by H. Millard (c) 2002

What's up with President George Bush? The usual elite conservative numb nut sycophants are still trying to say this guy is a conservative, but many things he says and does seem socialist to increasing numbers of ordinary citizens.

These citizens who are wondering about Bush, point out that his attempts to remove our border with Mexico and give legal status to millions of illegal aliens who broke our laws may be one indication of a socialist--some might even say Marxist--mind set. These illegal aliens, they point out, are the modern equivalent of Marx's proletariat (the laboring class), and Bush's elite conservative pals are often the modern equivalent of Robber Barons, but with Lord Jim complexes. In other words, Bush's pals are compassionate Robber Barons who want to use illegal alien cheap labor, but they "care" about the welfare of their workers and want taxpayers to pay for the illegal aliens' medical and dental care and help them make ends meet, so the Robber Barons can get rich by paying sRobber Baronsubstandard wages and by putting American citizens out of work when these American citizens demand a First World living wage. Of course, with Bush's policies, the Robber Barons don't have to pay First World living wages, because they have scab illegal alien labor to fill all the jobs. And citizens are supplying the job benefits package to the illegal aliens.

Meanwhile, the illegal aliens, themselves, are becoming emboldened by Bush's statements and actions, and are also becoming increasingly radicalized and militant against U.S. citizens who are being portrayed as their oppressors. Yes, that sounds silly, but it's true. The illegal aliens break our laws and sneak into our country and then claim that they are being oppressed, and that U.S. citizens must take care of them to prove that they're not racist oppressors. And, the sad thing is that too many U.S.citizens fall for this crap and bend over backwards to avoid being called racists. We've become a nation of friggin' cowards afraid of being called names.

In addition to the courting of illegal aliens by the Robber Barons, the Union Bosses, who have been seeing their empires full of citizen blue collar workers shrink as more and more factories move overseas, are now courting illegal aliens who often work in the service sectors of our economy.

Cesar E. Chavez Throw in the left wing extremist agitators (often communists--at least in their major world views) who are also becoming emboldened in their organizing of illegal aliens because of Bush's tacit approval of these criminals, and you begin to see the development of anti-Americanism that does not bode well for good, decent American citizens.

Consider also, Bush's call for faith-based charity as an example of something stupid that is harming our nation. On the surface, it sounds good. Take the social care functions away from government and put them in the hands of the private sector--in this case, the non-profits, including churches. In fact, it sounds so good that it has some elite conservatives with libertarian streaks salivating all over their jerking knees.

Unfortunately, what's really going on is that many of these non-profits, including the churches that want to get into this business of providing social services, are lefty in their orientation. What the hell was Bush thinking? Did he think that most faith based charities would be conservative? These lefty charities--being lefty and always dependent on government--aren't taking over something from the government at all, but are simply expanding the need for government handouts while standing as the middlemen between the government and the so-called needy. And "needy," in large parts of America these days, means "illegal aliens."

So, Bush isn't removing socialist functions from the state as some elite conservatives preached would happen. Instead, he is simply putting left wing non-profits into the driver's seat and has helped them obtain even more tax money to give to illegal aliens, and push their lefty social and political agendas. Many non-profits have turned into money laundering operations that would put money launderingmiddle eastern terrorists or drug cartels to shame. Some of these predatory non-profits have full time experts applying for government grants. These people know how to fill out the forms correctly and they prowl government web sites looking for easy grants. They then take the grant money and turn it into services for illegal aliens, who they often classify as "working poor," or "needy," and never refer to them as illegal aliens. Seeing that life is good near the charities, even more illegal aliens show up with their hands out. This causes the charities to ask for more federal money. In case you're not aware of this, Mexico is a baby factory. The number of "needy" illegal aliens from Mexico on American charity doorsteps won't drop unless our immigration laws are enforced. There's always a needy new generation right behind the one here now.

In one California city that has developed a corrupt civic culture of wanting to help illegal aliens, the grant writers are adept at skirting Title VI of the the 1964 Civil Rights Act that prohibits federal money from being used in programs that discriminate based on race. What the grant writers do is apply for grants from the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Health and Human Services (HHS) by saying that the money will be used in a particular program that doesn't discriminate based on race or ethnicity. In reality, the programs almost always have overwhelming and disproportionate numbers of Latinos using them. Many of the Latinos are suspected illegal aliens. However, the non-profits have a convenient don't ask, don't tell about who uses their services.

The only way to prove discrimination is to take a page out of the old civil rights book and look at the statistics of the city and the users of the non-profits. If egregious anomalies turn up, then it may be a sign of racial discrimination. If such discrimination exists, federal funds should not be given to the charities.

I looked at those statistics in this one city. I found egregious anomalies. According to census data, the city in question is approximately 32% Hispanic, but some of the non-profits in the city that have government grants serve an almost 100% Hispanic clientele. If the numbers were reversed so that nearly all clients served were white, you can imagine the outcry.

Day laborersWhat is happening in this city is that the local lefties have absolutely swamped the place with illegal aliens who look for day labor work by standing on street corners and at a city funded job center. To help themselves (with nice salaries and other perks) many lefties have now started various non-profits to serve the needs of these illegal aliens.

Now these lefties have come up with a new trick to hide the ball from those looking at their practices. They've started forming various non-profit "collaboratives." These collaboratives are often staying below the radar of accountability by having no real structure themselves. Instead, they are networks of various left wing social activists, including left wing groups, and individuals who often work for the city government, left wing churches, left wing non-profit organizations, school boards, and Latino groups. They avoid being seen by not having a fixed address and by meeting in various locations--a city hall conference room this time, a school board conference room the next time, and a non-profit's own conference room, the time after that.

conspiracyTo help stay hidden, these collaboratives avoid having a published corporate pyramid structure and chain of command. Instead, they operate by claiming that the individual member of the collaborative who has the meeting at his place on any particular day, is the host of that day's event, and is in charge of that particular meeting only. To avoid church state entanglements, the collaboratives usually bury the membership of a church in the collaborative under successive layers of other collaboratives and/or by claiming that the church, itself, isn't a part, just this or that particular church leader.

When the collaborative members meet, they discuss ways of funneling even more aid to illegal aliens--who they NEVER refer to as illegal aliens. Instead they talk about the underemployed, the poor, the undocumented, the children.

taxpayersDon't buy George Bush's phony crap about turning over various social programs to the private sector. All he's doing is turning over the piggy bank, full of your money, to lefties who want open borders and who don't believe in American sovereignty, and who are using your money as a magnet to draw even more illegal aliens to this country to work in the businesses owned by Bush's fou fou pals. # # #



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