5th columnist

by H. Millard © 2007

Let's pretend. 

Say it's about 1938 or so and you're Adolf Hitler.  But we're pretending, remember. You're different.You're a new Hitler with a slightly different view of reality. 
Unlike the old Hitler, you haven't been steeped in that Nietzschean will to power stuff, and you're not into the cool uniforms and shiny boots and the S&M business of making people figuratively lick those shiny boots and be directly subservient to you. That doesn't float your boat. You're a new, more compassionate, oh, metrosexual sort of guy.
Indeed, you, Mr. new Hitler, believe that no living things, including humans, have a will to power, but actually have a will to comfort. That is to say, all living things tend to go where they are comfortable. They just do this sort of like water running down hill. There's not a whole lot of thought necessary in this. Flatworms in a petri dish do as much. Now, the comfort can be psychological or physical, but the point is the same. It's the way of nature. And, you figure nature can be used to your advantage.
 Say, also, that you take a long view of history and you can wait as long as it takes to get something you want.
Also say, just for the heck of it, that Poland and France are desirable and comfortable looking places and you'd like to take them over and turn them into new Germanies. That would make you feel very comfortable, psychologically speaking.
What would you do?
Well, if you're the old Hitler caught up with all that old nasty and bloody way of thinking, you'd send your tanks and planes and army to take over those nations. Of course, if you fail, there will be the inevitable war crimes and genocide trials and all the rest of it.
If you're the new Hitler, you'd rather avoid the risk of all that unpleasantness. So, what do you do?  Simple. You have your people produce children like there's no tomorrow and then you point your burgeoning and increasingly poor and uncomfortable population in the direction of France and Poland and give them some sturdy walking shoes.  You might even give them brochures on how to cross the borders.
And, seeking comfort, they walk. By the millions. And they cross the borders. No guns. No tanks. No planes.  Just shoes. And, of course,  the people wearing those shoes are breeders carrying their replacements and then some, in their bodies, within their loins, as we say on the streets. A whole army within!  And, once they're in France and Poland you know that they will seek comfort and they will produce more just like themselves.
One of the things they'll most surely also do is cozy up to the effete ruling class by offering cheap labor that helps those in the ruling class find their own comfort.  Same thing with the politicians.  They want comfort too.  They like their cushy political jobs and the prestige they get.  It makes them very comfortable.  And, they see a whole bunch of new potential voters who will keep the politicians comfortable.
So, nature being what it is, a comfortable symbiotic relationship will grow  between your Germans--who are now the new French and the new Poles (sure they are)--and the old elites of France and Poland.  The only ones who will be uncomfortable will be the native middle and lower classes.  They'll be squeezed.  They'll see their culture being destroyed and replaced by German culture. 
But, the middle and lower classes stuck in deteriorating conditions aren't rich internationalists. They're pretty much stuck to the land. They can't just jump on jets and head to their other homes in other countries if things fall apart as can the elites.  So they may grumble about securing the borders and about illegal immigration, but who listens to them?
You know that you don't have to worry about them causing you any problems, Mr. new Hitler.  You can frighten them into silence by calling them racists, bigots, nativists and xenophobes. That'll cow them.  They'll be like sniveling little bumps of protoplasm hiding in the shadows.
You're a patient man, Mr. new Hitler, so you let human nature take its course.  Why, pretty soon, the brother of the president of France or Poland may even marry a German immigrant who will start producing German children.  And, German children will be in all the schools and Germans will be getting free medical care from the French and the Poles.  And, of course, your German immigrants will want government brochures and voting guides printed in German so they can be good French and Polish citizens.  And, your German immigrants will wave little French and Polish flags at parades.
As you watch, Mr. new Hitler, you'll see the shift of France and Poland to being new Germanies.  First a restaurant here, then one there, then a grocery store, then a request for special this or that.
With the ruling class on your side, your control over the press and politicians will increase and you can count on them to soften up the original citizens and confuse them about the nature of the invasion by using various platitudes and PR slogans such as "We're a nation of immigrants," or "They're just coming because they want better lives," or "They just want to work," or "We're all humans, and this is the humane thing to do," or "They're contributing to our nation and we need them to do jobs that our citizens won't do," or "We can't send them all back to where they came from," or "We all bleed red blood," or "We're a nation of immigrants."
Soon, very soon, Mr. new Hitler, you will absorb France and Poland into Germany.  You may let France and Poland retain their old names and you may even help them keep up the fiction that they're not new Germanies; hey, that's no sweat off your brow, but once your German immigrants are the majority in France and Poland, you will have conquered these lands without firing a shot. France and Poland will become like states of Germany and the citizens will do as you want, and what you want is to continue to absorb other nations. Why, there's a whole planet ready to be conquered by your bedroom warriors.
Well, so much for pretending.  Nothing like the above could possibly ever happen. Right? But, well...suppose that you, Mr. new Hitler, aren't really just one person, but that you're really a whole bunch of elites all caught up in this type of thinking?
Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., the President and his shills in the Senate continue to try to push through an amnesty and open borders scheme for millions of mostly Mexican citizens who will put on their walking shoes and head for our border. Just like good little Germicans. 

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