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by H. Millard (c) 2002

According to an article by Eric Schmitt appearing in the New York Times on June 2,
(Two David KeeneGrover NorquistRuben Hernandez MartinezConservatives Tell Bush They Oppose Plan for Police), David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, and Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, sent a letter to President Bush the other day telling him that they don't like the plan by Attorney General John Ashcroft to empower local police to arrest illegal aliens.

If you've ever donated any money to any "conservative" causes over the years, you're probably familiar with these guys and you've probably found your mailbox full of mail from them or other elite conservatives asking for ever more money to do battle for things that are often as PC as mom and apple pie. To jar your memory a little, here's how the letters often look:


"Dear Conservative Friend:

"America is in JEOPARDY! I need your opinions on this important matter, so please take this survey and tell the likes of Ted Kennedy that you support mom and apple pie

Survey: __Ted Kennedy and the Democrats don't like mom and apple pie. __I love mom and apple pie.

Rush your survey back to us so we can tell Ted Kennedy and the Democrats that you love mom and apple pie. And, please enclose your donation so we can continue this important fight to save America!"

I can't remember even one letter from most of these groups that take on the issue of Third World immigration. Instead, the letters are usually always PC and are little more than a way to raise funds to support those who write these letters so they can write more letters full of buzz words that are supposed to make "real" conservatives' blood boil so much that reflexively whip out their checkbooks and send money to these groups.

Why would Keene and Norquist send a letter to President Bush that is sure to anger immigration reform advocates?

There are a couple of reasons. In the first place, they apparently believe that immigrant activists aren't a powerful enough force to matter, so they can disrespect them with no political price to pay. Norquist told the TIMES, "Few Americans make voting decisions based on immigration policies."

And, second, both of these guys seem to have a bias in favor of unbridled immigration. Perhaps the bias of both individuals is best indicated in a few lines from the testimony of Norquist before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 7, 2001. During that testimony, Norquist trotted out all the usual less-than bright clichés about America being a nation of immigrants and how we should "treat immigrants with the same dignity as we treat citizens." Ho hum.

In an April 3, 2002 column in THE HILL, David Keene writes that as a result of past immigration "everyone benefited." Yawn.

One can almost imagine one of these conservative cheerleaders for open borders saying, "Hey, all you young 'conservative' kids sitting over there in your too tight suits and your shoes that pinch. Yeah, you guys with the pimples who can't get a date. Yeah, you guys who look a little like Comic "Comic Book Guy"Book Guy on the Simpson's, let's prove that we're as out of touch with reality as many people on the right think we are--let's support open borders. It's as American as mom and apple pie. And, let's pretend that the immigration from Mexico and points south is just the same as immigration from Europe in the last century. Yeah. We'll show that we're not the "r" word. Then maybe people will like us."

Actually, it seems pretty clear that this letter from Keene and Norquist is intended to give President John AshcroftBush some cover so he can refuse to go along with Attorney General Ashcroft's reasonable and just idea of letting local cops do their job of protecting and serving citizens by helping rid their community of predatory illegal alien criminals from Mexico and points south. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if it is revealed that the Bush administration asked for the letter as a way to send a signal to Ashcroft to back off. Hopefully, Ashcroft will go ahead and let local cops arrest predatory illegal alien criminals who are here because they're lazy money grubbing criminals who are unwilling to build their own nations, and instead, like the grasshopper in the old fable, simply want to mooch off the work of the ants.

Spare me stories about how these "immigrants" will do the work that no one else will do. That's simplistic nonsense for those incapable of critical thinking. However, anyone who thinks it through will realize that there are at least two major things at work that lead to this false belief.

The first thing leading to this false belief is the fact that illegal aliens are often happy to take wages that are low by U.S. standards but which are usually high compared to the Third World wages that the illegal aliens are used to getting in their own nations. It's similar to different rates of exchange in currency trading, but with the added element of labor. These wages are substandard by First World standards, and U.S. citizens can't sell their labor as cheaply as illegal aliens are willing to sell theirs, and still maintain a First World standard of living for themselves and their families.

The employers who hire the illegal aliens then pocket more money themselves and the illegal aliens often get a higher standard of living in the U.S. than they're used to in their own nations. Also, many illegal aliens do not have the traditional American compunction against taking charity, and many illegal aliens supplement their wages by utilizing free charity services that many American citizens prefer not to use except in an emergency.

In fact, many Americans consider the charity services to be safety nets that are avoided at all costs and which are only used when all personal and family resources fail. Many illegal aliens, on the other hand, see such services as being like free schooling that the government is supposed to supply. This is tearing apart the fabric of American society and is building in a permanent charity dependent underclass. This, in turn, is driving down the quality of life for average citizens who live in areas with large concentrations of these illegal aliens, and is causing financial problems for state governments in states with large numbers of people who are taking advantage of the system.

The second thing at work is that we have a birth dearth among citizens in this nation. There are a number of reasons for this, but one of them is the fact that most animals, including humans, will subconsciously cut back on births when population pressures get too great. Because of the overcrowding caused by illegal aliens, citizens are cutting back on the number of children they have. This puts fewer citizen young people into the labor force to fill low wage entry level jobs. Of course, the overcrowding isn't natural--it's being imported by illegal aliens. However, in a world that believes all people are fungible, the decline in citizens isn't often seen. As citizens die, their places are taken by illegal aliens, and this keeps citizens from feeling that they are underpopulated and there are no subconscious cues given to individual citizens to increase the number of children because there is still a sense of crowding. It's not their children who are doing the crowding, but most citizens have now been conditioned to believe that all people are exactly the same, and thus any child who is born helps perpetuate the "race," because, remember, these nitwits often don't believe in race. So citizens--mostly white citizens--die off.

The result of the present mass illegal immigration is that the native citizen population is falling, while the non-native illegal immigration population is increasing. Because there are fewer citizens in the work force, citizens are being replaced by illegal aliens in various job niches in society. At the present time, this is mostly seen in entry level jobs and the service industry.

Freedom of SpeechCitizens need to speak up against elite conservatives such as Keene and Norquist and demand that our borders be controlled, and they need to let politicians at all levels of government know that Keene and Norquist do not speak for real conservatives. It's time that immigration reformers stopped letting the elite conservatives manipulate them into sending them money with their constant shrill cries about things that aren't nearly as important as immigration reform.

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