Aztec ritual human sacrifice

by H. Millard © 2006

We live in strange topsy-turvy times in this present Dark Age in post-American America on post-European Earth. Confusion about what is authentic and what is false is everywhere to be found. Arrogant humans have been substituting their own man-made laws for nature's laws for so long that few even think about it anymore. Blending is demanded. Genocide is creeping in. Extinction waits with glee.

Abstract philosophical products of our minds, that we have invented and reduced to paper, such as "democracy,"are wrongly believed to be essential to us and are treated almost as sacred while the most authentic and essential things--our genes--are seen as unimportant and superficial and are treated as though they are profane and should be ignored.

Whites have been beaten down and have been told in thousands of subtle ways that any expression of Whiteness--their genetic authentic selves--is racist, bigoted and evil. Whites are expected to be aracial drones, to be less than they can be, and to ignore nature's reality that they are the product of a genetic heritage extending back through thousands of ancestors.

Whites have been victimized with propaganda that is calculated to overcome the natural "desire" emanating from their genes to replicate and multiply these genes by having their carriers--people--mate like with like and produce children who look like their parents. Whites are encouraged to overcome their innate instincts, that in our species rely largely on sight, that tell them which mates are desirable; because they look like them, and which are not. Thus are Whites encouraged toward their own extinction via bedroom genocide as they produce children who do not have the full complement of their own genes as would be the case had they mated like with like.

It is at the level of the genes and chromosomes that we can understand how genetic blending takes place. Each human has 46 chromosomes. During mating, the male contributes 23 of his chromosomes to the new baby and the female contributes 23. If the male and female have a similar genotype (are of the same race)--two halves of the same whole--the baby that is born will be of the same genotype when those two halves are combined. And, that's the way the genes that are on the chromosomes "want" it to be. The survival instinct is unconscious and works at the level of the genes just as it works for the complete being that carries the genes. To survive means to multiply oneself as one is. We could, by way of example, although this is an oversimplification, say that genes for a certain eye color want to multiply and survive. They want to do this, because that's part of their program. To multiply and survive means that they have to make more just like themselves. The only way they can do this is to have the human who carries them mate with others with the same eye color. If the genes are successful they'll continue. If they're not, they'll die off and be replaced with other genes. It's extinction at the individual gene level. This is carried over to the complete human that carries the genes. It really is as simple as that when all the science is stripped away.

And, why would the blenders beat Whites down? Because Whites are apparently seen as the main obstacle to blending all races into one conformist, lumpen, Tan Everyman universal race. Blenders, who are mostly aracial White people, seem to believe that if you break down White resistance to blending, that all races will meld together.

But, wait a minute. It's becoming ever more obvious that it is not just some whites who resist being blended away or who are concerned about their survival as a distinct people. More and more non-whites are also trying to jump out of the melting pot. They don't want to be homogenized away into the Tan Everyman mass. They actually like being who and what they are. Most may not state it in terms of genes and, instead, say "culture," but if you ask the right questions you'll soon discover that most also mean genes.

The buzz on the so-called conservative radio talk shows in Los Angeles this past week was all about a kindergarten through eighth grade charter school that appears to give new meaning to the term "Indian School" in that instead of taking indigenous kids and putting them in a school to teach them to be White, as was done in the 1800's, this school seems to take them out of White culture and teaches them to be Indian, as in Aztec.

This school, which receives public tax funds, claims that people of all races and ethnicities are welcome at the school. However, the student body is overwhelmingly Hispanic. Now, although much was made of this in the press, this isn't really very odd, since the community in which the school is located is mostly Hispanic anyway. The real rub with this school, at least in the minds of some of the so-called conservatives, is that it seems to promote brown separatism instead of assimilation. The pundits have pointed out that among other things the school teaches the ancient Aztec language of Nahutal.

The comments in some cases, and the lack of comments in others, from the radio talkers and their inky fingered pals in the print media were interesting. Had this been a white school, the liberals would have been screaming from the rooftops about racism, separatism, hate, and bigotry, but because this is a largely brown school, the liberals were mostly silent. Liberals, as you probably know, don't mind non-whites getting together in such ways. It's part of the noblesse oblige racism that I've written about before. It's only when Whites want to do similar things that liberals get upset. It seems that these days, you can't have five Whites together in any setting unless there is at least one person of color also there.

Especially interesting were the comments from some of the so-called conservatives who were the driving force behind "exposing" this school, and what some called a racist agenda, because these comments inadvertently demonstrated how ingrained the blending mentality is with many Whites.

