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Bush was a big hit on election day out in the human trash places of America that are full of beer swilling, unemployed, fat, ugly white chicks living with black boyfriends in cheap apartments, shotgun rental homes and trailer parks like the low lifes you see on TV cop shows.

Those are some, but by no means all, of the people from the red states who voted for Bush. They're the teased hair, bottle blond, tattooed-boob people who pass as conservatives in this nation these days. They're also the target market for the neocon radio talkers. They liked Bush's tough guy anti-terror talk. Mostly they're too dumb to understand cause and effect and can't see that it was Bush and his father, as confirmed by the latest tape from Osama bin Laden, who provoked the attacks on the U.S. One doesn't even have to be as bright as a refrigerator light bulb to understand that both Bush administrations have had a screwy and unfair guns for the Israelis and sneakers for the Arabs foreign policy. That pisses a lot of people off who are on the receiving end of bombs and rockets made in the U.S.A. It is predictable that some will want to strike back at the U.S. And, while they'd probably like to have their own jets and big bombs and other "non-terrorist" means of war, they don't, so they put bombs in shoes and hijack airliners and fight back in whatever way they can against those they consider to be evil. Don't get me wrong, here, I'm not saying that it was right for the U.S. to be attacked, but I am saying that if we want to have a safe and secure nation, we'd better understand the real causes of the hatred for us and not be fooled by the simplistic statements of George Bush. This may not be understood in the homes of the human trash, but those who attacked us didn't "hate our freedom," and they're not terrorists just to be terrorists. Those kinds of silly statements may play well with low I.Q. types, but for those who think even a little about these things, they are seen for the absurdities that they truly are.


With the sound of Rush Limbaugh on the radio in the background in the rusting double wides, you can hear Festus say, "That George W. Bush sure is a manly man, why he gonna kick that Osama's butt good." Meanwhile, the coffins full of dead young Americans are snuck back into small town America in the middle of the night--at about the same time as Bush's daughters are probably bar hopping.

The human trash also liked that talk about family values even though they have no idea of what a real family is or should be. These are the folks who think "genes" is a misspelling of "jeans"--the pants you put on to go to the welfare office with your half white, half black children. These are the people who think you're supposed to punctuate answers to questions with a nervous little laugh and whose highest goal in life is to appear on a reality TV show so they can jump up and down and make exhibitionist asses of themselves. These are the ones who are empty inside and who are living meaningless lives and whose greatest value to the planet may be when they die and turn into fertilizer.

The human trash folks usually aren't very bright and they're easily manipulated. Some of them probably think genius means being able, with enough time and a pencil and paper, to figure out bowling scores. Once, some of these folks--the white ones--might have been out lynching blacks; not because they had an understanding that whites are in danger of extinction and blacks are killing whites left and right all across this nation, but because that's just what they did then. Now, they've been reeducated and their ignoranance based attitudes toward blacks have turned into ignorance based attitudes about whites who have some real consciousness of the genetic holocaust whites face. Once, they would have sneered and yelled "nigger," at blacks, but now they sneer and yell "racist" at whites who want to stop white extinction. Among these numbnuts are the former segregationists who changed their minds when it became popular to like blacks. These are the morons who have no real understanding of the nature of man and whose attitudes and views are shaped by blind prejudice born of propaganda, rather than correct beliefs born of reason. They're an easily suggestible and simple lot. Just feed them the right propaganda in easy to understand terms and rely heavily on pictures, and they'll often buy it. Everything they know about politics or genes or just about anything else, they learned via childish propaganda. It's the same way that some of them first learned to love cigarettes--by being exposed to propagandistic advertising which they internalized, and it's the same way they're now being weaned away from cigarettes with similar but opposite advertising. Their simple subconscious minds are so open and receptive to carefully crafted psychology lab tested images that they aren't able to use critical thinking skills to find the truth about politics or anything else.

These are the people who bought the phony "one-of-us" hick images of George Bush; who in reality is a millionaire born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and who went to one of the most prestigious prep schools in all of Massachusetts and who then went to Yale and Harvard.

Kerry, on the other hand, didn't get their votes. He presented them with the wrong images and pictures. Kerry got stupid and did photo ops of himself wind surfing and doing other yuppie things. Kerry should have known that there's not much friggin' ocean out there in trailer park country. Most of the red states don't have yuppie bays where middle aged elites can pretend they're teens. "Yoohooo, it's me, John Kerry. Look at me, I'm windsurfing." There was Kerry daintily swooshing around on a friggin' surfboard looking as thin and light on his feet as a ballet dancer from the New York Ballet instead of standing out in the boonies kicking manure like Bush. What the hell kind of advisers did Kerry have, anyway? The yuppies would have voted for Kerry no matter what, so why the hell was he doing yuppie photo ops? Hell, Kerry should have been seen changing oil on his pickup truck. And, if he didn't have a pickup truck he should have bought one--an old and dirty one. Instead of owning property near yuppie ski resorts, he should have taken some of that ketchup money and bought a hick farm someplace so he could have been seen cutting wood and walking around with a blade of grass in his mouth. Geez, Kerry's image people were so bad that they probably would have sent John Edwards along for the farm photo ops and then we'd have seen the Bushies bashing them as Andy Griffith and Opie clones.

Anyway, (don't get whiplash here), one wonders if the people of Sodom and Gomorrah were really evil, or were they just an earlier version of the trash in the red states who, in their arrogance and stupidity, thought that there were so many of them that they were all powerful? Can it be, in this case, that evil means stupidity and good means smart? And, if so, might some people who believe in the Bible be wondering what the Big Guy in the sky is thinking right now? Are they scanning the horizon to see if a couple of Angels are out wandering around the red states looking for a few good people, and warning them to get out?

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