Two Party system
(Is it time for an immigration reform and/or anti-genocide party?)
by H. Millard (c) 2002

Let's be very clear on something. Massive Third World immigration to the U.S. is an act of genocide. It is wiping out European-Americans right before our eyes. European-Americans are being assimilated and absorbed into a gene pool that is not European-American. Their genes are under daily attack by a much superior force of genes. How could this be otherwise when white people are only ten percent of all humans on Earth?

One thing, among many things, that is helping facilitate this immigration genocide is the U.S. two party system.

Two Party systemthe Bell CurveThe U.S. political system is rigged to keep politics in the middle of the political Bell Curve. This is so, because all but two parties are, in a real sense, frozen out of the process. These two parties that aren't frozen out--the Republican and Democrat parties--remain in power by pandering to the greatest number of voters--the great mediocre, apathetic middle (MAM), that is, by definition, clustered under the center of the Bell Curve. Since the driving down and neutering of white people in the U. S. to a drone like aracial state where they have no race that they dare claim as their own, lest they be called "racists," and "haters," the two parties have been bounding after non-white ethnic groups (EGs) who do not suffer the aracial disease of whites and who can be expected to bloc vote for just about anyone of their EG against anyone not of their EG or for any white candidate who panders to them.

Of course, the two parties are just fishing where most of the fish are located, and that makes sense from the standpoint of the parties, whose job and reason for existence is no longer to promote things to improve the nation, but to win elections. To do otherwise, under our present two party system, would be to constantly lose elections.

Even though this pandering to the MAM and EGs may be understandable, it is no less destructive to the United States just because we understand it..

chinatownSikh Temple in CaliforniaThe reason that this pandering to the MAM and EGs has become destructive at this time in our history as a nation is because this nation has now become full of non-European foreigners who aren't just "plain" Americans, and who don't want to be, as was the case with the Europeans who came here. Instead, these non-Europeans are setting up colonies in this land to preserve their genetic, cultural and religious differences. They see themselves as different from European-Americans and often see European-Americans as standing in their way to transforming the U.S. into a brown nation.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus and BushThe reality is that many of these foreigners are racist, and bloc vote along racial and ethnic lines. Doubt it? Why do you think President Bush is pandering to Hispanics--AS Hispanics? He wants Hispanic racists to bloc vote for the GOP. Meanwhile, the Democrats want the very same Hispanic racists to bloc vote for Democrat candidates. To get this vote, both parties are moving away from traditional common sense about immigration and the well being of European-American citizens to a position of open borders.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats figure that European-Americans--the majority who are MAM--are so beaten down and psychologically alienated from their white identities, that they can be manipulated into voting for any candidates that the Republican Party or the Democrat Party barf up. With this in mind, the two parties don't even try to pander to this group based on racial identity. The two parties also figure that they can sell open borders to the MAM by wrapping this nonsense in clichés such as "We're a nation of immigrants."

Now, we must add that the two party system does give stability the two political parties--but it also can, as it is doing now, cause instability and danger for the nation in the long term, and it can also keep those citizens who aren't apathetic MAMs, and who do see problems in the nation, from having any real voice.

Add to this dynamic the reality that, in the world today, genocide has snuck into the popular culture disguised as anti-racism and with an agenda of blending now distinct races into a Tan Everyman. Many MAMs don't see through the disguise to the evil because of the masking with nice sounding phrases. Because this disguised genocide has spread so far and wide in the culture, the two political parties do everything in their power to avoid taking positions that could be demonized by the other party as racist. So, even if the two parties didn't directly pander to foreigners, they might still push various open border policies to avoid being called racists or any of this term's progeny, such as "xenophobes," "bigots," "prejudiced," "white supremacists."

This two party system is not good for America in a multi-cultural U.S. And, it is not good for the continuation of distinct races of man in America. But, how do you fight it when most people are blinded to the reality? The partial answer is that good, decent people should speak out against the genocide of massive Third World immigration to the U.S. at every opportunity, and maybe some others will understand.

Future Los Angeles - from "Blade Runner"However, it will take much more to change people's views in what I've called post-American America--a world gone mad. One of the things that needs to be done in the U.S. is to form a political party that tells the truth, and which does it in a way that redounds with people today. This is being done in many European nations and more and more people are seeing the light, and moving toward these immigration reform and anti-genocide parties that are pushing to close their borders to the Third World.

Jean-Marie LePenEurope is able to do this faster than in the U.S. precisely because of the European parliamentary system, which unlike the American political system, allows major changes to be made in governments relatively quickly because small parties aren't frozen out and can gain influence. These small parties often start out with a handful of people who believe in the message of the party. Sometimes, the message makes sense to many more people and they also join or at least vote for the party's candidates. Because of the possibility of having many small parties, these small parties are not inclined to think of things as a duality but as shades of gray, and the parties often come into being, not to pander to MAMs but to various groups based on their ideological, social, and political interests. These parties, at their best, have rock solid platforms, that do not change 180 degrees in order to keep the party in power, as is done in the U.S. If the parties can't attract people to their platforms--their world views--then the parties usually fail and fade away. If they can attract people to their platforms, then the parties grow and come into power. Contrast that to the Republican and Democrat parties, which, as already discussed, have become very like one another because they're both after the same voters--the MAMs and the bloc voting EGs.

Thus, a party in Europe might start up to be an immigration reform party. That may be its whole reason for being. Those citizens who find this to be their major issue will then join the party. If this is a hot issue, the party will prosper politically. Witness the seemingly amazing--by American standards--impact made by Pim Fortuyn's immigration reform party in the Netherlands. In a matter of weeks, this party became a major party and won many political seats even after Fortuyn was murdered.

Since we don't have such a system in this country where small parties can come out of nowhere overnight, and since we're not likely to get one--after all, the Republicans and Democrats like their monopoly--those who want to see real political change to retake this nation for American citizens need to get realistic and start bringing forth alternative parties.

You may say, and rightly so, that alternative parties have come forward many times in America, but nothing happens to change the two party system. I would answer that the reason nothing happens is because the parties that have tried this, have almost always focused their attention on the presidency.

Led by Athena, the Olympians mount a charge against the Giants What needs to happen to break the monopoly is for a national leader to step forward who will focus on party building and who will focus on local elections, right down to the town and county level, then to the state level and on up. Such foundation building is difficult and takes a lot of energy and it requires a national leader to come forth and subjugate his ego to help at the local level while maintaining a high national profile so that the building can take place in the wake that he makes nationally.

Such a party based on immigration reform and law and order can be built, in my view, if a national leader with enough charisma and with enough desire comes forth who can seemingly look beyond what we normally think of as left and right, and who will do the nitty gritty work that is needed.

Pat BuchananWill this happen? I don't know. I do know, however, that Pat Buchanan has been talking about an immigration reform party in general terms. If Mr. Buchanan does get involved in such a thing, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to overcome what may be his natural inclination to be the total focus of the party and, instead, use his stature to try to bubble up some grass roots folks who are intelligent and who are not as cranky and likely to pick up their toys and go home as was the case in some of his past efforts.

If such a party is formed, given the realities of our present two party system, its likelihood of success is slim. Still, if we only do those things in life that are guaranteed to succeed, we'll do damn little in life.

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