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Sometimes when you're cooking without a recipe, and even with no knowledge of cooking, you can make accidental but serendipitous mistakes as you throw things into a stew pot. When this happens, you might end up with something that's at least tolerable. This is rare. Most of the time what you end up with isn't as good as it could be. If you're half bright and if you want consistent results, you'll follow a recipe that you know works.

It's a little like this with nations. But with nations, the recipe mostly involves managing the admixture of people in that nation. You do this by encouraging more births or fewer births from the native population via various public campaigns and programs and by controlling the borders with immigration laws and the armed forces and/or other officials on the border to enforce the laws.

The goal is to cook up a nation that is the type of place where people really want to live their lives. Such a nation is usually prosperous and relatively crime free. It is also a nation that allows all citizens the freedom to pursue happiness as they see fit, and where they can live their lives in ways that are meaningful to them, with as little interference from others as possible. This is essentially what the United States was supposed to be. And, we once had a recipe that ensured that it would remain that way. Then, when we weren't looking, some mad chefs got into our kitchen with their bizarre and neurotic ideas of how to cook up a nation. These madmen have been screwing up the recipe that made America great ever since.

A top quality nation with a healthy birth rate doesn't need to go beyond its own pot to retain its top quality status. It can usually maintain that quality from its own internal births. Such a nation should strictly enforce immigration laws and might only allow in relatively few people who have the needed skills and other qualities that would help the nation. On the other hand, a top quality nation with a low birth rate may have to allow in many others in order to retain its quality. In either case, if the nation does allow in others, and if it is smart, it will allow in only those others who are genetically similar to the ones who made the nation nice in the first place. In this way, the recipe that led to the nation being what it is would be maintained.

Turn now to the specific and sad case of the United States of America.

In the early days of America there was no recipe listing the human ingredients to be allowed into the new nation. No recipe was needed because most of the people coming in were genetically closely related Europeans from various European nations who differed not so much in genes but in minor national things such as language and customs. Stripped of these minor national differences, you'd have a hard time telling a Frenchman from a German or an Irishman from a Brit. Such inborn national differences such as a higher frequency of red hair among Scots than say among Swedes were minor things and well within the white norm. These were all 100 per cent white Europeans who were all so interchangeable with each other that if you switched the children from one family with another you might not know the difference.

The result of all these white Europeans coming to this nation, when added to the other dynamics at work in a vast, almost empty land was the inadvertent and accidental creation of a good recipe. This recipe--large numbers of white Europeans with a new social contract and an open land--helped make America the best nation on earth. As hard as this simple truth is to believe by some in this country, the primary ingredient in the recipe was "white Europeans."

It really is the people who make a difference in any nation. "What?" say the neocon radio dopes, "You mean America isn't great because of the Constitution or because we love freedom? You mean it actually has something to do with people? Why, that sounds like racism. Some of my best friends are...sputter, sputter." Meanwhile, the lefty dopes are also crying racism, but their reason for doing so, is more closely wrapped up in the false belief that all people are fungible.

Yes, indeed, neocons and lefties and other assorted whack jobs, people are the ingredients that make nations what they are just as surely as what is thrown in a pot makes the food that comes out of that pot what it is.

Unfortunately, what is being thrown in the American pot now is not what is called for in the recipe that made America great.

Because many people don't really understand that people are different genetically they figure that you can throw any humans in the pot and the stew will be the same. This is nonsense, of course. We also often hear people caught up in this mental confusion about nationalities and races say that they're a "Heinz 57 Varieties American." Such a statement is usually nonsense. What most of those who say this really are is just white European Americans whose forbears were from different nations in Europe and who were not of different races.

Today, some genocidal multiracialists are using that Heinz 57 Varieties analogy and its variants in ways to further their agenda of blending very different races together. "Why, America is a great big melting pot, and it always has been," they sometimes say in a manner that calls to mind scenes from The Music Man, and which is accompanied by an often unspoken and false syllogism that goes something like this: "America is great; America is a melting pot with a lot of diverse elements; Therefore, the reason that America is great is because of the melting pot with its diverse elements." This is an example of false causality and is complete baloney. However, few people question the false conclusion, that simply does not follow from the premises, and accept it as being true.

Still, there are some people with higher consciousness of these things and who still have some critical thinking skills who say: "Nonsense. For most of its existence this nation was a very undiverse new Europe. It was Europeans, acting as their European genes dictated (all the while falsely thinking that what they did was just a matter of unbridled free will), who shaped and built America to their tastes, as surely as the genes of a certain type of bird will dictate that the bird build a certain type of nest without being told how to do so while the genes of another type of bird will dictate to that bird to build its own type of nest, also without being told how to do so."

America today--what I've called post-American America--is being changed. European genes aren't being thrown into the pot in large enough numbers to maintain the character of the nation against a flood of non-European genes.

One can argue, as do the multiracialists, that it doesn't matter if this nation is changed genetically because, in their false world view, people are basically all the same. With this false notion in mind, they then falsely reason that if white Europeans become a lesser percentage of the population, that all will be fine. Again, this is nonsense. With fewer white Europeans in the pot, the recipe is changed and what comes from that pot will be different.

Genetically different people do adapt to different cultures and absorb various cultural norms in nations in which they live when they are in a minority spread out in the general population, but when a critical mass of any distinct people is achieved in any given area, the area changes to suit the genetic pre-determinants of these people as modified by the environment. Thus, you will find various ethnic neighborhoods throughout America that are very similar to ethnic neighborhoods in the old country, no matter what or where that old country is. This is normal and is to be expected. But, when a nation, as is the case with America today, is overrun by so many people who aren't of the genotype of the current population, something has to give.

When there are, for example, a few thousand Chinese in a non-Chinese nation, they will often develop Chinatowns where their culture--a product of their genes--is to be seen. However, when the few thousand Chinese grow to millions of Chinese, their culture spreads out and competes with the dominant culture. The same thing applies to all distinct peoples including Latinos, who are invading this nation with such numbers that there is a danger that they will absorb white European America. Is it too far fetched to believe that we may one day have Europeantowns similar to present day Chinatowns, where the then dominant non-white population will visit on the weekends as white Europeans now visit Chinatowns?

The big fish eats the little fish even among human populations, and now white Europeans are the little fish about ready to be gobbled up and transformed into non-white people through the simple process of bedroom genocide. It's already started happening with the Bush family which now has a mestizo Mexican branch. Maybe that's why Bush won't enforce our immigration laws.

What once emerged from the American pot was white, often blond, and frequently blue eyed. What is now emerging is brown, dark haired and dark eyed.

Some might say that this is just the normal change of populations. Others might call this what it truly is: genocide.

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