by H. Millard (c) 2003

Duck and cover! Too late. It probably wouldn't have done any good anyway if there were a radiation, chemical, or germ laden cloud above your home. You might not even know it was there. It may have started at some war zone far away and it may have hitched a ride with the jet stream. When it arrived over your house it may have trickled down some death and then moved on.

dogs of warThe unpleasant reality of our mad planet today is that many nations may just be waiting, fingers poised on the war buttons, for President Bush to attack Iraq as their cue to attack any other nations they have disputes with and for which they can trump up some phony pretext or other. Phony pretexts are the order of the day, it seems. My guess is that if any nations do attack others once Bush unleashes his own dogs of war, that some will parrot some of Bush's really stupid rationales including the one about bringing democracy to various anti-freedom loving despots. Hey, it seems to be working on some of the Stepfordized apple cheek PTA types in the US who call Radio Pudgy and drool numb nut PR lines such as "Stay the course," and other slogans planted in their subconscious minds by the mass manipulators.

Camel trainThe real problem with some of the copy-cat wars that may break out, as already indicated above, is that unlike Iraq, many of these nations really do have weapons of mass destruction. And, also unlike Iraq, many of these nations have more sophisticated delivery systems than camels. If such wars break out like a string of Chinese firecrackers wrapped around a rotting grapefruit, they may spread radiation, toxic chemicals and disease across our two ocean moats into the U.S. itself. Chances are there wouldn't be too many (there are hardly ever "too many" deaths for the war mongers) people in the U.S. killed directly, but for an accurate count of the death count, wait a few years as deaths from unexplained cancers and other diseases begin to rise. Far away wars aren't so far away anymore. Just as the air above us carries people to far distant places, it also can carry radiation, chemicals and disease.

fallout shelterYes, the above may sound a little like the concerns we heard in the days when many Americans were watching Father Knows Best, building bomb shelters, and thinking they could duck under their tables and survive a nuke blast on their front lawns. But now, simply because so many nations have these weapons, the possibility of this or similar things happening do present a real danger. Think second hand smoke will kill you? Wait until we have second hand nukes, germs and poison gas.

Ironically, the least dangerous nation to the U.S. in this situation is the one the Bushies claim is the biggest danger--Iraq. Why? Because Iraq is the most inspected nation on the planet. The Iraqis can't sneeze and try to give us all colds, without the world knowing about it. So far, we haven't found weapons in Iraq that are a danger to the U.S. This should give the Bushies pause.

But, pause they won't. The Bushies seem heck bound (yeah, that's how some PTA type Bushies actually talk) on unilaterally attacking Iraq against the wishes of the U.N. If the Bushies do this, it may delegitimize the U.N. and thus bring in an open season of war on this planet like nothing ever seen before.

Bush makes offer Ngundo can not refuseThe Bushies, who constantly say they want to bring democracy to Iraq (read, force American notions of democracy on Iraq), can't even seem to live with the democratic rules of the U.N., and promise to attack Iraq no matter what the U.N. says. To blunt the fact that the U.N. isn't going along with the rush to war and to avoid looking like we're the lone nut case nation seeking war, the Bushies are bribing tiny nations no one has ever heard of to join our coalition. So far it seems we have East Greasemypalm, Lower Bribeme, and West Gimmegold on our side. Of course, "on our side," doesn't mean that these countries will actually send any troops to die. It just means that they're sitting on bags of gold we gave them and cheering us on.

US out of UNOf course, the U.N. is not the favorite organization of many rightists in the U.S. but it does have its purposes. Trying to prevent needless wars is one of them. Now, had Iraq attacked the U.S. and if the U.N. said the U. S. shouldn't go on the offensive against Iraq, this would be a different matter, but that's not what is going on, even though some Bush apologists and war mongers are trying to convince people that Iraq, a sand pile about the size of California, and thousands of miles away, is somehow a major threat to the U.S.

If the U.N. were to vote against things that truly affect the U.S. the U.S. would be justified in disobeying. However, a risk to the U.S. from Iraq is so remote as to make the U.S. look like a sadistic bully and aggressor to the rest of the world. We're becoming an even uglier Ugly American to the rest of the world than we have been in the past.

Most thinking people know that attacking Iraq under the present circumstances is crazy thinking, but the Bushies persist and continue to support President Bush even though a war with Iraq makes no sense.

