Post-american Gothic
S&M Americana, Reunification, Blending
by H. Millard (c) 2003

The DominatorIs George W. Bush turning Uncle Sam into a perverse Master Sam--a black hooded dominator who wants the world to grovel in the dirt and submit to his will? Some might say this is the case and that both our foreign and domestic polices look as though they were written by the Marquis de Sade and Baron Von Masoch after an all night whip party. Some might also suggest that the U.S. is hell bent on establishing perpetual war on Earth as it seems to be pursuing a national policy of S&M.

With the foregoing thoughts in mind, it was somewhat ironic to learn a few months ago that one of the weapons inspectors from the U.S. who went to Iraq actually is involved in some sort of Sado-Masochistic organization. As above, so below. It's a mad universe we live in and it seems to act, maybe via subatomic particles--the real ghosts of the cosmos--to sometimes telegraph, sometimes mirror, sometimes satisfy, and sometimes balance matters on some logical but unknown basis. It often does this in unlikely, peculiar and sometimes head scratching ways. Consider that when Bill Clinton was president, all he seemed to want in the White House was a little bush. Now, there's a little Bush in the White House. A cheap cosmic joke and play on words? Maybe, but be careful what you wish for; it seems those subatomic particles are sometimes pretty dumb as genies go, but they still try to comply as best they can to bring a roundness to matters large and small.

On February 1, the space shuttle Columbia, carrying seven astronauts including the first Israeli in space, broke up and was destroyed over Palestine, Texas, while returning to earth. Israeli? Palestine? Texas? Bush? Subatomic particles?

White House bootsAt any rate, in keeping with his seeming bully policies of wanting to make weakling nations, such as Iraq, grovel and kiss his dude ranch cowboy boots, Mr. Bush continues to argue for attacking Iraq even though we haven't found any weapons of mass destruction there. Of course, even if Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction--as do many nations--Iraq would have a hard time delivering them, except on the backs of camels. And, the last time I checked, it didn't look as though nuke carrying camels are very good swimmers; but even if they are, there's a lot of ocean between the Iraq and the U.S.

Meanwhile, while Bush is fuming about non-weapons in Iraq, those rotten-cabbage eating North Koreans are thumbing their noses at us and making us look foolish. Geez, the North Koreans aren't hiding the fact that they're working on weapons of mass destruction, and even seem to be bragging about it. What does Bush do in their case? Nothing. Perhaps, the North Koreans know that bullies only attack weak targets, or perhaps they realize that Bush's obsession with Iraq has less to do with reality than with some sort of subconscious problem that Mr. Bush has, or with the U.S. doing the bidding of Israel which would benefit from an attack on Iraq but would gain little by an attack on North Korea.

Saddam-zillaAs expected, the usual never-been-in-the-military, knee-jerk, psudeoconservative instant experts we see on TV and hear on the radio are mostly mouthing the U.S. government line that North Korea isn't a real problem and that all that the North Koreans are doing is trying to get more money from the U.S. in exchange for not producing weapons of mass destruction. Others say the leader of North Korea is insane (that's the old favorite that's so overused by our PR drones). At the same time as these small muscle, big mouth predictable warmongers in their young Republican tacky suits with razor styled hair are doing headstands to try to distinguish North Korea from Iraq, they continue to spew the Bush line that Iraq is a big danger, and that Saddam Hussein is a sort of Arabzilla. Yep, "we" have to send our kids to the desert to kill and be killed to save the world. Of course, it's not their kids who will go. Brave souls, these big mouth phonies. War is a game to help raise their ratings. They won't be getting any folded flags to replace their dead children who "fought valiantly to protect the United States of Mexico, uh, America." And who will marry the girlfriends and boyfriends left behind? Illegal aliens, maybe.

One thing I haven't heard from most pundits about North Korea is that what is really going on is exactly what appears to be going on: North Korea wants to unify Korea and is looking for the right time to march into South Korea--where millions of South Koreans also want reunification. About the only thing keeping the two Koreas from being reunified is the U.S.

Many of the same blow-hard phonies are indicating that if we ever do go to war against North Korea that we will have a walk-over as we "protect" South Korea. Many said the same things about tiny Vietnam. How well did we protect South Vietnam from North Vietnam?

Frankly, if we go to war with North Korea we'd better be willing to drop our nukes on that country, because without them, we just may lose. Any military person worth his salt will tell you that North Korea has a good and well disciplined military, and this often translates into military victories.

