Pruning the demographic tree
by H. Millard (c) 2003

If you want to destroy a rose garden, you don't have to do much. In fact, the less you do, the more quickly will it be destroyed. Most things that we consider valuable require effort. They are destroyed not so much by attempts to destroy them, as by non-effort. Just don't prune the roses and don't keep other types of plants out of your rose garden. Soon, you'll have a rose garden in name only and your diminishing number of roses will be weak and scraggly. Eventually, the roses may be totally overwhelmed and destroyed, and the desirability of the garden, as a rose garden, will be gone.

Irish immigrantsThat's a little like what's happening in the U.S. today with the massive Third World immigration invasion that is occurring. America is on a slide to Third World status and our so-called leaders are mostly doing nothing--which is helping the slide. Unfortunately, too few people can see problems--including the immigration problem--until it's too late. That's why we need people to sound warnings and shake people out of their apathy. These warnings are being given with increasing frequency now as more and more people are starting to realize that the America of our children and our children's children will be as dismal as most Third World nations unless massive immigration is stopped. This isn't even questionable. It's inevitable. Forget all the phony stuff about America being a nation of immigrants and that diversity is our strength. Both of those statements are childish over simplifications, put out in public to ensnare the easily suggestible masses.

German immigrantsThe unvarnished truth is that most of our early immigrants weren't diverse at all--they were overwhelmingly Europeans who differed from Europeans who had arrived earlier, only in superficial things such as nationality. They were one people. Today, the truly diverse immigrants who are coming in by the millions, are turning America into a Third World hell hole like the places that many of these immigrants first built and which they are now fleeing like birds who flee nests that they have fouled. And, what are they doing here? They're fouling our nests, by making of our here, what they had in their there.

Italian immigrantsHave no doubt about it, there is a nightmarish future in store for America unless something changes. The signs are all around us in cities where there are large numbers of Third World immigrants. Los Angeles is now overwhelmingly Hispanic, and mostly illegal alien Hispanic. It also has the highest number of murders in the nation. It has hospitals that are closing because they can't keep affording to treat illegal aliens for free. The schools long ago fell to Third World levels. The homeless population is rising.

Swedish immigrantsThe charities are growing. Corporations are leaving. Citizens--mainly white citizens--are fleeing. While most people know that the population of European descended people who built this nation is decreasing as a percentage of the total population in this nation, they seem to not really know that this means that the recipe for America is being changed. America was what it was because of its people. Change the people, and you change America. This does not bode well for the continuance of America as a First World nation. In looking at this decline in the number of European descended people, it's also not enough to believe that this is entirely because their numbers are being swamped by Third World people coming across our borders, although this is partly true. The reality is that the Third World immigrants are carrying entire Third World armies within their bodies. Once across our borders, these Third Worlders birth these armies like there's no tomorrow, while the European descended people--white people (dare we say it?)--continue along with the relatively low birthrate that has been their norm in modern times.

Dutch immigrantsOne reason for the low white birth rate may be an inborn low tolerance for crowding. One of the hidden triggers that causes people to reproduce is the subconscious feeling that there aren't enough people. This is just nature working behind the scenes to cause changes in the subconscious minds of people to spur on the mating instinct when there's a need for people. Or, to put this another way, when people feel crowded, they tend to have fewer children--at least when there are birth control measures available. When they don't feel crowded, they tend to have more children. Now, we don't need to digress into discussing why different peoples in different nations have different tolerance levels for crowding, but suffice it to say that it seems, from anecdotal evidence, that the majority European descended population of the U.S. tends to feel more crowded more easily than do many other peoples, and thus, partly for this reason, European descended people have fewer children. So, what's happening with massive Third World immigration is that we're getting a triple whammy. First, the millions come in. Second, they have many children. Third, their very presence pushes our buttons to help keep us from having children.

crowdThere are, of course, other reasons for low birth rates among European descended peoples, such as religious and world views, that when added to the massive invasion of the U.S. by Third World immigrants, are helping destroy this nation. Even so, this crowded vs. under populated factor is one of those things that we can actually control if we just had leaders who would stop immigration and send illegal aliens packing.

Open spacesInstead, our so-called leaders tell us that we need immigrants to do the menial jobs in this nation. Baloney. We don't need them at all, and their very presence in such large numbers, as mentioned above, is probably causing us to have fewer children. A simple example of this phenomenon would be to imagine, for a minute, that we live in a sparsely populated land and we go out to a fast food restaurant. The service may be lousy because there aren't enough entry level workers to work there. Although we don't consciously say, "Time to have more kids so we can get better service," our subconscious minds get that message.

traffic jamBy contrast, the message that is being sent now with all the crowding caused by immigrants is that we don't need any more children. "There are just too many people," says the little voice in the back of our heads when we're stopped in traffic jams or find crowds at the market. Multiply these messages by the millions that are sent and received, and you get the picture.

Mom and kidsWith all of the above in mind, and if we want to head off the destruction of the U.S. as we know it, we need to prune this nation so it can grow back strong. What does "prune" mean in this sense? It means that we should stop all immigration and send all illegal aliens back to their own lands. Then, the sense of overcrowding will be gone and European descended people in America might start having babies again. The short term results of stopping immigration and sending illegal aliens back to their own nations might be some temporary inconvenience as we have to start mowing our own lawns again, but on the other hand, getting back to doing some menial labor should both help our physical health and also help us regain the common touch.

We need to prune America so that this nation will once again grow strong from within. We should be filling all niches in our society, including the menial ones, from our own internal births.

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