AND THE REST OF EUROPE? by H. Millard (c) 2002

Far rightist Jean-Marie Le Pen has caused a dilemma among Jews world wide, and especially in France, with his second place finish in the first round of voting in that nation on April 21.

In a stunning upset, Le Pen beat Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin, and will next meet conservative President Jacques Chirac in the May 5, runoff.

Analysts give Le Pen little chance of beating Chirac, but many of these same analysts didn't give him any chance of coming in second in the first round, either.

The dilemma faced by thinking Jews is that so many of them have attacked Le Pen as an anti-Semite, that they are now psychologically incapable of acting in their own best interest by helping elect Le Pen, who in France, is the embodiment of the expression, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Muslim militantsLe Pen's main campaign theme involves expelling millions of immigrants from France. Most of these immigrants are Muslims from North Africa who are anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, and pro-Palestinian. Their growing strength is fueling an increasingly strident outcry in France and in other European nations against Jews and Israel. Some commentators attribute Europe's stance of not supporting Israel against the Palestinians as a product of this mass immigration of Muslims to France and other European nations.

Many of those who oppose Le Pen, are playing a propaganda game by first pointing out what they consider to be Le Pen's anti-Semitism, and then with the next breath they bemoan the number of attacks on Jews in France as though there is a link between Le Pen and the attacks on Jews. The truth, however, is that the attacks on Jews are coming primarily from Muslims, not Le Pen supporters. So, the situation is that Le Pen, who has been smeared as being anti-Jewish, is the one who, if elected, will help the Jews of France, while his opponent, President Chirac, with his fuzzy pro-immigration policies will be bad news for the Jews.

In fact, if Le Pen wins the Presidency, he can be expected to act almost immediately to send Muslim immigrants back to their own nations, and this would have the effect of weakening their political influence in France, while increasing the political influence of Jews. Such a win, would undoubtedly also start similar movements in other European nations.

It seems unliely that enough Jews will understand what's at stake, and even if they do, that they will be able to mobilize sufficiently before the May 5 runoff so that they can bring enough voters to the polls to elect Le Pen.

Orthodox RabbisIt bears repeating that Le Pen is certainly not the favorite candidate of Jews, but he's their only hope of changing the course of European history in favor of the Jews and Israel at this time. For his part, Le Pen may not want to help the Jews and Israel, but his help is an automatic corollary of sending the Muslims back to their own countries.

In addition, if Le Pen accomplishes the seemingly impossible feat of winning the Presidency, his victory will also provide moral support for strong-border advocates in the United States and other nations as well as for freedom loving people everywhere.

And when we speak of freedom, we should note that Europe is presently under an iron heel where Liberty bound, gagged and violatedwhite free speech rights, that we take for granted in the U.S., simply don't exist. One recent example of the type of tyranny that white people face in Europe, was demonstrated this week in Norway. In Oslo, Tore Tvedt was sentenced to 75 days in prison for having political material on his web site that the local tyrants didn't like. As is usual these days, the illegal political material had to do with race. It apparently violated Norway's, anti-racism law, that many people might characterize as being not only anti-free thought and anti-free speech, but also anti-white and an aid to those who want white genocide, and who do not want whites to be able to speak out about such genocide, in the present subtle forms it is taking, on this brown planet. In sentencing Tvedt, the court stated that it put special weight on Tevdt's attempts to attract young people into ant-Semitic and racist beliefs.

gopher faced twitMeanwhile, in England, gopher faced twit, Prime Minister Tony Blair, was angry that Le Pen said that he was no more racist than Blair. To make his point, and to show Blair for the phony he is, Le Pen said that if he is elected President of France, he'd like to set up a special train to ship immigrants to Britain. Blair, of course, did not agree to take them. Instead, he had a spokesman call Le Pen some more names, apparently to divert attention away from the fact that many white people in England also don't want their country to become non-white.

We live in interesting times, do we not?

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