peeking over the edge of the flat earth
by H. Millard (c) 2003

"I can't figure out why my horse never wins a horse race," said the ignorant anti-racist (all anti-racists are ignorant, by definition).

Plow horseracehorse"That's because he's a plow horse and doesn't have the right genes for running fast," said the other man who understood that genes matter.

"So, if genes matter with horses are you implying that genes matter with humans?"

" It's a fact. Races of people are like breeds of horses."

"That's racist," said the anti-racist.

"That's nature," said the other man.

"Say," said the anti-racist, "do you know a good horse trainer who can make my horse run faster."



"Because he's a friggin' plow horse. He's not designed for speed. He's designed to pull a plow."
And, so it went into the evening as the anti-racist could never shake his subconscious conditioning that said that genes don't matter.

Dusty BakerTurn now to the recent brouhaha over comments by black Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker. It seems that Baker told reporters that "It's easier for most Latin guys and it's easier for most minority people [to play sports in the heat] because most of us come from heat. You don't find too many brothers in New Hampshire and Maine and Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We were brought over her for the heat, right? Isn't that history? Weren't we brought over because we could take the heat?"

Anti-racists, ignorant whites, smarmy bigots, and Blenders are upset over Baker's truthful assertion because it upsets their internalized belief that the races of man are all the same. Their minds are closed to the truth, literally. In addition, anything that points out the fact that the races of man are different from one another, flies in the face of the we're all one race propaganda that the Blenders are using in order to further miscegenation and the destruction of distinct races. If people see the differences, they may want to remain different, and that's counter to what the Blenders are pushing.

Of course, those who say they are offended by Baker's comments aren't as upset over these comments as they would have been had Baker been white. If Baker had been white, you can bet ignorant and condescending whites would have lined up to say that some of their best friends are black and Hispanic and that Baker should be run out of town.

So silly and pervasive has this evil anti-racist thinking become, that we see it illustrated by white people almost every day. As you might expect, Baker's comments were the flavor of the day for the pop conservative TV and radio jocks for a short time. Some used Baker's comments to express their mannered and exhibitionistic public outrage over racism. And, like the bad actors they are, some chewed up the scenery and tried to convince viewers or listeners that that there are no differences between the races (and, golly, blacks should vote Republican).

Sean HannityJon EntineOn July 7, TV entertainer, Sean Hannity of Fox News--he of the seemingly ever jerking PC knee--was interviewing a guy named Jon Entine who wrote TABOO: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It.

Hannity kept cutting Entine off and showed how little he knows about the subject of genes when he boldly (?) pronounced: "It's silly to say that minorities are better players in the heat."

EskimoEntine correctly replied that what Hannity said was silly. Entine then tried to explain scientific reality to Hannity by saying that blacks have longer limbs in relation to their bodies and Eskimos have shorter limbs. Before Entine could finish his thought, Hannity exploded and yelled "what does that have to do with the heat?" Hannity then blustered on, and Entine wasn't allowed to continue.

BushmanI don't know exactly what Entine was going to say, and I haven't read his book, but I'll bet he was going to tell Hannity the simple fact that nature has engineered people for certain environments. Long thin limbs are a plus in hot environments because they help shed heat faster than the usual short limbed, compact form that is more the norm with Eskimos, whose bodies are designed to hold in the heat. Of course, when nature or people engineer anything, there are often other attributes to the finished product that may or may not have been planned. Longer limbs, for example, turn out to be good for many sports.

Black skin also keeps out more of the sun and keeps those with black skin from producing too much Vitamin D. It also doesn't burn as easily as white skin. The next time Hannity goes to the beach, he might want to prove that there are no racial differences by leaving his sun block at home.

Lennox LewisVitali KlitschkoHere's another recent example from sports. About a month ago, white heavyweight boxer Vitali Klitschko was on his way to beating black Lennox Lewis. Then, unexpectedly, the fight was stopped in the sixth round because Klitschko was bleeding above the left eye.

A couple of things need to be noted about this. First, the doctor who stopped the fight was black Paul Wallace. One wonders if a white doctor would have stopped the fight. Here's why. Whites are bleeders. Because they evolved in overcast climates, whites need white skin to let more sun in to produce Vitamin D. This also means that their skin is "thinner," and that their blood vessels are closer to the surface. They bleed easier than blacks, and the blood is also easier to see against their white skin than against black skin. Perhaps a white doctor, having lived with white skin all his life, would have realized that Klitschko's injuries weren't as serious as they appeared to someone who had lived all his life with black skin and, perhaps, the white doctor would have let the fight continue. Had this happened, it appears almost certain that Klitschko was going to be the winner. If there's a rematch, Klitschko's camp might want to have a white as a ring doctor, because Klitschko is bound to bleed again--because that's normal for white people.

"Rocky vs. Apollo"And, speaking of boxing; the sport favors blacks over whites for a number of reasons including the ease with which whites bleed, but also because the areas that are punched in the sport are usually stronger on blacks than on whites. Whites, for example, are generally easier to knock out with a right cross to the point of the chin than are blacks. Black weaknesses, by contrast, involve the circulatory system. This includes the area around the heart, but especially the side of the neck which is a major black weak point. In professional boxing, neither of these areas are usually punched with great regularity. If rabbit punches were legal in boxing or if the neck were more easily hit, we might soon be reading that while whites have glass jaws, blacks have glass necks.

Genes do matter, and the races of man are like breeds of horses or dogs. All the lies spread by the anti-racists and the Blenders won't change this fact of nature.

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