Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill, left, with President Bush
(He long ago discarded whites)

by H. Millard (c) 2002

Well, it was bound to happen. President Bush didn't show up at the NAACP's 93rd annual convention in Houston recently. Instead, he sent a little note saying the usual sweet nothings.

Later, when Jesse Jackson told the convention audience that Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft were "the most threatening combination in our lifetime," the crowd roared its approval.

George & "Condi"Colin & GeorgeHearing of Jackson's statement, Bush then did a long distance volley to this charge by indicating that some of his best friends are black. Shucks, why right over there sitting in the front window are Colin Powell and Condi Rice. Isn't that nice. Of course, some bro's from the hood might, rightly or wrongly, call Powell and Rice, Bush's house negroes. Bush, Powell and Rice would, of course, deny this, but rumors from Washington indicate that Bush only pretends to listen to Powell or Rice on really important matters.

So, what's with Bush and blacks, anyway? It's simple. They only gave him 8 percent of their vote in the last election and he probably figures they don't have large enough numbers to matter that much in the scheme of things. So long as he can shuck and jive and at least not appear openly hostile to them, he probably figures he can neutralize any get Bush campaign from the black community. Also, black civil rights is '60's and '70's stuff. It's old. It's boring. It's been done. The new frontier in civil rights, at least on the surface, is with Hispanics. It's time to throw the blacks overboard and go with the browns. They're what's happening now, baby.

Hell, browns are walking voter factories and they can easily swim across the Tijuana River into America. Blacks aren't producing that many new voters and they can't swim across the Atlantic to America.

So, it's out with the rap groups and in with the Mariachis. Take down that picture of Martin Luther King and put up one of Caesar Chavez.

Bush can read the numbers that reflect what's going on, so he's playing the odds and hitching his wagon to Hispanics for the next election. But, there's a deeper reality in this. The lumpen term "Hispanic" misleads, for it covers more than a cultural, national, or language group. Increasingly, the word Hispanic is a euphemism for what is really a mixed race Tan Everyman group that is absorbing other racial groups. Bush doesn't have to go far to see this happening. Next generation's George Bush is the brown son of President's Bush's brother Jeb Bush.

While white America--as reflected in Jeb Bush's family-- is darkening, black America is lightening. This can be seen in what was once virtually all black South Central Los Angeles. South Central, the scene of the 1992 riots, is now more Hispanic than black, and looks, smells, and sounds remarkably like some parts of Tijuana. Store signs are increasingly in Spanish. People on the streets are The Virgin of Guadalupeincreasingly brown instead of black. The Virgin of Guadalupe is appearing on the sides of buildings. The smell of menudo is in the air. Gangs are mostly Hispanic. Drive by shootings mostly have a Hispanic link. Former black niches are being filled by Hispanics. Blacks are being driven out of their redoubt. But, "driven out" may give a false picture of what's going on. "Absorbed" may be a more accurate assessment. And, while the statistics of this absorption aren't currently available, one need only observe the streets to see it happening.

Some Hispanics will tell you that they don't like to mix with blacks, and that Hispanics who do this are disrespecting La Raza--the race--which is the term that many Hispanics use to describe themselves. This, however, seems to be a less entrenched view among many Hispanics than it has traditionally been among whites. At the street level, many Hispanics are mixing and mating with blacks. And, because of the superior numbers of Hispanics, we may be seeing a repeat of what happened in Mexico where black slaves who were brought to that country soon disappeared forever into the Hispanic--mostly Indian--gene pool.

In contrast to Mexico, blacks continue to exist as blacks in the U.S. partly because there were laws and strong social barriers against miscegenation up until recent years. These laws and social barriers, preserved blacks and whites as separate groups and allowed them to coexist in the same nation as distinct people, instead of blending together as happened in Mexico.

"mud monster"Over the past decades, these laws and social barriers have broken down and there is more mixing and mating. As one might expect, the barriers are easier to break between brown and black than between white and black, and that's what we're seeing. The result, as I've indicated above and elsewhere, is the creation of the Tan Everyman--a human type possessing a mixed bag of genes from formerly distinct races.

Today in the U.S., this Tan Everyman is most prominently on display among those who we lump together as Hispanics. So, while on the surface it appears that Bush is pandering to Hispanics, what he's really doing is pandering to the Tan Everyman, under a different name. Blacks be damned. Whites be damned. All hail the Tan Everyman!
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