Iraqi soldiersWant a clue about the relative military abilities of Iraq and North Korea? Watch the military parades in Iraq and North Korea that are sometimes shown on TV. In Iraq, you see a bunch of old guys with pot bellies and mustaches who can't even wear their uniforms in a uniform manner and who can't march in a straight line. Then watch military parades in North Korea. If you know anything about the military, you'll get a chill up your spine. The North Koreans are machine precise in their marching and in their uniforms. They look like they mean business and they are a disciplined military force just itching for the chance to do what armies do.

You better believe that the North Koreans are right now working out various risk assessment scenarios concerning whether or not a U.S. attack on Iraq would offer the best time for North Korea to march into South Korea and reunify the Koreas. You better also believe that the same thing is going on in China (which has another disciplined and truly gigantic military force) relative to Taiwan.

Is it too out of the question to imagine that there might even be a secret agreement between North Korea and China to launch almost simultaneous lightning attacks on their respective targets, while the U.S. is blowing up piles of sand in Iraq? And, if North Korea and China make such moves, would this embolden India to try to reunify with Pakistan? And while all of this is being considered, dear reader, what about the terrorists who keep vowing to attack America on the American homeland? Remember them?

dogs of warCould it be that most of the world is just waiting, fingers on triggers, for George Bush to attack Iraq as the signal to loose their own dogs of war?

But, there is more to this discussion. Remember, these scenarios are all based on reunifications of land that once belonged to mother lands; not attacks on truly foreign nations--except, of course, an attack by the U.S. on Iraq.

The seeds of another reunification war have already been cast in America and they're being nurtured by many of the same people who want us to attack Iraq. These seeds may grow into a reunification campaign that is a bit more in the future, but which is much more troubling to aware citizens in the U.S. than the reunification attempts thousands of miles away. The reunification war that is brewing here, involves the call to reunify large parts of the U.S. with Mexico. That's what all the agitation about Aztlan is about. Many Mexicans claim that the Southwest states of the U.S. belong to Mexico. So far, they have mostly been ignored, except by their fellow Mexicans and by the most aware citizens of the U.S., but as more and more illegal aliens sneak across our borders and take up residence in these states, the calls to reunify with Mexico will grow louder. Also, because many illegal alien Mexicans are now spreading out across the entire U. S. and both major political parties are acting like co-conspirators with these criminals in order to get votes, there may come a day when there is no political will to stop the splitting up of the U.S.

It's not quite axiomatic, but it seems that when enough people of the same genes decide that they are and should be a distinct and unified people and that the artificial government divisions among them are keeping this from being so, these people often seek to unify. This is a level of consciousness that many white people seem to lack as they traipse down the garden path to extinction by blending themselves away.

President Bush appears to have blending views. Bill Clinton had similar views, but Clinton seemed caught up in religious and nation blending as much as racial blending. Bush's variety of blending, on the other hand, seems to be mainly concerned with racial blending. Bush seems to be caught up in the melting pot lie about the U.S. and may believe that he is in a race with time to blend away all distinct races so things such as a reunification with Mexico don't happen. After all, if all people in the U.S. mix together with the Mexicans so that everyone carries genes of everyone else, there might be less, not more, desire for Americanized Mexicans to want to reunify with Mexico. At least that might be the thinking.

Those whose minds have been ensnared by blending falsely believe that genes don't matter and that all humans are fungible. Once such an anti-nature notion is internalized and believed, it makes sense to have open borders where people can simply all come in and blend together. "Golly, we all bleed red blood," say the fools. The type of bizarre thinking behind such blending might be expressed this way: "Hey, so the white Jones family, whose genes were originally from England, is transformed into a brown family whose genes are from Mexico. What's the problem? They're still named Jones." Of course, such thinking is nonsense. The Jones family is not the Jones family because of the name, but because of the Jones' genes. Lose the genes and keep the name and you don't have a genuine Jones. Noelle BushGeorge P. BushAs most people probably know, President Bush's brother Jeb Bush's family is now all Mexican except for Jeb, who is the lone white guy in family photos. So, the white Bushes are becoming the brown Bushes. The English descended Bushes are now becoming the Mexican descended Bushes. Is this going to be the trend for all white families? It will be if the blenders have their way. This way lies extinction.

Suburban familyNations begin in the genes of people. When man tampers with the genetic basis of nations and creates artificial divisions and artificial combinations and says that these are nations, there is no real glue to bind the people to one another. Sane, healthy people don't deny the reality of genes, and consciously know that the way to survival is to have like genes attract like genes and to do it in such numbers and frequency that couples grow into families, families grow into extended families, extended families grow into tribes, and tribes grow into nations--all linked invisibly together by genes. When the like people of such a nation then write a constitution for their governance, it is a document born of their genes and it is suited to them. This was the way it was before America slid to its present reality as post-American America.

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