Invasion of the Roach-men - (c) 2003 by NNN
by H. Millard (c) 2003

leaving Californiaillegal migrantsSomething stinks in Anthill California. It has for some time. Recent news reports indicate that for the first time in decades more ants are moving out of the state than to it from other states. However, the state's population is still growing by leaps and bounds. Odd? Not really. U.S. citizen ants are moving out of the state and illegal alien cockroaches from Mexico and points south are moving in. Indeed, the outward migration of citizen ants and the inward migration of illegal alien cockroaches both appear to be speeding up. Los Angeles now looks more Mexican than many parts of Mexico. The anthill is no longer prosperous. Anthill California has become Cockroach Central.

El graffitti clandestino"Cockroach droppings are everywhere. Even most of those stepping in them are too cowed by the PC sensibilities of our mad age to say that the genetic recipe that made the anthill a prosperous anthill has now been changed and that it will never be prosperous again until the old genetic recipe is brought back. Some of the liberal stink bugs still believe that all insects are the same even though their natural senses should tell them just the opposite. It seems that nature has shorted them out on brains in order to fit their stink glands into the package.

Whether the small brained bugs believe it or not, the reality is that an anthill requires that there be enough ants in an anthill so that their ant ways are dominant. Otherwise, the thing isn't an anthill. When ants become the minority, the anthill, as an anthill, fails. Thus do we see Anthill California starting to fail.

East Los Angeles billboardIt's true that Anthill California once led the nation in many things including the quality of life for its citizens and the quality of its schools. That was back when blond surfer ants were synonymous with the word California. Visit the beaches today and you'll see a bunch of cockroaches with brown shells, brown eyes, and black hair. They are indicative of the changes that have helped California become like a dark corner under a refrigerator. The ants are leaving Anthill California because they don't want to put up with the cockroaches. Most won't put it that way though. They don't want to be called bugists. As the ants leave, they're taking their ant ways with them. A place takes on the character of the bugs that inhabit it. Change the bugs and you change the nature of the place. That's the story of Anthill California.

Cockroaches, like all living things, are perfect as what they are. They have their own genetically determined cockroach ways and approach to the world. They have their own ideas of what is proper and what is not. They act and react to the world as their genes have set forth. They live their lives according to their cockroach natures. And, that's as it should be. The problem faced by Anthill California, and increasingly in many other parts of the U.S. is that ours is a society that was built and maintained according to the genetically determined (as modified by local conditions and our particular history) ant way of life. Replace the ants with cockroaches and you no longer have an ant society.

Of course, if the ants don't mind, or are too weak or stupid to defend their anthills and just let the cockroaches take over, then they deserve to get what they get-which is the supplanting of their ant society with an alien cockroach society. If the ants want an ant society, they have to have ants--lots of ants--so that their genetic natures dominate the society and so that their ways are the norms of society. And, the ants have to insist on keeping the ant ways. Multibugism doesn't work. You can't teach cockroaches to be ants.

"Stink bug Davis"Long before the huge crisis that California now faces--including a deficit that is larger than all other state deficits combined--some bright ants saw what was happening and tried to stop the invasion of the cockroaches by enacting Prop 187. This ordinary ant made law would have cut off the freebies that the cockroaches were getting and which were largely paid for by the ants. Then, one federal Preying Mantis threw out most of Prop 187. When the ants tried to revive it, pencil necked, cockroach enabler Governor Davis--a stink bug if ever there was one--killed it off.

At what point any anthill stops becoming an anthill and becomes a habitat for cockroaches is hard to say, but if you want to keep your anthill, an anthill, dear friends, you may want to take action to stop the slide when you see signs along the way such as increasing crime against ants by cockroaches, and ants having to work harder to feed, school, and house cockroaches. You may also want to start listening to your instincts. If you get vague feelings that things just don't feel comfortable to you anymore where you live, it may be time to reject the conditioned notion that such feelings are just irrational prejudices. Listen to your gut level instincts. Nature has given them to you for a reason. Listen, also, for screwball, loudmouth ants who'll say things such as, "They're here so we need to help them." "We're all insects." "We all bleed green blood." "They just want better lives."

cockroachHave no doubt about it. Anthill California isn't being destroyed by natural disasters or by inanimate objects, but by cockroaches. The weather is just as nice as it has always been. The mountains, the beaches, the deserts are all the same. So why is California now in the dumps? The answer is simple. There are now too few ants as a percentage of the population and too many cockroaches. Cockroach ways are replacing ant ways.

Now the citizens of Anthill California want to fix things by squishing Governor Gray Davis. Certainly that's a step on the right bug, but a better bug who can fix the anthill is needed to replace him.

Lots of bugs are saying they can do it. Most are full of what flies eat.

phony conservative bugA big, bad bug named Arnold has now come on the scene. However, as soon as Arnold announced he was on to Davis, some foul and loathsome phony conservative bugs crawled out from under the carpet to say that Arnold isn't conservative enough for them. These dopey bugs always seem to back some other loser bug who they think is a purer conservative or who is purer on immigration reform. Unfortunately, most of these candidate bugs are bloodless aphids who couldn't win an election to run a roach motel. They look and act half squished every time they appear in public.

What Anthill California needs is a governor bug who isn't an ideologue and who is smart enough to do what will work to make this a great place to live once again.

Big bug Arnold may not be a new Ronald Reagan bug, but he may be the right bug at the right time for the job. He seems to be pragmatic. His career in show business indicates that he doesn't give up easily and that he's goal oriented. According to those who know him, he's also very organized and doesn't like things out of order. Anthill California has a lot of disorganization and things that are out of order.

"Terminator"It doesn't matter that Arnold isn't known for wanting to curb illegal immigration. Once he's in office and looks at why the state is in such a financial and social hole, he will, if he is as honest as he seems, become a convert. When he focuses on the goal of making California as great a place as it once was, he'll have to address the subject of illegal aliens. Anthill California can't be fixed otherwise.

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