by H. Millard © 2007

"Alien genes are continuing their attack on our genes, man," said Homeless Jack. "Blenders such as George Bush are working with them behind the lines and opening the floodgates to our gene pool. The dark is being allowed in to destroy the light." 

"Things don't look good for the people of the light. Will we survive or will we all die off?  Darkness is creeping in all over the world. The light is getting dim, man.  Few of our people even know that we carry the light of God within and that we are the mystical fleshly version of the light that started the great spinning and the evolution of nothingness to somethingness.
"We are the Big Bang seeking TO BE and TO ME MORE in flesh and blood, man. Few understand the saying 'as above, so below,' and they don't realize that all of existence is simple and consists of the same simple things repeated over and over and over with minor variations in the order of things caused by the spinning, spiraling of existence.  What's out there, is in here. And, speaking of the Big Bang.  It wasn't like you normally imagine an explosion, man.  It was a spinning that was started. Understand the spinning and you'll understand existence. The spinning is everywhere. You want to create electricity? Make a machine that spins.  You want to smash atoms? Create a machine that looks like a giant Swastika. You want to create life? Send in the spinning DNA. You want to create galaxies?  Start the spinning on an enormous scale.
"Not many of our  people really understand that all is change and that this is because of the spinning itself, and that our people, born with Essence and who can acquire the proper knowledge and take the right actions can change in the best possible ways.  The spiral in the spinning goes up and it also goes down. We must choose the right path and struggle to go up and avoid the easy way of going down.  Modern society wants us to go down, man. They're making it easy for us to commit our own genocide. To up requires a struggle.  To go down is as easy as falling asleep in the slow and never waking up.
"And, no matter what anyone does, the spinning continues and trajectories are set forth and as the spinning continues, it creates spirals.
"We can't stop the spinning, man.  Even if we could, we shouldn't try to do that, because without the spinning, existence would stop. Poof! Right into nothingness, man. 
"You need to know that there really are mystical aspects of existence.  This isn't make believe. Things are cause and effect, but the buttons to cause some of the effects are symbols and they have to be pushed.  The right symbols help us control our destiny to our advantage, while the wrong symbols either do nothing or work against us. There is a blood link between our symbols and us and the forces of existence, man. 
"There are some evil symbols--including some composed of lines that cross and intersect at right angles that create a 'basket'-- that trap and weaken the spinning and the light--they are death--and there are some good symbols that are in tune with the spinning and the light and which help it and us--they are life. You can think of some of these good symbols almost as though they're subatomic particle accelerators.
"Our symbols help the spinning and the light. They flow with it, man.  See, there are real reasons why we must use fylfots and representations of the spiral galaxies--they are some of the right symbols.  They represent the spinning. They set up sympathetic waves, sort of like the way a tuning fork works, but they are infinitely more convoluted.  Those are signs in the sky, man, just as are hurricanes and other storms.  And, they just aren't out there.  We have the same forces that create the spiral galaxies, hurricanes and tornadoes right within every cell of our bodies in the spiral DNA we carry and the processes that they cause. 
"And, you better believe that God sends his spiral to warn and to destroy.  But, God's mind is different than ours.  His messages are sometimes hard to read and they sometimes look like synchronicity or coincidences.
"Don't get me wrong, man.  Everything in existence, even all other life has the spinning within.  The difference is that we have evolved so that we have a link that is unique. We're like radios with the right parts.  Now we just have to believe, turn on the radio and  tune ourselves in and we'll receive the waves.
"Anyway, enough of that. In other gene war news,  I saw a news story recently that the Vatican has again said that gay marriage is evil and abortion is terrorism.  The evil doers in our society condemn such statements and call them hate, but the Vatican is right, man.  Gay marriage is evil because it flies in the face of the command to go forth and multiply.  And, abortion kills a human being, man.  I've told you before, when the 23 male chromosomes and the 23 female chromosomes meet, that is the moment that life begins.  That is when the process starts.  That is when the spiral within is complete. That is the magic moment when the vinegar is added to the baking soda, man.
"And on another front, I saw a story about the German police seizing a strawberry cake because it had Swastika icing.  Now, those who made that cake probably used the squarish Nazi Swastika and not our more rounded fylfot. To be done right, the symbol should be rounded and it should have a round center. It can also have fewer or more than four arms. The arms show the motion and are the result of the spinning  circular center where the generative power really lies.
"That's it for now, man.  Live long and multiply."

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