Inspector CloseauMore than a few people are wondering about Bush's seeming obsession with Saddam. In observing this, one is reminded of the neurotic obsession that Chief Inspector Dreyfus had for Inspector Closeau in the Pink Panther movies, Right before our eyes Dreyfus deteriorated and his tic got ever more pronounced as his schemes to do away with Closeau failed. Suppose for a moment, just as pure conjecture, that Mr. Bush does have some sort of neurotic obsession with Saddam. What might be it's source? Could it be, again just as conjecture, that in his subconscious mind, Mr. Bush has substituted Saddam for his own father, and is he on the one hand trying to destroy his father in a socially acceptable way by destroying Saddam/father for having sent him to prep school in New England, while at the same time he is trying to get love and respect from the elder Mr. Bush by doing what the latter failed to do--kill Saddam? Will Mr. Bush's personal devils all be gone once Saddam is dead, or will even more personal devils pop up, and will we go to war again to rid him of these other devils?

After watching Mr. Bush at his press conference the other day, many people are wondering if he was on tranquilizers. His performance was just too laid back and sleepy. Could Mr. Bush be in therapy? There's nothing to be ashamed of in this--the mind is a strange thing--but could his judgment be impaired to the point where he can't distinguish between real threats and imaginary ones?

Invasion, USAAt that press conference, Mr. Bush repeatedly said that his job is to protect the American people and that's why we may go to war against Iraq. Well, clearly, Iraq is not attacking America and poses no real threat. Meanwhile, Mexico is attacking us with millions of American-way-of-life destroying illegal aliens, but Bush is doing nothing to stop the invasion. Also, our economy has gone into the toilet since Mr. Bush took office, and he doesn't seem to know what to do to fix it. Instead, he's running after Saddam, which seems to be a modern version of playing the Fiddle while Rome burns.

Toga partyWhatever the cause for the rush to war, it's not going to be the big mouth Bushies and other elites or their relatives who will be killing and being killed. For these elites, war is like a football game, they watch it on their big screen TV's while being waited on. Most of them have never even been in uniform and never will be. Neither will their children. You see, their children will be going away to expensive colleges so they can be the war mongers of the next generation, while working class Americans will be the ones doing the dying.

What nations may get froggy if the U.S. attacks Iraq and delegitimizes the U.N.? The list is long, but Pakistan may have signaled something this week when it seems to have sought some brownie points with Bush by arresting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of Al Qaeda. In order to ensure we all know that Pakistan is our pal, Pakistani officials immediately took to the airwaves and said that the arrest shows that Pakistan and the U.S. are good friends. In other words, should Pakistan attack India or vice versa, Pakistan will call in that marker.

Meanwhile, China is being inscrutable as it sits there watching Taiwan the way a cat watches a tiny mouse--inscrutable until the last minute when it pounces. China's leaders know that they will be able to attack Taiwan soon if they choose.

Korean border guardNorth Korea wants to reunify the Koreas and is calling Bush's bluff just about every day as they insult him the way the French insult the British in Monty Python movies. This week they sent up a bunch of jet fighters that locked their radar on to one of our reconnaissance planes. Apparently the Bushies don't consider that too big a deal, since like bullies everywhere, they'd rather take on a weak nation like Iraq than a strong one like North Korea. But, let Saddam Hussein so much as look a the sky and the Bushies consider that a serious provocation. This sort of thing is making the U.S. look stupid all around the world.

How likely is it that other nations will strike their own enemies if Bush strikes Iraq? It's difficult to say. No doubt each nation with such an idea will run its own risk assements. It also seems likely that if the U.S. gets bogged down in Iraq, the likelihood of such copy-cat wars will increase.

Civil DefenseTime will tell, but it may be that we have entered an age of chaos and war unlike any we have previously seen. This seems to be a natural concomitant to a perverse new world order vision in which the present unique nations, religions, and peoples are considered to be part of the old world order and which must be destroyed. The globalists, who I often call blenders, are heck bent (there's that Bushism again) on homogenizing nations, races, religions and world views through all means possible. Eternal war is just a logical, even if unintentional, ramification of an underlying blending philosophy. This is so, because at its heart, blending is a sadistic philosophy that demands complete submission and conformity based on a bland and mediocre neutral Americanism in all things.

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