The Last Banana (© Larry Korhnak)
(God in a Banana is as a Banana)
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Proponents of the "we're all one race," swill took another hit recently when scientists revealed that bananas share about 50% of the DNA of humans (I kid you not). This is 10% more than what we share with earthworms. Add this information to the previous revelation that humans and chimps are 98.4% the same genetically, and you begin to see the problem for the we're all one race crowd--our present ignorant flat worlders.

The reason this is a hit for the all one race crackpots is because it is just a further indication that nature works with minor changes to make major differences. In fact, there are no "tiny" changes in nature at the DNA level of existence. Just a minor change here or there makes a totally different animal or plant.

Sure, everything in existence is the same at some level. After all, we've all risen from the same inert chemicals that exist in the universe, and all of us on earth have come into existence as living things by the same basic processes. But, in nature, it is not the things in common that living things have with one another that are most important, but the things not in common. This is so, because nature is about constant change and this constant change enables both evolution and devolution.

“The Races of Man.”   From Herbert W. Morris. Present Conflict of Science with the Christian Religion; or, Modern Skepticism Met on Its Own Ground.  Philadelphia:  P. W. Ziegler & Co.  1876. Some PC types say that we should just overlook the differences between the human races, and that this is the way for everyone to get along. This is baloney. It is counter to evolution and nature and the logical conclusion of this is to have humans become a lumpen genetically conforming Tan Everyman clustered under the center of the bell curve in skin color, racial characteristics, I.Q. and all other factors. Such thinking is a recipe for mediocrity and a slowing down of evolution.

What we should be doing is appreciating the uniqueness of different human types and emphasizing our differences so that the species will evolve. It is going to be the different ones, the ones on the extreme legs of the bell curve, who will lead to a higher type, not those clustered in the middle in all genetic characteristics.

Those in the middle are the compost heap of the species from which new forms arise. Unfortunately for human evolution, humans, at the very time that so many are saying they love diversity, seem to be doing everything possible to cause all humans to conform to the Tan Everyman type. Of course, the reality is that most people praising diversity don't really want diversity at all. What they are really doing (whether they are conscious of this or not) is trying to get rid of white people, and they're using diversity talk to make whites more accepting of mating with non-whites and thus moving white family lines away from the white norm.

What do we mean by evolution and devolution? Evolution is the upward movement of something. Devolution is a downward movement. What do we mean by upward and downward? Upward is to higher consciousness. Downward is to lower consciousness. What do we mean by higher consciousness? Higher consciousness is a vague term that encompasses various products of the mind including higher intelligence, higher awareness, a greater sense of Being, and more "life." Lower consciousness is the opposite. It is lower intelligence, lower awareness, a lower sense of Being and less "life." Consciousness is on a scale. One can, for example, say that a rock lacks most consciousness (however, this is not quite true, because even a rock has atoms that are moving, and movement indicates that something is not completely "dead.").

initiate being fed holy bananaAs far as we know, humans are the most conscious animals. If there is a God, then God, if assumed to be as He is thought to be in many religions, is the most conscious entity in the universe. His is a consciousness that exists without a body and brain as we know them. Such a Supreme Being is probably here and there all at the same time and He is probably within and without everything in existence. Would be so far off to postulate that He is a disembodied spirit or some sort of sub atomic particle or group of such particles or a wave or a force or an energy that is whole and complete in each part of his being no matter where this is found, which is everywhere and that He knows everything about everything all at the same time because He is there all at the same time?

If we assume that God is within everything that exists, then we are left to conclude that God within a rock is limited to "rockness," and God within a tree is limited to "treeness." If not, then rocks and trees would probably have powers beyond what they do have.

Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If God is the ultimate consciousness, and experiences things, at least partly, through that which he is within, one can probably tentatively conclude that God may also want to be in something that experiences more than, say, a rock. Might we not also conclude then, at least as a theory, that God wants to evolve matter so that God in matter will have more consciousness? If we do accept this notion, then we are led to believe that God probably wants to evolve humans so that humans will better know Him and so He will experience more.

Yes, this suddenly begins to sound like what is taught in various religions, but not always in similar words. And while this argues for the unity of everything in existence, it also argues for the evolution of everything in existence so that something in existence will evolve to be the highest possible vessel for God.

Leading the way for being the highest possible vessel for God appears to be the human species, but it is far from that point, and it will never reach that point unless parts of it can evolve ever higher. This means that some human types will become extinct and disappear from the face of the earth, and some types will move upward. Of course, it could go the other way. The much ballyhooed human "free will" and the ability to choose between right and wrong and resist temptation play a part in all of this, because right and wrong are far more than things such as whether one should steal or not steal or lie or not lie. Real right and wrong and real resisting temptation relate to mating choices. If we mate properly we can move higher. If we mate improperly we can move lower. We have the choice to do either. Those who hate us, and dare we say it, who also hate God, want us to devolve and they try to deceive us with lies so that we will fall into improper mating and other practices that reduce our numbers, and destroy our genes.

chimp  contemplating bananaUnfortunately, most humans lack the consciousness to see much of this and many are blinded by the evil doers who want us destroyed. These are the ones who are doing things that lead to devolution. They deny the differences between different human types and, in so denying, they open the possibility that they will devolve their lines. As they devolve, they may eventually deny the differences between chimps and humans. If they keep going in that direction they will eventually lack the consciousness to know the difference between themselves and bananas.

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