I get a piece of the airline futures...

by H. Millard (c) 2002


Now that the news has leaked out that President Bush had received intelligence reports about possible airliner hijackings by followers of Osama bin Laden a month before the 9-11 attacks, the Bush administration and its talk radio toadies are all spinning the story to indicate that Bush did not have specific knowledge that bin Laden's followers would turn the planes into guided missiles and crash them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

That's a hollow excuse and one that might be used by the dumbest kid in a classroom who didn't tell a teacher that he had heard some unknown student was going to bring a gun to school, before a school massacre. The fact is that Bush didn't need to have a specific threat to warn the American people. What the hell did he think bin Laden's followers would do with hijacked planes? Take a sightseeing tour of the Grand Canyon? Set up an airline company? Bush, as President of the U.S., had hundreds of thousands of federal employees to help him uncover threats and protect the American people. That's his job. For him to simply shrug his shoulders now and pretend he did everything possible is absurd. We expect more from our President. We expect him to use our tax money and the resources we have made available to him to protect us. We don't expect our President to have six senses, but it'd be nice if he had the usual five and could extrapolate from what he does know to likely outcomes.

Zacarias Moussaoui.John WalkerNabil  Almarabh.If you, dear reader, received a threat that middle eastern terrorists were going to hijack a car in your neighborhood, wouldn't you take some precautions against it? Wouldn't you ask why they wanted to hijack a car? Why your neighborhood? What were they planning? If the hijacker then crashed that car into a crowded store killing a number of people, would you lamely say that you didn't have specific knowledge that the car would be crashed into that specific store?

One man, whose wife died on one of the hijacked airplanes, told the press that his wife was on an optional and unimportant business trip, and that she probably wouldn't have flown had there been any warning involving airplanes, no matter how vague the warning might have been.

We seldom have specific knowledge of what terrorists are going to do. That's because they try to keep their future actions hidden. We have to assume the worst, based on our intelligence. In the case of 9-11, American citizens still don't have the complete intelligence reports that Bush was privy to, and we may never have them, because they've probably joined the strips of paper in the shredding basket along with the records on Enron. However, our common sense tells us that the President, if he's up to the job of being President, should have done more than do nothing about the threats before 9-11. Smart people try to figure things out before they're blind sided. They do this by paying attention to the world around them. Maybe Mr. Bush just doesn't pay attention.

But, enough of 9-11.That was a tragedy for the people and their families involved in the horror. In the days and weeks that come, the relatives of the deceased will speak out in their own ways, and I imagine that more than a few of them will say that things might have been different had they and their now deceased loved ones been warned by Mr. Bush.

Let's turn to another threat that Mr. Bush is ignoring right now, and let's speak about the terror that many citizens might not have to experience if Mr. Bush would just pay attention and do what he's been hired to do. Here's the warning: ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM MEXICO AND POINTS SOUTH ARE ATTACKING, ROBBING, RAPING, BURGLARIZING, AND KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS EACH AND EVERY DAY IN THIS COUNTRY. THERE WILL BE MORE SUCH TERRORIST ATTACKS TODAY AND THERE WILL BE MORE TOMORROW.

Antonio Cuesta-RamirezWe don't have specific knowledge about which illegal aliens will do this, and we don't have specific knowledge of who their victims will be or what weapons the illegal aliens will use, but isn't it enough to know that they're in the country illegally and that if President Bush did his job to protect American citizens, that he would have these illegal aliens arrested and deported, before they get a a chance to rob, rape, burglarize and kill American citizens?

Roberto Gaspar (left) and Guadelupe Andres (right) are being held in the Lee County Jail without bond. It's horrific that foreign nationals killed almost four thousand citizens on 9-11, but it's also horrific that foreign nationals are killing citizens each and every night in this country. Eventually, unless things change and illegal aliens are arrested and deported, the total citizens killed by illegal aliens will far exceed the toll of 9-11. Is it less horrific because these American citizens are killed one by one by street terrorists? Is the pain for their families any less?

Ruben Hernandez MartinezWill President Bush act to protect American citizens on American soil by rounding up illegal alien criminals and sending them back to their own friggin' countries? Or, will he just shrug his shoulders again and tell every loved one of a murdered American citizen that he didn't have "specific knowledge," so he just let the illegal alien criminals run free in this nation? Not one single American citizen would be victimized by an illegal alien if Mr. Bush would do his job and protect our borders, because there would be no illegal aliens in this country.

Nelson EscoleroInstead of doing the right thing, Bush is busy trolling for votes by pandering to Hispanics by trying to make illegal alien criminals legal residents of the U.S. Mexicans are also, right now as you read this, trying to take over the southwestern states of the U.S. They claim that the U.S. stole it from Mexico. They're attempting their takeover mainly by swamping these states with their nationals who, by the way, are allowed dual citizenship. Mexican President Vicente Fox, has said that the Mexican nation extends beyond its borders. By this he means that the Mexican nation is where there are Mexicans in the U.S. What is Bush doing? Shrugging his shoulders and looking for evil in Iraq, rather than right here in the U.S.

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