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H. Millard

"Some numbnut asked me if I'm a racist," said Homeless Jack. "Most of the time when someone asks such a stupid question that's none of their business, I just tell them to stuff it and I don't play their game, because they usually have an agenda and these days many of them are hateful and bigoted genocidists who are just trying to kill off white people in all ways possible."

"Their intolerant name calling and brow beating is just part of their agenda. It ain't gonna work, man. It ain't gonna work. Some of us know the truth and we're keeping the light alive. But this time I figured I'd go along, so I asked him to define the term racist. He said 'it means you hate people of other races.' I told him that I don't hate people of other races or other religions or other anything. The question got me thinking, though, about race and religion, 'cause the two are intertwined. Now, one's religious views are one's own business and nobody else's business, but I figure true religion is all encompassing and others often try to butt into it with questions, like this guy asked me, that on the surface may not seem to be religious questions, but which really are."

"So I told him that true science tells us that the different races are genetically different from each other in many ways and that no one with eyes to see can deny the differences. He then said if I meant skin color that this was just a minor difference. I told him that's the way it works in nature. Seemingly minor things at this end of the microscope, so to speak, are magnified into very major things at the other end. Minor differences in the genes equal major differences as the genes are expressed. After all, we're all composed of the same basic chemicals and we all arose from the same general principles and processes. So, in one sense we're all alike, but if we want to help evolution and our purpose along, then we need to recognize the differences and we need to emphasize the differences in such a way that we can all fulfill our destinies as God or nature has intended."

"Look everything is spinning and turning and that causes change. Only things that have no spinning or turning don't change. The cosmos is a self ordering and self organizing system and it does it all by spinning. But at the center is the One that started it. Think of that One as an explosion or the natural workings of the cosmos or whatever, it doesn't matter. You might even think of that One as the axle of existence and the mouth of the tornado and the cosmic hurricane. He or she or it is the furnace of creation and destruction. But you know what? I bet if we could ever penetrate to the center we wouldn't find anything different, just more of the same like when you penetrate to the center of an onion."

"Am I a racist? Nope. The concept is wrong. I don't hate anyone or anything. Even the other term "racialist," which is sometimes defined as a person who recognizes that races are different but who doesn't hate others of other races, doesn't really describe me completely. It's too small a term and is too limited to really be some sort of all encompassing religious definition, and what I believe can't be defined except in religous terms. So, race and genes are part of the larger reality, but they ain't all of it and anyone who bases his religon soley on them has too small a vision of reality. You see pictures of those spinning galaxies far away in space? The same basic thing is in every cell of our body but much smaller."

"Everything changes. Inert chemicals change and they evolve sometimes into life. What are we? We're all animated dirt, that's what. And humans are also thinking dirt. Life evolves sometimes to higher life or sometimes it devolves to lower life or sometimes it changes and the changes make it extinct eventually or sometimes it changes and you don't see much difference. We start as dirt and we end up as dirt and we're dirt in between. But, when we're in between we're dirt that thinks and reproduces. One thing is certain, and don't forget this, all of existence is spinning in space and time and this creates a spiral spinning from the smallest things to the largest. It's in the living and in the unliving and this ensures that nothing stays the same for long. It makes everything change. It builds and it destroys through all eternity using the same material over and over again."

"Nope. I'm not a racist. Maybe what I am is a spiralist or a differentialist or an essentialist. I don't know what a good term would be, but this is my religion."

"Are you getting this stuff from that book you mentioned to me before?" I asked.


"You said you wanted me to type it or do something with it, so where is it? When can I see it?"

"When Arman says the time is right."

"Who's Arman?"

"Never mind. That just slipped out. Forget I said it. It's not yet time. I'll let you know when it's time."

"See, if you want to talk about true religion you have to talk about life and if you talk about life you have to talk about man and if you talk about man you have to talk about races and genes and all the rest. They're all part of religion. Let me give you a taste of this in a slightly different way. Stay with me now. See, most white people are a little like possums. They just don't get it, and they do things that will lead to their extinction. It's not that they're stupid, exactly, but their programming is wrong."

"I figure that our brains have something like defaults like in computers that were built in at the time we were created or as we evolved, or whatever, and that even though the default settings have been modified some over the years, they still remain largely locked in the past when they were first created. If things progressed without man's rapid fire inventions, the defaults would have time to adjust, but because our technology moves so fast, these default settings don't always adjust in time to help us. This means that we must use our intellects to choose different custom settings and override some of the defaults. In other words we can't wait for blind evolution to change us. We have to take control and make it happen or we're gonna be extinct."

"See, it's like possums. One of their defaults is to play dead when they're frightened. God or nature gave them this default way back when most of the things that would kill possums were other animals whose own default settings were that they wouldn't eat something that they didn't kill themselves, because if something just up and died there was probably something wrong with the critter that might harm the eaters if they ate the thing. Now, that default setting worked pretty well for possums for millions of years. But now that we have automobiles and many possums live in urban areas, the automobiles just run over the playing dead possums and make them really dead.

If possums were as intelligent as some humans and had higher consciousness as do some humans, then they would try to find a way to change the default setting so that they wouldn't play dead when cars came near them, but, instead, would run of the way. However, they can't do this. That's because, as far as we know, they don't have the intelligence or the consciousness to even think along these lines. Thus, possums are left with the blind workings of nature to somehow change their default settings before so many of them are squished by cars that the critical number of possums falls below a level where they can survive as a species. Now, of course, there are other factors involved here such as nature increasing the defaults on possum birth rates to compensate for so many being killed, and other things as well, but I'm tryin' to illustrate a point here."

"See, white folks had our default settings set back when we lived in lands far removed from other types of humans. As a result of these settings and where we lived, we invented religions and made up laws and social structures that contemplated all people being just like us and having the same defaults as us. It's like when we zigged, they zigged and when we zagged, they zagged. Then, we invented mass transportation. Suddenly, our lands which we had made more prosperous and desirable than the lands inhabited by the other 90% of humanity were open to the rest of humanity that wanted the life styles and prosperity and low crime and all the rest that we had created for ourselves in our lands. What they and even most white people didn't and still don't understand is that these things were a product of our genes.

We built the type of nests that our genes told us to build just as nature tells each type of bird to build a particular type of nest. It's the default settings in the genes, man. Instead of understanding that, and trying to overcome their own default settings in their genes that made their lands places to flee from, they simply came to our lands, thinking what we had was a result of some accident of fate or because we had a better government or something like that. They never realized that the way we govern ourselves and our laws and how we relate to each other and the world around us is also from our genes. Anyway, our default settings weren't set right for us to survive in the midst of millions of people unlike us and this and this has led to a situation where we face our own extinction as we're swamped with their genes and our own low birthrates."

"I believe that white people can change our default settings and that we need to change them away from some of our defaults while leaving others intact and that's how we're going to survive."

"How do we change our defaults, you may ask? The first thing we must do is get our heads screwed on right and think correctly about ourselves, the world around us, and the cosmos. Then we need to get the right belief system and internalize it so that it will release hormones and other chemicals into our blood stream that will cause changes to us."

"How do we know the right things to do?" I asked.

"It's in that book I been tellin' you about, that I want you to organize and type."

"I'm ready Jack. Just tell me when."

"Soon. Very soon."

#  #  #


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