Ant Kill System
by H. Millard (c) 2003

African warOn Earth this week, the blood thirsty, mad, ant like humans continued to carry out their subconscious genetic programs hidden from their conscious minds by the cover belief that they have unfettered free will, and by the fact that most of them aren't able to dispassionately stand outside of themselves as a species to get a proper perspective of their mechanistic and predictable ways.

Of particular note over the last few days was the fact that one nest of human ants used their faux free will and left their anthill and invaded another human anthill to turn it into a colony of the invaders so that it can be destroyed outright or eventually be absorbed to be used as discussed below; just as has been going on ever since there were ant like humans.

tribal warAnother part of the subconscious genetic program of the invading human ants caused them to posit all sorts of flimsy but noble sounding rationales for their blood lust invasion. "We're liberating the other ant hill," was one flimsy rationale. "We're doing a preemptive strike before the other ant hill can attack us," was another. "We're bringing them freedom," was a favorite rationale. Human ants are the rationale animals. They need to feel good about the bad things they do by inventing excuses. Then, when they kill with no real justification, they can still sleep at night.

Human ants have not, in the main, been able to transcend themselves. They arrogantly talk about a baser more animal part of their nature when, in fact, the baser part of their nature is their humanity. It is their humanity that is causing needless wars and the destruction of distinct peoples. It is this humanity that needs to be overcome. But, as in many things done by the human ants, there are complexities within complexities, and there may be even deeper rationales for the Iraq war, that aren't for the public consumption of the masses. More of this in a moment.

ape soldiersInstead of trying to move up the evolutionary ladder, humans now seem intent on not only stopping their evolution but in reversing it. They are doing this by trying to blend all the different strains of humans--different races (which are really subspecies)--together into even blander and more mediocre masses who worship a blended blasé and neutral god who they have invented and who is less a god than everybody's favorite mild uncle.

In truth, humans do have genetic programs, but unlike ants, they also have the ability to reason (within certain bounds). However, this ability to reason means that both correct and incorrect choices can be made. Reason by itself is useless or even harmful if it is not properly used. In our day, many wrong decisions are being made by individuals and by societies. These wrong decisions are taking us further away from our natural evolution to an unnatural devolution. We have used reason to deny what is important in nature--genetic separation--and to accept what is dangerous--genetic blending.

racial conflictThis has, in our age, led to the formation of artificial nations that are not nations at all, but are groups of unrelated people. To overcome the obvious problems caused by having unrelated people calling themselves a nation, the leaders of these societies are trying to eliminate the differences by blending all people together in all ways. It is a rush to the center of the bell curve in all things and an elimination of the very things that cause evolution. This is just the opposite of what causes improvement of the species, and keeps newer forms from arising and from being established. With blending, any newer forms that arise are plowed back into the bland mass.

But these are larger and more philosophical aspects of the human condition as this relates to the present war in Iraq. On the practical level, most fair minded people who have really looked at the situation in that part of the world understand that the U.S. seems to be acting as a mercenary force doing the will of Israel. If true, this leads to the question as to why Israel would want Iraq destroyed.

Palestinian protestCould it be that the attack on Iraq is also an attempt at a final solution to Israel's problem with the Palestinians? President Bush and other politicians have said that they want a permanent homeland for the Palestinians and security for Israel. Note that most politicians didn't say where the permanent Palestinian homeland would be. Perhaps there's a plan to break up Iraq and make one part Palestine. Then, Israel can expand, the Palestinians will have a land with oil wells to support them, and Iraq will have been punished and made into a smaller nation that would have more difficulty in developing big bombs.

So why, if the above is true, is the U.S. acting as the mercenary army for Israel? The answer is simple. Israel couldn't directly destroy Iraq, because this would likely have drawn many Arab countries and non-Arab Muslim countries into the fight. And, any Palestinian nation carved out of Iraq would be still born and lack legitimacy in the Arab and Muslim world.

refugeesWill the Palestinian ant hill be moved to Iraq? We'll have to see how history unfolds. Step back from humanity and keep your eyes on the human ants as they follow their genetic programs, dear friends. If you have understanding, you may see patterns emerge just as you see with real ants.

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