal means to harass and frame citizens who complained. As a result, law abiding citizens were unable to get the laws enforced, and had to live in fear. Often, the cops were in the pockets of the special interests that profit either financially or psychologically from not enforcing laws.

In the early 1960's, Bull Connor, the Commissioner of Public Safety for Birmingham, Alabama made headlines when he refused to enforce federal laws.

According to William A. Nunnelly in his 1991 book, "Bull Connor": " Connor had the backing of the local corporate elite in spite of his declarations of being free of outside influence. Connor helped the industrial elite by "controlling strikes...silencing radicals.... Connor was exactly what companies that controlled Birmingham were looking for...." He was counted on to keep the status quo. Connor "stayed on the good side of the business leaders... [and was] always receptive to corporate suggestions." His preaching about economy in government and no new taxes reflected the influence of Birmingham's industrial and financial interests, who "always insisted in cheap government with only bare essential services." (p.182)

Recently, a manufacturer of items used to protect the lives of our uniformed military personnel reported some financial problems after it was revealed that the items had failed in government tests.

One thing that wasn't reported, was that one of the top executives of this company had gone to the local city council the year before, and had asked that the city council keep funding local charities via tax funds, because, according to the executive, his company employed a couple of hundred entry level workers who couldn't afford to live in the area without being subsidized by the charities. In the area where the factory is located, "entry level" often means Spanish speaking "immigrants," (both legal and illegal) but it's not clear that this was how this exec meant it. The city council did approve the funding.

The local charities that the exec wanted funded, provide free medical and dental care, free clothing, free food, help with paying the utilities, free day care, help with paying the rent and much more, to a large number of Spanish speaking suspected illegal aliens. Most of the charities don't check for legal status in the country. "We're all human beings," said one charity boss.

In other words, citizens are providing a de facto benefits package, via their tax money, that is laundered through the local charities for this guy's workers, so he can pay them less and make more money himself. Meanwhile some of the local charity bosses make salaries in the range of $60,000 to $ 100,000 per year for their "charity" work. They then use some of their personal income to support their friends who run for the local city council; that gives the charities tax money.

It is not known whether or not this manufacturer, with lucrative government contracts, employs illegal aliens, but in the area where the factory is located, it is common for manufacturers to hire many people who are suspected illegal aliens. Given the fact that this firm has a government contract, and given the fact that if the product fails, under combat conditions, some of our soldiers could be killed, why isn't the INS checking on whether these workers are legal or not? The answer is probably that they're understaffed and too busy.

Ashcroft's proposed rule change would allow the local cops to check on the status of these workers and arrest them if they are illegal; if the local cops would enforce our laws. However, the top cop in the community where this factory is located, has already said that he doesn't want to arrest illegal aliens under Ashcroft's proposed rule changes.

Today, many local police chiefs, just like their forbears, appear to be in the pockets of special interests that profit in some way or another from lawlessness. Like Bull Connor, these police chiefs are expected to protect the interests of the special interests and maintain the status quo, and not interfere with the supply of cheap labor; which in today's world, usually means illegal aliens.

Instead of crooked land deals and similar things from the old west and instead of illegal booze as in Chicago, or cheap black labor in Birmingham, the present capital of lawlessness and corruption is, in fact, illegal aliens.

We can sum up the corruption by saying that it's really a very simple thing that is going on in America today. Illegal aliens provide cheap, under the table labor to the industrial elites. The industrial elites then help elect public officials who often use tax money to support charities to make up the difference between the low wages made by the illegal aliens and what they need to make to survive.

An entire culture of corruption has grown up in America that revolves around illegal aliens. I've detailed this culture of corruption in many of my columns, but I'm willing to bet that the same thing exists, and probably in very much the same form as indicated above, in almost every city where the local cops say they won't enforce immigration laws.

"Send in the FEDS"If Ashcroft does what he suggested he's going to do, then he should also send in the feds to break up the corruption in several cities in order to make an example of the local lawless elite cops, so the message will be heard all across this nation that breaking our laws by sneaking into this country will no longer be tolerated.

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