One aracial so-called conservative white talk show host told his audience how his mother had come from Europe and how she had taught her kids to assimilate and learn English and how everyone should do the same.

Ah, Mr. Talk Show Host, you do know that Europeans are White people, right? You do know that Brown people don't come from Europe and that they're not, by definition, White people, right? Now, I don't know what the people at this school have in their minds, but, Mr. Talk Show Host, have you considered the possibility that maybe some Brown people don't want to be White people? Is that okay with you? Maybe some Brown people want to survive as they are and not blend in and lose their genetic heritage. Also, Mr. Talk Show Host, don't you realize that Europeans are mostly all related and are pretty similar genetically, so when they assimilate, they're not losing their basic and essential genetic identities, but just their layered on and unessential national identities? Can't you see the difference?

No doubt, the so-called conservatives who are upset about this school and its seeming Brown exclusivity would also be upset at institutions that have White exclusivity. Such an attitude indicates that they are suffering from blenderism and just don't want the continued existence of distinct peoples--not even their own people.

There was also news this week about the Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii. For 108 years the Kamehameha Schools have restricted admission to native Hawaiians. A recent news report indicated that of the 6,550 students at the schools, only two are not of Hawaiian descent.

Such schools that are mainly for one ethnic group only are not much liked either by the blenders or Whites who don't like blending . The blenders don't like them because it stops blending. Whites who don't like blending don't like them because they are told by our government that they can't have their Whites only schools and institutions while non-Whites can.

Who can blame these diverse peoples for not wanting to be White? They've tasted our culture and I can imagine them thinking, "Why would we want to be like you? You don't even want to be like yourselves. You have no respect for yourselves, your ancestors, or your genes."

Indeed, most whites are so out of touch with nature and their authentic selves that they have overcome their survival instincts and don't even know they're in a never ending gene war that is simply a reflection of the eternal movement of existence. This is nature's way. The very existence of all that is, is dependent on movement. Movement means change. Change means conflict. Conflict means gene wars and struggle.

America, for most of its history, was a white nation--It was a new Europe. So long as White genes predominated, authentic white social mores and norms were the order of the day. Today, White genes are less and less a percentage of the population and we are seeing authentic White social mores and norms falling by the wayside. What do I mean? One quick example is the extremely high violent crime rate we now have in this nation. This high violent crime rate is not a product of the White genotype, yet Whites are often the victims.

Whites are expected to turn a blind eye to this violence that is not of their doing and they are still living as though this nation is mainly a white nation. They're paying the price for such an attitude in their blood running in the streets. But, this isn't just happening in America. It's happening in all White nations where large numbers of immigrants are flooding the gene pool. And, Whites seem helpless to stop the devolution of White societies and the destruction of their people because, as stated above, they have been beaten down and are now like whipped dogs slinking off the stage of existence with their tails between their legs.

So, the real issue with schools and institutions that take people of one race or ethnicity but not others is much larger than the schools themselves. The important question is whether or not distinct peoples, and especially Whites (because so many of them seem blind about this), will finally come to the same general mass conclusion that genes really are important and that we should preserve them by separation, or whether we'll buy the arguments of the blenders and have everyone blend together in a homogenized mankind which will mean the genocide of individual genes and groups of genes and then genotypes.

The struggle today is between those who want to survive as distinct peoples and those who want them to blend themselves away.

None of this is new except the scale and the speed with which huge populations can move about the globe. At its core, this is an age old situation whereby one distinct people tries to destroy another people by having that other people assimilate themselves to extinction by blending in with them.

Many cultures have tried to wipe out the Jews by forcing them to assimilate into various cultures. The English tried to wipe out the Irish with various attempts to destroy their culture and their native Gallic language. Gypsy's have been the subject of assimilation attempts all over Europe. The examples would fill volumes.

What many Whites in America, who are calling for assimilation, miss in the present situation with illegal immigration, is the fact that they are biting off more than they can chew. There are too many illegal aliens, they come from right next door and their culture is thus easily and personally renewable with a simple walk across the border, and they are too different genetically from the traditional majority population of this nation. This will probably all add up to a failure to assimilate and a sea change in the character of this nation culturally and genetically. In other words, at some point, the assimilated can become the assimilators.

America may be at the point of being assimilated into Latin America unless it has the millions of illegal aliens who are currenty here leave this nation and secures its borders.

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