Iranian soldiers

by H. Millard © 2007

Towels on the head and flowing gowns do not an Arab make. "Iran" means "land of the Aryans," and most of the people in that nation are Aryans, not Arabs. They are slightly swarthier cousins to most Europeans and can easily pass as Italians. 

Maybe that's important to remember, maybe not. As I've written before, I believe the U.S. will be making a big mistake in attacking Iran, and I think it may start WWIII.  However, on a purely intellectual level, and from afar, it might be interesting to see how the Aryans of Iran comport themselves in a war against the U.S. 
The reason this might be interesting is this will be a first.  In the past, when the U.S. has gone to war against Aryan nations, those nations and the U.S. mostly shared the same genes and the same Christian religion.  If Bush attacks Iran, he'll be attacking those with genes very close to his and to all other "non-Jewish White people" (which is the general definition of Aryan) but with a religion that causes its followers to believe that they truly are fighting on the side of God and that if they die they will immediately go to Paradise.  We've not faced this combo before on the scale that we're likely to see in Iran: Aryan genes, Arab religion.
Even as Bush and his neo-con pals try to ramp up public support to attack Iran, they still haven't finished the job in Iraq, and it's a job that can't be finished.  The Islamic world doesn't want to be Mayberry, but Bush hasn't figured this out yet and his smarter neo-con friends aren't telling him.  My guess is that most neo-cons hate Arabs and Muslims and would be happy if they were exterminated; and they'd be especially pleased if they could have the U.S. do their dirty work for them so the neocons could feign compassion and show their clean hands.
It's time for a little reality to seep into the White House. The truth is that Iraq is going poorly.  Most intelligent people know this. We're not winning. And, we won't win in Iraq any more than we won in Vietnam. We can't even define what "win" means.
You'd think that Iraq would put a damper on the world domination dreams of Bush and his neocon pals, but apparently it hasn't. Hey, it's not their blood that is being shed. So now in the face of the massive death toll in Iraq, Bush and the neocons want to attack Iran.  Big mistake.
Here are a few numbers to consider as we wonder how we would fare in Iran given the fact that we're not doing that great in Iraq.
Iraq is about 437,072 sq. km which means it's about twice the size of Idaho.
Iran is about 1.648 million or slightly larger than Alaska.
Iraq has about 26,783,383 people.
Iran has about 68,688,433 people.
Iraq has about 5,870,640 males and about 5,642,073 females available for military service.
Iran has about 18,319,545 males and about 17,541,037 females available for military service.
And back to this business about the Iranians mostly being Aryans.  What does this mean in terms of a war? Well, is it possible that they share that Aryan trait of being machine freaks? In times of peace machine freaks like tinkering with cars and planes and engines and fine tuning them and making them faster and more efficient. In times of war, the tinkering transfers over to weapons, just as is the case with many White Americans to whom the Aryans of Iran are related.
So, when the Bush administration says, as it has been saying lately, that the most sophisticated bombs and weapons being used by the Iraqis against U. S. forces are coming from Iran, there may be something to this. And, if this is the case, and if Bush attacks Iran, as I believe he will, we may face even more of these sophisticated bombs and weapons.
When we fought Germany, that nation was also full of machine freaks, but its weakness, aside from its relatively small size compared to the U.S., was that it was Christian, just like the U.S.  
Christianity, in the modern era, does not fill most of its adherents with the type of almost blind zealotry with which Islam fills Muslims, such that thousands, maybe millions, of its followers are willing to strap bombs to themselves in order to blow up what they believe are enemies of God.  Devout Muslims are not like many of your average Christians who, in their heart of hearts, treat their religion like a fairly tale.  Muslims really believe that they are doing God's work and that if they die doing it, this will please God.   In Iraq, we are facing  Arab true believers with primitive weapons.  In Iran we will face Aryan true believers with modern weapons. 
Yes, it's intellectually interesting to consider these various factors and speculate on various things that might happen, and why, but it's horrible to contemplate the likely results if Bush pulls the trigger. No matter the scenario, no good will come out of it for the U.S.
The only possible beneficiary of the U.S. attacking Iran is Israel--and even this is doubtful in the long view of history. 

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