Conan The Barbarian
Herr Muscles vs. Senor Fatty
by H. Millard (c) 2003

Latino racists, liberals, and phony conservatives are lining up to try to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming governor of California. If the recall election goes forward as planned, they'll probably fail. Read on.

Gray DavisIf you've been following the California recall election via the public discussions of many of the usual "experts" who give their derivative opinions in the press, you may be thinking that there is a possibility of a massive Latino vote that will rescue pencil necked, incompetent Governor Gray Davis and keep him in office. Forget it. It isn't going to happen. Davis is going down. His approval ratings are lower than any governor in the state's history and the dislike for this guy can be felt on the streets.

General Santa AnnaYou may also be thinking that if Davis is recalled, that a vast army of Latino voters will ride in, like General Santa Anna's army, and replace him with pudgy Mexican-American Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante. Forget it. That isn't going to happen either. California isn't the Alamo. Not even close.

Pete WilsonSome Latino racists are trying to build up an anti-Schwarzenegger fervor and are saying that Schwarzenegger's goose is cooked because Arnold is being advised by former Governor Pete Wilson--who championed Prop. 187--and because Arnold also admits that he voted for the proposition, which was aimed at stopping freebies for illegal aliens. El Baloney! What is actually happening is that this information has caught the attention of the millions of voters who strongly supported Prop 187 and many others who are absolutely fed up with massive illegal immigration. For these voters, the single most important issue is stopping illegal immigration, and many of them would vote for an ax murderer so long as he also wanted to stop illegal immigration. Don't forget that Prop 187 passed with about 60% of the vote. Polls indicate that it would pass with about the same percentage today. In addition, Arnold has a persona that makes it hard for racist Latinos to whip up any real dislike for him.

So, don't bet your pesos on a gigantic Latino racist vote that keeps Schwarzenegger from being governor. Don't even bet on a large Latino vote. Forget all the pandering nonsense. This vote isn't there. There may be millions of racist Latinos in California, but not many of them are citizens. And, non-citizens can't vote. In addition, some of the Latinos, who are citizens, have assimilated and have become as aracial as most other people in the nation. They don't vote race. Understand, I'm not saying that becoming aracial is a good thing. In fact, an aracial mind set leads to miscegenation and the destruction of distinct peoples and leads to genetic stagnation and devolution (which has been the subject of some of my columns), but I am saying that this aracialness is a major thread, among other threads, in state wide elections in California.

Mexican banditoBustamante became Lt. Governor, partly because of a racist Latino vote, yellow dog Democrats, and white liberals smugly trying to show they're not racists by doing the racist thing of voting for the guy precisely because he is Mexican. Even more important for the white liberals is the fact that Bustamante looks so stereotypically, so cartoonishely Mexican that he would probably have no trouble being cast in a B movie as a fat, sweaty, Mexican bandito wearing a sombrero and swilling tequila while shooting at the sky with his pistola in a dusty town square. If you're a white liberal, which usually means that you're also an anti-white racist, you always want to be sure to vote for someone who looks Mexican or black. And, you want everyone to know how you voted.

In a sense, however, neither Davis nor Bustamante got into office because they won elections. They got in because the Republicans lost elections. The Republican geeks always seem to pick fellow geeks to run. This is so, because the geeks talk geek to each other and figure because they're simpatico that everyone will feel the same. So, the Republicans ran geeks and this caused an automatic default to Davis and Bustamante who are Democrats in a state that has more Democrats than Republicans. Bill SimonIn this regard, you have to understand that many of the most active members of the California Republican Party are dopey, wonkish, fishy looking geeks who talk a sophomoric type of conservatism and who keep running candidates who can't win anything. If you shake hands with some of these guys, you want to go wash your hands. These dopes got behind bloodless Bill Simon in the last gubernatorial race. Simon is also in the recall race. When Simon ran against Davis in the last election, Simon promptly swished (not in a sexual preference sense, apparently, but in an approach to life sense) around the state like an effete twit out smelling the flowers. Of course he lost.

Michael HuffingtonArianna HuffingtonIt was the same way with Michael Huffington when he ran for the Senate. The dopey GOP geeks got behind him, ah, not that way. Then, Californians were treated to a political campaign that seemed to be centered around constant TV ads of Huffington swishing (both in a sexual preference sense--Huffington says he's bisexual--and in an approach to life sense) dreamily in front of palm trees as though he had just discovered that California has the things. The palm trees didn't work. Huffington lost the election. And, while he's not in the recall election, his ex-wife Arianna, is in the race and is going no place.

These phony conservative geeks, when not busy picking at their pimples, are running around saying (hold your nose tightly with your fingers and purse your lips like you just sucked on a lemon when you say this, to get the true picture of these dopes) "Arnold isn't a real conservative."

Ronald Reagan in "Desperate Journey" (1942) Some of these phony conservatives then say (keep holding your nose) "Arnold isn't like Ronald Reagan." In some ways this is true--after all, no one is ever exactly like anyone else--but in a more basic sense, and this is something that this bloodless lot can never understand, he is exactly like Reagan. Anyone who thinks Reagan's main appeal was because of his positions, doesn't understand human psychology.

Reagan's strength and appeal didn't come so much from his positions, or from knowing everything about governance, but from his personal charisma. It's the same with Schwarzenegger. You can feel it. You can see it. You can sense it. Also, Schwarzenegger, like Reagan, apparently knows that he doesn't know everything. And, like Reagan, he apparently knows how to attract people who are expert in doing various things. This is what leadership is about. A leader is one who leads and who motivates people so they will do their best. A good leader is good at choosing others to do certain jobs and he is good at delegating authority.

The job of leading is leading itself.

A good leader is something like the case of a conscious and self-creating precision watch--a machine. The leader's job is to attract and organize the cogs and wheels he needs and then to hold them all together so they can do what they're supposed to do in an efficient clock-work fashion.

Finally, and to his credit, but to the dismay of the GOP geeks, Schwarzenegger isn't being a dopey Republican loyalist or ideologue and is bringing some Democrats into his campaign as advisors along with Republicans. In doing so, he is showing that he's an independent thinker and is looking for answers from all sources. Of course, the geeks are now parsing every word and looking into everything that these advisors have ever said, in order to prove that Schwarzenegger isn't a real Republican. If he were, goes their reasoning, he wouldn't be associating with these people. These geeks just don't understand how leadership works. That's one reason why they've been relegated to the dark corners of politics.

Tom McClintockBill SimonPeter UeberrothIf the recall election goes ahead on October 7, as now planned, I expect Gray Davis to be recalled. I don't expect that there will be a Latino vote massive enough to put Bustamante into the governor's chair. I expect to see major Republicans, now in the race, pulling out shortly before the election and pledging their support to Schwarzenegger. (These major Republicans are Tom McClintock; Bill Simon; Peter Ueberroth) Arnold will be governor. Then, we'll just have to watch to see if he can do the job or whether he should also be recalled.

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