Protozoans attack Bush  (c) 2003 New Nation News
by H. Millard (c) 2003

The cattle prods were used on President Bush this week. It was necessary. He got out of line. He had to be taught that if he says the right things about Israel he'll be rewarded by being the subject of gushy praise, but if he says the wrong things he'll get electric shocks.

The shock treatment started after President Bush did the unthinkable on June 10. That's when he criticized Israel for attacks on the Palestinians, but forgot to immediately also criticize the Palestinians. By June 11, Bush's toady neoconzi sycophants (who place Israel before Bush) had heard about this unthinkable act. Many then then did one-eighties from their daily slavish praise of Mr. Bush. This was done so fast that had any in this group of protozoans been in possession of anything like spines, they would have gotten whiplash. As it was, they just sloshed around a bit and landed on their pseudo pods. Then they charged up their cattle prods and began zapping. All the neoconzi radio entertainers and TV numbnuts were shooting lighting bolts out of their mouths at Bush. You could almost hear "Ouch, ouch, ouch, damn, ouch, yikes!" coming from the White House.

terroristsMost of these neoconzis seemed to be working from the same script in their public pronouncements--and they probably were. Thus, we heard, over and over again on June 11th and June 12th, that these neoconzis were "perplexed and confused by Mr. Bush's statement," and that "Israel is our friend and, golly, Israel is a democracy, and, gee, we don't hate Arabs, just, you know, those Arabs who are terrorists, but we should flatten them all, er, just the terrorists, of course, we're not bigots you know, and it's not Islam that we hate, but those evil Islamists, and, well, the terrorists, and sputter, sputter, sputter. And, golly, the U.S. attacks terrorists so isn't it hypocritical of Mr. Bush to complain about Israel doing the same thing?"

Of course, most the of the criticism of Mr. Bush seemed fairly genteel and mild to many of the hoi polloi who are unaccustomed to the circumspect ways of the elites and the manner in which insults are given at the upper levels of society. But, these insults aimed at Bush, when translated into plain street talk, were on the level of, "You dirty scum sucking anti-Semite Arab lover."

Bush apparently got the message. Like all living things, he prefers rewards to punishments and learns quickly which words will get which results. This one gets a shock. This other one gets praise.

By June 13, the electric shocks had done their job and Mr. Bush and his minions in government did their own one-eighties and started criticizing Arabs and blaming them for the problems of the region. The Bushies also started signaling strong support for Israel's attacks on the Palestinians. Oh, not as "Palestinians," but as "terrorists." Of course, "terrorists" and "Palestinians" seem to be treated as synonyms and there appeared to be few tears shed in Washington for little Palestinian kids, including a two-year old girl "terrorist," who were killed in Israeli attacks. The new emphasis from the White House on June 13 was on the "terrorists," who, more and more, are defined as the people in conflicts who don't have helicopter gunships and jet planes and who have to do their bombing up close and personal rather than from several thousand feet in the air. The guys with the planes and big bombs are the good guys. The guys with no planes and small bombs are the bad guys.

So much for the road map for peace.

talk show caller (c) 2003 New Nation NewsAnd, out in the PTA's of post-American America, fat little ladies who spend their time baking apple pies and calling neoconzi radio talk programs to parrot what the hosts have just said, are wondering why there can't be peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. Don't those evil heathen Palestinians know that God gave the Jews all of that land? Don't they know that they're just supposed to die?

It's a cowboy and indian thing, all over again, dear friends. It's no more complicated than that.

The U.S sides with the cowboys--the Israelis. The Israelis know their part and appear to be using the early American playbook for taking over a land and building a nation and are positing a sort of updated version of Manifest Destiny to lay claim to the land that they took from the Arabs. They say that God gave them that land, and it's right there in black and white in the Bible. And that sure proves it. Of course, most of the Israelis who founded Israel were really from Europe. If these Israelis were to ever run into any ancient Hebrews (the people discussed in the Bible) they'd find that they look more like Yasser Arafat than they do like most of the present Israelis. Also from the early American playbook, many Israelis say that they've made desert waste land bloom while the Palestinians, who had lived there before, didn't fully use the land.
The ersatz Indians, the Palestinians, say that they were there first and have been living there for thousands of years. They point out that they didn't suddenly float in from Europe in 1948 and say "this is our land, beat it," the way the Jews did to them or the way the Americans did to the American Indians in the early days of America.

Thus are born Mexican standoffs.
"Mexican standoff" (c) 2003 New Nation News
"Mexican?" #$@$#%%^$#@ Right. Another parallel arises. Forget it.

Rightly or wrongly, to the Arab world, President Bush looks like a stooge for Israel. His June 10 criticism of Israel seemed to be a hopeful sign that Mr. Bush really was trying to be even handed, but his June 13 flip flop, in the face of criticism, has just made him look weak and unprincipled.

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