"Newmex Beach"
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Dick NicholsThere was the smell of political blood on the beaches of tony Newport Beach, California, this week. Some liberal sanctimonious phonies in this beach city were outraged, outraged, I say, because a City Councilman named Dick Nichols reportedly told a local newspaper that "Mexicans" were dominating the grassy areas of the beach.

The phonies are now circling for the kill, and saying that Newporters are progressive, and not bigoted or racist and that they love all people just the same (see the demographics of Newport near the end of this column to see how much they love all people). Anyway, the statement about Mexicans--if it was even made, and there's some doubt about this--is a simple statement of fact, and is either true or not. Never mind. The tacos quickly hit the fan, and the mumbling set began to whisper that Nichols is some sort of bigot or racist.

Rafael Resendez-RamirezRubenHernandezMartinezRuben Lopez RamirezRuben SalgadoNow, "Mexican" is a nationality, not a race. Not all Mexicans look typically Mexican, but enough do look typically Mexican, so that in the usual verbal shorthand in which many people speak, "Mexican" does conjure up a mental picture. Is this evidence of some sort of American racism? Nope. In the first place, it isn't even racism. In the second place, if you're blond and blue eyed and go to Mexico, many people assume that you are an American, and will call you that, unless you prove that you're actually from Europe. Would there be outrage in Mexico if some Puerto Vallerta City Councilman said that the sandy areas of the beaches are dominated by Americans--as they are? You know this wouldn't even be news. Humans classify things by type. There's nothing wrong with this. It's part of being an intelligent, thinking creature.

But, let's not be cute. Let's assume that the "Mexicans" seen by Nichols were short, brown skinned, people who spoke Spanish. In this area, since we're close to Mexico, they probably were Mexicans, and the odds are that they may have been illegal aliens.

The real problem here is that Nichols is white. Whites can't say things that Nichols is reported to have said. Whites are supposed to be "better" than that.

Los GringosSimilar statements--with nationalities or races reversed--coming from non-whites, are perfectly okay with most whites, because "those people" (any non-whites) can't be expected to have the genteel sensitivities and "higher breeding" of whites. Thus, we'll hear Hispanics calling whites the racial hate term "gringos" all day long and whites won't complain. There was even a restaurant in the area with the term gringo in it's name. It was mostly white people who went there. They didn't mind. They know it's okay to refer to whites with hate terms. They are, after all, white. And, being of "high birth," they don't mind these racial swipes at themselves because the swipes aren't coming from their "equals." A cat can look at a king, and the king is undisturbed. You get the idea. I've invented a term for this type of thinking: noblesse oblige racism.

Noblesse oblige racists plague the white population. They're a smarmy lot. Subconsciously they think that non-whites are afflicted with some sort of birth defect for not having been born white. This being the case, the noblesse oblige racists overcompensate when dealing with non-whites and accept behavior from non-whites that they would never accept from their fellow whites. When they talk to non-whites it's often as though they're talking to someone with a port wine stain on his or her face that they're trying to avoid looking at. Thus are born silly statements such as "Hey, I didn't even notice you're black."

GentlemanSubconsciously considering themselves to be of high birth, these whites show the type of outrage once shown by European nobles when one of their own treated a servant or commoner with disrespect. It's not the way high born people are supposed to act. "Dearie, the high born simply must ignore the foibles of the lower classes. The poor things are like children and can't help themselves, and we can't hold them to our higher white standards."

Nichols violated this unwritten noble white code. He didn't treat his "inferiors" with the exaggerated politeness required of the noble born. He didn't pretend they were just to be politely ignored. He didn't pretend that humans are all the same, and he actually had the nerve to point out that most of the people congregating on the grassy areas were of one general type. Which is the truth.

If you accept this notion of a subconscious noblesse oblige racism, you are led to conclude that Nichols--the very guy who the phonies are implying is some kind of bigot--is not a bigot at all--at least on the facts given--and just calls the shots as he sees them and doesn't fawn over people because they don't look like him. If a bunch of Mexicans are dominating a grassy area to the detriment of the city, he says it. If it had been a bunch of Swedes dominating the grassy area to the detriment of the city, he'd probably have said a similar thing about them.

"day laborers"But let's get to what's really going on in Newport Beach these days. I suspect that many of the "Mexicans" hanging out on the grassy areas are really some of the illegal aliens who are being warehoused in the adjoining city, Costa Mesa, so they can do domestic work and stoop labor for wealthy Newporters, and that they are simply crossing the money curtain from Costa Mesa to visit the beach, where they are welcome, er, so long as they go back to Costa Mesa.

According to the 2000 census, 92.22% of Newporters are white and 4.71% are Hispanic. Also according to the 2000 Census, 56.8% of Costa Mesans are white and 31.8% are Hispanic. Clearly, there's a large disparity between these two neighboring communities that are so close geographically, that they even share the same school district.

Maybe it's time for all those smarmy Newporters, who are lining up to show their condescending and transparently silly righteous indignation about what Nichols is reported to have said, to go to Newport City Council meetings and demand that their community be made more diverse so they can prove just how progressive they really are. Let them do the things that will bring in thousands of illegal alien Mexicans and see how fast they change their tune.

For starters, Newporters can open their own (illegal alien) job center instead of using the one in Costa Mesa (about 50% of the people hiring day workers in Costa Mesa are from Newport Beach). Newporters can also change how they meet the government mandated requirement of building low income housing in the city. What the "progressives" in Newport Beach have been doing is fulfilling their government mandated requirement to build low income housing by only building such housing for mostly white senior citizens rather than for "immigrant" families. Some in Newport Beach also want the government to accept the notion that such low income housing requirements shouldn't be on a city by city basis, but by region. If this happens, Newporters will be able to meet that requirement by building low income homes in Costa Mesa instead of Newport. The Newport progressives can also open some charities that serve the "working poor" (another euphemism for illegal aliens) instead of having such charities concentrated in Costa Mesa.

Shell Collecting - Newport Beach - by Sally Swatland I won't hold my breath. Phonies are, well, phonies. Some Newporters want to sound "progressive" but what they're doing is using the city of Costa Mesa as their other side of the tracks so Newport Beach can stay nice.

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