Wedding in Mexico
by H. Millard (c) 2002

Okay, I admit it, I just coined the term "imvade." Since I coined the term, I guess I have a right to tell you what it means. It means invasion; not with force of arms, but by immigration. It's easy and fun and everyone who has the cajones (I'll explain that further in a moment) can do it.

First, however, pity the Germans for the way they tried to invade the rest of Europe back in the '40's as they sought living room for Germans who were then, unlike now, turning out babies and causing the population to grow, instead of shrinking as it is today. Those were lusty days in Germany. Back babiesthen, birth control wasn't as common as it is now and it wasn't considered de classe to actually have a bunch of kids. Today, the German fertility rate is below replacement level and some Germans even want to import millions of immigrants to fill the jobs that never to be born Germans won't fill. It's a little like ants importing grasshoppers to do their work and then because the grasshoppers are in the ant hill, they are thereafter called ants. An ant hill that has no ants, isn't an ant hill and a Germany that has no Germans is not Germany.

German troopsThe Germans got it wrong in the '40's. They took up arms and went barreling across the borders to take France and a whole bunch of other nations that surrounded Germany. Big mistake. Had the Germans been just a bit more clever, they would have simply encouraged even more births and then simply snuck across the border. One wonders if that had happened if we would have heard French open borders advocates saying things like: "They're illegal, but they're doing work that no one else wants to do (like building rockets and inventing things). In time, the Germans would have absorbed the French and all the others. Of course, since they are both, (dare we say it?) Aryans, the absorption would have been mostly a cultural matter and not a genetic absorption.

kids in German schoolSoon, instead of the people in France eating quiche, they'd be eating sauerbraten. The schools would first become bilingual as more and more Germans arrived, and then eventually the Germans would become citizens of France and vote the French out of office and change the laws so that German became the new language of France.

La puissance du rassemblementWhile the imvasion was going on, the French people would no doubt be treated to editorials in their newspapers similar to Power of Pulling Together, the one that the Los Angeles Times had in its May 26, editions telling of the joys of Third World immigration to the U.S. Let me give you a bit of that editorial with a few changes to make it more of a fictional German/French version.

"Newly released census figures confirm the ethnic diversity that [French] residents see on the sidelines during youth soccer games, in classrooms, and in workplaces.

"The nation must embrace and welcome ethnic diversity and ensure that educational opportunities are in place for [German] immigrants and their children."

Still not clear? Try it this way:

White "Indian" kids"Newly released census figures confirm the ethnic diversity that [Native American] residents see on the sidelines during youth pow wows, in medicine lodges, and around the campfires.

"The [Native Americans] must embrace and welcome ethnic diversity and ensure that educational opportunities are in place for [white] immigrants and their children."

Of course the question that should be asked by the people in our fictional (sort of) examples above, and in modern America, is "Why the hell must we embrace and welcome diversity, especially when the 'diversity' isn't that at all, but is a friggin' invasion and a destruction of our way of life?" Embracing that, is a little like embracing termites in our homes because they're there.

The real point of the above is that a population with a high fertility rate will naturally expand, while a population with a low fertility rate will naturally contract. The population that is expanding, whether it is made up of insects or human beings, is aggressive in finding food, while the contracting population is more passive and is easily pushed around. To repeat, the Germans had the right idea to expand, the problem was in how they did it. Had the Germans simply encouraged more births "love bug"and not taken up arms, they'd now own all of France, Poland, and maybe Russia, and we'd now have a massive German population in the U.S. and we'd probably all be riding around in VW's, and our crime rate and quality of life would be at First World levels instead of at the present heading toward Third World levels.

This brings me up to where we are now in the history of America. We're being imvaded mainly from Mexico, but also as a result of mass transportation and our national madness of thinking that all people are fungible, from all the rest of the Third World.

Imvasion soldierWhat should we do? We could follow the Bush family plan and let ourselves be absorbed, or we can fight back, by damn! And, by fight back, I mean that we should resurrect a slogan from the '60's "Make Love Not War!" Yes, dear friends, the answer to our problems is to breed and have children. Throw away those birth control devices. Revel in the flesh. I told you I'd get back to cajones. Get lusty and welcome new life. Then, as our population grows, as it once was doing, we'll find that we have plenty of our own people who are willing to do "the jobs that no one else will do." We'll also find that many of our people, due to the crowding, will start looking outward once more and that many will imvade Mexico and points south looking for the human equivalent of food--work.

Oh, the other part of this imvasion plan is to use our technological prowess and our financial resources to give free birth control to Mexico and the rest of the Third World.

"Make Love - Not War"Remember, dear friends--Make Love, Not War--er, except if you're from the Third World. And if you're from the Third World, your slogan should be "Have fewer children for a higher quality of life." Also, as another slogan, we might consider "See you in Mexico City," which of course, we may wish to rename "American City," once our burgeoning population transforms it into a typical American city the way Los Angeles has been transformed into a typical Mexican city today.

In our Love campaign, don't shoot blanks!

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