Iraqi children
by H. Millard (c) 2002

No wonder President Bush is outraged and wants to attack Iraq. Millions of Iraqis, with the encouragement of their government, are invading the U.S. by sneaking across our border. Once here, they steal our jobs, murder our citizens, demand medical care that we pay for, ruin our schools, destroy our American way of life and substitute an Iraqi way of life. They are also killing our children in the streets. These evil Iraqis also say they own large parts of the U.S. and that Americans should beat it.

Any hostile nation such as Iraq that does this to the United States of America deserves to be attacked and bombed into oblivion. Go get those evil Iraqis, Mr. Bush!


Narcisso SolisSorry, I made a mistake. It's not the Iraqis who are doing all of the above evil things. It's Mexicans who are doing these things. That's different. You see, Mexicans are George Bush's friends. We don't want to say anything harsh about the Mexicans, no matter what they do. In fact, the GOP has sent out messages to Republican candidates to not discuss illigal immigration in their campaigns this year.

Hector Villanueva-PalmWhile Bush is doing intellectual (?) headstands in order to not say anything bad about the scumbag Mexican criminals who have invaded the U.S. and who are destroying our nation from within, he also won't say anything good about the Iraqis no matter what they don't do.

Jose HernandezWelcome to the whacky world of our fou fou elites who want to manipulate American citizens into attacking a distant nation, for no good reason that anyone can think of, while not attacking a nation that is right next door and which truly is a real and present danger to the U.S. and the American way of life.

Juan Gabriel NunezThe real mistake that Iraq has made is that it hasn't snuck millions of its ordinary citizens into the U.S. like Mexico continues to do. Had Iraq done that, both the Republicans and Democrats would be out pandering for votes from them and overlooking every egregious wrong they do.

Here are two imaginary statements from George Bush to Vicente Fox and Sadaam Hussein, that point up the silliness of what's going on today in post-American America:

Vicente FoxBush to Fox: "Vicente, your soldiers have crossed our border and killed our citizens. Your citizens are also invading our nation by the millions and are destroying our nation from within. Your citizens often murder American citizens and run back across the border and you won't extradite them to the U.S. Your farmers are stealing our water. Your citizens are turning the U.S. into a new Mexico--a Third World dump. Don't worry, though, Vicente. We're amigos.

Jeb Bush familiaHey, we both went to Harvard. And did you hear that my brother Jeb is married to a Mexican woman and that his kids are mestizos? Yep. Just as we're doing with the U.S., we've started to rid the Bush family of white genes. Why, my nephew, who is also named George Bush, could loiter out there on street corners with Mexican day workers and he'd look completely at home. We are very proud of that. Say, Vicente, now that the formerly white Bush family is working hard to make itself a brown Mexican family and also to turn the U.S. into a new Mexico, can you help Republicans get Hispanic votes this year?"

Saddam and "Evil Burt"Bush to Hussein: "Sadaam, I don't like the way you comb your hair. We're going to attack you for that."

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