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"Somebody asked Arman to tell them the most important thing that we can do in life," said Homeless Jack.  

 "You know, in some religions the answer would be to pray or do certain ritual things or to worship God in a certain way or things like that.  Arman's reply was immediate:  'Birth as many more people like you as possible. Each child is a prayer more powerful than many years of regular prayers. Your immortality is guaranteed through your children who are like you. Do nothing else in life but bear many children and you shall be a great success even if you are poor in material things.'
"Arman also said that we will have a fuller understanding of God's laws, and see how they all relate, if we can understand the command about making more of ourselves.
"For example, why is polygamy okay?  It produces more of us. Why is suicide bad?  Because it cuts short our lives and our chance to make more of ourselves.  Why is homosexuality bad?  Because it doesn't produce more of us. Why are wars bad?  Because they cut short the lives of young people who should be having babies.  Why is blending bad?  Because it does not join the two halves and does not produce more of us. Why is abortion bad?  Because, not only does it destroy a life, but it lowers our birthrate and robs us of more of us.
"And, why is having many children so important other than that it makes more of us?  The answer is that it allows us the opportunity to move higher, which Arman says requires us to fill all possible niches with our kind. He says that we must be an expanding people, not a contracting people, and that every child born from our two halves is a blessing.
"Arman says that beyond breeding like with like, we shouldn't be overly picky and then as a result of this pickiness not breed to our maximum for fear that we may not produce the best or brightest.  He says that in the long run it will work out and we'll move higher. If we have the quantity, the quality will come.  The potential for our evolution is lying dormant in our genes and will emerge in those who follow Arman's teachings. In this day, Arman does not look favorably on eugenics beyond mating like with like.  He has said that in a day when we are much more numerous, we can be pickier in order to make certain genes more numerous than others in order to move closer to the ideal that has been revealed to him as the way to move higher.
"Arman also says that many of our so-called secular laws, especially those relating to marriage and morals, are really just disguised versions of the religious laws of man made religions and that many of them are anti-life and are just the opposite of what God wants.
"Arman says that God has put a clock within us to determine when we should bear children and when we should stop bearing children.  Man made laws that conflict with that clock are evil.  Arman also says that while God has made it so that each woman can only get pregnant once each nine months, that he has not so limited males and that this is why polygamy is part of God's plan for each of us to multiply our genes and spread our genotype and our phenotype so that they are the most numerous.
"Arman also says that we should not get into thinking overlong about having babies, but just do it.  God will provide.
"How far have we fallen from multiplying as we should?  Listen to these statistics for clues:
"Germany now has the lowest birthrate in all of Europe with 8.5 births per 1,000 inhabitants.  In Britain, the rate is 12 per 1,000.  In France it is 12.7.  The Netherlands' rate  is 11.9. Ireland's is 15.2.  Poland's figure is 9.3. Bulgaria's is 9. 
"Compare those figures from those white nations with these.  In Ethiopia the birthrate is 37.98 per 1,000 inhabitants.  Sudan's rate is 34.53. Mexico's rate is 20.69 per 1,000. Brazil is 16.5.  Vietnam is 16.86.  The U.S. as a whole has a rate of 14.0 per 1,000 inhabitants.
"Got it man?  Have babies, many, many, many babies.  You can never have enough in your image.  Live long and multiply, man.  Let the lone person who is you become a family and let the family become a tribe and let the tribe become a mighty nation.  It starts with you, man. Make many more of yourself."

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