"Wandering Jew"

by H. Millard © 2007

"Man, screw so-called diversity and multi-culturalism.  The melting pot is a crock of crap and a toilet. The only thing that will come out of these nutty blending ideas of our age is the genocide of our present human types.
"We keep getting these social engineers who tell us that our natural ways are wrong and that we should live as they say and then they get their pals in government to implement their stupid plans and then a few years later people realize it was all BS.
"That's the crap we're getting now with blending which is using words such as diversity and multi-culturalism to push this crazy notion that we should all blend together, man.
"Blending is bad no matter how you look at it. It's genocide, man. It kills off the future generations of us and breaks the link to our ancestors. It makes us not us no matter who us is.
"Think evolution for a minute, man. It's not that blending will stop evolution, because so long as the spinning continues, evolution will continue.  It's part of nature.  And, it doesn't care about us.  We have to care about us and when we do and when we understand and do the right things, we can use nature's laws to our advantage.
"We have to will our own evolution.  We have to pick from the many possible paths up which we can evolve to pick the ones that are going to make us better, smarter, healthier and happier than we are.  That's right, man, we have to be selfish about our survival and our evolution. We have to look out for ourselves and follow the path that is right for us and which only we can travel.  This is about us, not anyone else.  It is in our own interests to survive and evolve in the best way for us. If we're smart, we won't chose to stagnate as us, but to become more than us. Our upward path requires isolation and separation from others.
"Blending will take us down paths that will lead us away from what is best for us.
"The nutcase blenders think that all peoples, nations and religions should just all merge together into one great undifferentiated heap of humanity. To reach that ultimate goal, they're first insisting that every nation on the planet be a genetic Babel full of diversity.  Don't be fooled.  It's not diversity they're after, it's conformity. It's a mad cattle drive to the center of the Bell Curve in all human characteristics.  A bland world of samey same humans is what the blenders want.   They think that's the way to end all wars and bring in a golden age of humanity.  They're wrong.
"In order to blend us all, the blenders have to break down individual natural survival instincts about who is us and who is not us. This they do through constant propaganda pushing blending and attacking anything that indicates human differences. It's all around us 24 hours a day. It's in our schools, on TV, in our movies. The propaganda seeks to  destroy our sense of genetic identity and substitute false identities that aren't authentic identities at all.
"At the same time as the blenders are trying to destroy our natural genetic identities, they're capitalizing on this by encouraging miscegenation by swamping homogeneous lands with people unlike those in those lands. The blenders then count on the sex drive and the availability of many others as potential sex partners  to override natural survival instincts--survival instincts that have been short-circuited via the propaganda.  
"Every so often in this blending war that we find the world in, we see some individuals who are not us, fighting against their own genocide but with words less strident than some others use and from directions that are somewhat different than our own.
"This week, Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said  that if there is not a two-state solution with the Palestinians that this will be the end of Israel.
"On its face, that contention just sounds political, but Olmert went on to say, as he has before, that unless the Palestinians get their own country Israel will face a demographic threat and a South African-style struggle for equal voting rights.
"There it is, man. But if you put that in slightly different terminology, and extend it out,  what you've got is a recognition that not only are the Jews in Israel facing being outvoted in their own country by Arabs, they're also facing genocide right in the land that was supposed to be a safe haven for Jews. It's bedroom genocide, man.
"Even though Olmert didn't spell it all out as some might, what he said would probably be called racism had it come from a non-Jewish White person in America or Europe about their own nations.
"Look this is a worldwide problem, man. Every developed nation now faces demographic challenges as a result of mass Third World immigration.  Olmert pretty much gets a pass from the serial name callers, not so much because he's Jewish, as some might say, but because of the whole dynamic of the situation concerning Israel and Palestine.
"What Olmert said about Israel also applies to our nations, man.  Our nations are slipping away from us and we're being destroyed by those unlike us, and too many of us are just going along with it.  Too many of us are sleep walking to our own destruction, man.
"Actually, there is probably going to be a demographic nightmare in Israel even if there is no two-state solution, but the nightmare might be forestalled and  be further off in the future as a result of such a two-state solution. And, it is possible that if that future is far enough off, humanity may by then have shaken off the blender zeitgeist and become sane about genes.
"What Olmert understands is that the Palestinians have higher birth rates than the Israelis, and if they don't get their own viable nation, they will simply merge into the Israeli population.  There, they will demand full voting rights.  Those with the most people have the most votes and those with the most votes in the type of democracy that is being pushed by the blenders, control a nation. 
"Unlike many Whites in the U.S. who have been brainwashed into an aracial and even an anti-White attitude toward themselves and those who are their own people, the Palestinians will probably remain loyal to who and what they are even if they become Israeli citizens. That means that it won't be easy to fragment them into competing factions and that they'll probably vote overwhelmingly for their own kind. The Jews will most likely overwhelmingly do the same thing with their fellow Jews, but, again, those with the most votes will win. That's what Olmert fears.
"Jews will be voted out of their own Jewish state and there will be no Jewish state.
"The political reality--the madness--of the modern world, however, is that distinct peoples aren't supposed to be able to live only among their own kind, and that applies also to Israel. If the Israelis try to boot all the Arabs out of Israel, they'll be called racists and Jewish supremacists and similar things and the world, at large, will put pressure on Israel to be a diverse state.  And, diversity will be the death of Israel.
"Look at all the problems we face right here in the U.S., which was once a new Europe with our values and ways.  Now, we can't be ourselves.  We have to be sensitive to all sorts of different values and ways that are not our own and we are told we must celebrate diversity?  Celebrate it?  It's our death. It's not a party, man, but a wake.  If we want diversity, we can jump on a plane and go visit it and send postcards home about it.  We don't need every street in our nation to look like the stupid TV commercials where one of every kind of human has to be in the commercial lest someone take offense.
"We need to be more selfish.  We need to look out for our own.  That's how progress is made.  Each of us tries to be the best and do the best and we assume that all others will be doing the same thing.
"Let the Jews have their own country and let them decide who is allowed in and who isn't on any basis that they, themselves, think is right. Let them evolve as a people in the isolation that is necessary for evolution down a  genetic line that they, themselves, determine is best for them. We want no less for ourselves.  And, if they or we are wrong and if this leads to a future genetic dead end, so what?  Each people should be free to choose it's path and to make adjustments along the way.
"If the Jews can't hold Israel as their own--if they don't make the right choices to return Israel to being an exclusively Jewish nation, but fall for the foolish multi-cultural and diversity crap is part of blending, and if they let themselves be destroyed by having their genetic, religious and national selves blended away--so be it. 
"There's some irony in the Arab demographic problem for Israel, man.  How many times have we heard Bush and the neocons and the Israelis themselves try to defend the double standard that the U.S. is using in the Middle East by saying that Israel is the only democracy in that part of the world?  Now, the Israelis seem to have painted themselves into a corner. If it's a democracy, then those with the most votes win. Either it is a democracy or it isn't.
"No one has any sort of cosmic or God given right to any land, man. Not us, not the Jews, not the Arabs, not anyone. Those who take land and turn it into a nation and thereafter protect it and keep it the way they want it, and who don't let others take it from them or change it from within, are the owners of that land, until someone rids the land of them. That's the way it works with ants and humans and all living things, man, and that's the way it should work. That's a law of nature."

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