The land of wink and nod
by H. Millard (c) 2002

Let's say it very clearly: Our government, at all levels, has failed American citizens.

Our government is not defending our borders against invaders, and that's one of the primary purposes of having a government in the first place. By not defending our borders, our government is not protecting the very citizens who have empowered the government, and from whom all government authority flows.

This is screwy. Instead of protecting our borders, our government looks the other way with a wink and a nod. Illegal alien criminals of all types are now infesting the U.S. mainland and are destroying our nation from within. As you've JohnLeeMalvoprobably read, one of the accused snipers in D.C. is apparently an illegal alien from Jamaica. Had our borders been secure, this guy wouldn't have been here and the people he is alleged to have killed might still be alive. This isn't an isolated incident, either. Every day in post-American America, American citizens are being attacked, raped, and murdered by illegal aliens who should never have been in this country in the first place.

These illegal aliens and those who profit from them--including crooked politicians who are paid off with votes, in addition to anything else they can steal--have caused our government to become as corrupt as most Third World nations. The only thing we're missing in our neo-banana republic is bananas.

So, what's to be done? When the government and the police don't do what citizens have hired them to do, what can citizens do? Citizens can either sit back and watch as our country is destroyed by invading hordes of Third Worlders or they can start doing what the government is not doing--they can patrol our borders and especially our border with Mexico. Then, these citizens can report the illegal activity that they see to police and INS Rancher & Ranch Rescue volunteerofficials who may thus be forced to take action and stop pretending that they don't see the illegal activity. That's what American Border Patrol and Ranch Rescue--two separate and distinct outfits--are doing along our southern border. They are providing eyes, ears, and mouths in border country to help protect the U.S. from the criminal invaders and psychopaths who are trying to destroy America. The people in these organizations should receive medals of commendation. Instead, some of the same hate America types, who are enabling illegal aliens, are using all the usual hate terms to describe these good, decent American citizens.

To understand why these citizens in American Border Patrol and Ranch Rescue are doing the right thing, it helps to know that in our American system, all the power of the government comes from the people. We don't have a top down monarchy in this nation, but a bottom up democracy. It is the people themselves who have delegated certain of their authority to government for the orderly conduct of the people's business. In other words, the people have engaged in the age-old practice of division of labor, and have, in effect, hired the government to do things for the benefit of all citizens the way they might hire an auto mechanic to maintain their automobile.

This delegation from the people wasn't just given once when the country was founded, even though that's what too many people seem to think. In fact, this delegation must be given again and again, and those giving it can also change it or withhold it.

"Patrick Henry Before the House of Burgesses"We must also understand that the people can never delegate their responsibility to government. The people are ultimately responsible for what happens to them. This is not just semantics, and it needs to be emphasized that the people have only delegated some of their authority. That is, the people have permitted government to act on our behalf. If government doesn't do what it's supposed to do, the people are still ultimately responsible. Perhaps just one example would be instructive. We have delegated our authority to protect ourselves to the police. If they do not protect us, we are still ultimately responsible for our own protection, because we are the ones who will be the victims of those who would harm us. If you don't defend yourself, and you're physically harmed, don't expect the police to be able to undo that physical harm. It was your responsibility to yourself to not be harmed. You could not delegate this responsibility to anyone. In this regard, it is frustrating to hear people say that "we shouldn't take the law into our own hands." The truth is that the law is always in our hands. And, if it isn't--if someone has taken it out of our hands--we'd better act to get it back.

While it isn't uncommon for some citizens to think of themselves as being part of the government (as they really are) the modern reality is that the government operates without us, and often against us.

Because of this, we need to rethink our basic relationship with government and make a slight psychological shift in our minds such that we might consider ourselves as the Fourth Branch of Government. Just as the other three branches of government have a system of checks and balances on each other, we, the people, need an effective system of checks and balances that overrides the other three branches.

That the people should have the power to trump the other three branches via the vote is so obvious in our system, that the founders of this nation would turn over in their graves if they knew that we even had to argue for the power of the people today and that our voting system has become as corrupt as our immigration system.

Voting for various representatives doesn't always serve the purpose of giving power to the people because those we elect get caught up in, and become cogs in the self-serving machine that government has become, once they take office.

In some states, California for example, the people have reserved to themselves the ability to make law through the initiative process. The way this is supposed to work is that if enough citizens feel strongly enough about an issue they can get it on the ballot, then all the citizens of the state can vote on it. Then, in theory, this becomes law---people made law--which should trump law made by the other three branches.

Not Fed 9th Circuit in SF but Denver County Court  for illustration onlyUnfortunately, it doesn't work that way unless the initiative is what those who infest government also want. This is what happened with Proposition l87, which was designed to keep illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded freebies. The citizens of California overwhelmingly passed Prop. 187. Then, one unelected federal judge cast her one "vote" against Prop. 187 and subverted the will of the millions of citizens who had voted for it.

The arrogance of this judge in thumbing her nose at the people, caused great anger in California and opened the eyes of many citizens who had previously been slavish supporters of whatever the government did. With this judicial veto of the people's will, people started to see that they really didn't have any political power over their destinies unless they toed the mark set by the government. The people were reduced to the status of children who could do "whatever they wanted," unless of course, the parent didn't approve. It was an illusory freedom.

Still, there hasn't been any open revolt, because the myths of "freedom, America, liberty, voting power," still exist. Also, people are fairly comfortable and aren't starving, so they remain content. Lastly, so long as people believe that they can change things with their votes they will not usually revolt. So, while the smashing of Prop l87 opened many eyes, it didn't bring about change against a tyrannical system in need of change.

Awakening in politics, it may be observed, is not often like a sudden Zen slap of awareness, but a slow, incremental process, and it continues apace among the people today.

Once the people awaken to the fact that they are the Fourth Branch of Government---that they are the bosses--and the elected officials, appointed judges, and the bureaucrats all work for them, then we may see some real changes in our government.

The people themselves are the ultimate check and balance on the elites who try to rule over them and force their world views and thoughts on the people, through overt force, threats of force, or clever propaganda.

Until the government does what it's supposed to do--stop ALL illegal immigration--it is up to the people to retake the AUTHORITY that they only DELEGATED to the Defend our Bordersgovernment, and to shoulder their responsibility to reasonably protect this nation. The proper way to do this, is not through force of arms or violence, but simply by being the eyes, ears and mouths that may shame government officials into acting. This is not the stuff of Rambo, and it would be counterproductive, sometimes illegal, and often dangerous, for average citizens to use any type of force to protect our borders in the present climate.

Don't watch the skies. Watch the borders.

Kudos to American Border Patrol and Ranch Rescue for doing the job that corrupt government officials won't do.

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