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 "Man, I've said it a thousand times before," said Homeless Jack. "Whites won't survive unless we go through a true sea-change spiritual/religious revival.

"Political and social movements, if not based on spiritual or religious truths, won't save us. That's what many have tried in the past. They thought they were winning, but ultimately they failed. It was inevitable. If you don't change the spiritual and religious zeitgeist of White people so that the people's beliefs can withstand all manner of adversity and attacks and so that the people will struggle against all odds for what is right, and never give up, you'll fail.

"It's no secret that most White people in the world today are Christians. This is not really their religion at all. It is a desert religion, and White people are not a desert people. It has been layered on them like a veneer instead of coming from their essence which is in contact with God. While it fills a psychological need among some of them, it is ultimately a religion of darkness and death, not light and life. We need to change from the old death ways to the new life ways. This is what Arman brings us. His revelations bring in a whole new way for Whites, and they're from God so no one should doubt them. There is no other way for Whites to survive except through the things that are taught by Arman. Those who have the Right Blood but who seek other ways, will perish with the others. Right Blood is but one of the three elements needed for the Essence to be activated. There must also be Right Belief and Right Action. Still, it is proper for believers to say: 'You can't find God except through the blood.' Our blood is the Sacred River, man. It is the way to God. Without it, there is no way. The others don't like this and they don't like us saying this, but it's the truth. If they have a problem with it, then they should take it up with God. This is our faith, and it's not the business of anyone else.

"I asked Arman whether or not believers had to follow all of his truths exactly and he told me that the truths that believers have to follow are God's truths expressed in nature once these truths are fully and truly understood. Arman emphasize that he didn't invent these truths and that he doesn't own them any more than he owns the sunrise. He's just a helper bringing these truths to the people and offering guidance. He also said that all believers are encouraged to teach others so long as they stay true to the revelations and don't change them. Good teachers will attract many believers to them, and those who do so may wish to start permanent centers for teaching and worship. This is as God wants it.

"Anyway, we're talking about a huge change in direction and thinking for our people. We're talking about getting back to our essential selves and rebuilding our spiritual/religious foundation on a solid base. We're talking about going back before Christianity and then starting over, but not with the failed religions that were then in existence. We don't need to replace Christian myths with other myths. We need true religion. We need religion that is in tune with God as He really is. We need to do exactly what God wants us to do as a people and not give in to the whims of blenders, evil doers and psychologically unbalanced people who invent a God in their image who then tells them to do whatever is politically correct at the moment. We need to follow God's eternal laws even when they may not be popular with humans and even when they may cause haters to attack us. We must put our faith in the true God and we must know that when we do so, He truly will look out for us and will ensure that things come out according to His plan of which we are a part.

"The old false ways are helping with our extinction. Even though the religious books of many religions, including Christianity, teach some things similar to the revelations Arman has received--after all, truth is truth no matter who says it--they have been misinterpreted so that the genuine truths are not seen in this day, and there is enough conflicting material in these religious books so that the kernels of genuine truths will always be misinterpreted to suit the wishes of the evil doers in different ages.

"Arman says that Whites must wake from their sleep and start struggling with all their might to survive and move higher. The old days when natural geographic isolation protected Whites from non-Whites on this dark planet are gone. Modern mass transportation has ended that. If Whites are to survive, they must find a way to remain isolated. This means, I think, that they must establish all-White nations with strong laws to keep them that way. They must totally reject multi-culturalism and multi-racialism and other false things that cause Whites to blend with others. We must become more White, not less so.

"Whites, today, have everything screwed up. Look at the lousy state of Whites. They have an idiotically low birthrate and they've become a race of sissy yuppies. Look at the Catholic Church, man. What genuine God would want holy men to be celibate? Celibacy is a total contradiction of life. It's nutso, man.

"Also look at the stupid and artificial things that Whites will risk their lives for. No life, including White life, wins the survival game by dying for an abstract concept. Life should only be risked to protect or further our genes. So, what are Whites doing? Today, they're dying in Iraq because they've been manipulated into thinking that they're fighting for "freedom," or for "America." Look at how stupid that is, man. We're killing thousands and thousands of people far away from here to bring them freedom? Stupid. And, we're defending America? Defending America! You mean we're fighting non-whites over there so we can be killed in our cities by non-whites here? Welcome to the stupid dimension, man.

"Look, Whites have got to shake off Christianity and they have to shake off false nationhood ideas and they have to understand that their survival depends on them having true religion--religion that is full of life and which celebrates life, not death.

"Whites should only risk their lives for things that protect or further their genes, man. They should do all things that will help their genes become the most numerous genes. How do they do that? They stop dying for stupid abstract ideas. And, they start breeding like crazy and encouraging their offspring to breed like crazy. That's the way to survive and prosper. Fill all niches of society with your own kind, man. Struggle to keep others out of your niches. Don't have a society with an upper White class and a lower non-White class. That doesn't work in the long run. Instead, have all levels of society filled with people with our genes.

"How many kids should each white woman have? As many as possible. Look at how many children our ancestors had when we were an expanding youthful people full of life instead of a contracting old people. Many women had twelve or more children. That's why we were youthful and expanding, man. Forget that rot that we built great civilizations and invented so many things because we somehow have some special genius that exists even when we are few in number. The genius we have is one with our expansion and our life force. If we damp down the life force so that we do not expand, our civilizations will rot and our inventions will become fewer and fewer. We need people! Our people! Look at what's going on in Europe, man. Nations there are talking about how they have to import non-whites in order to keep the economies going. Why? Because the decrepit Whites aren't having babies. They're too pooped to pop. It's like we're a people with a death wish and we're committing our own suicide. And, look at how the emphasis is on their economies instead of on their genes. Screw economies. We'd be better off if we lived hand to mouth in caves so long as our genes were pure.

"You know another kind of White who pisses me off, man? It's the mealy mouthed twits who have no children but who mumble stuff about eugenics and who talk about whites only having kids if the kids can be very intelligent or have other desired qualities. Screw that. We're dying out, man. We don't need to worry about that type of perfection until we fill this planet with Whites. Then, we can worry about the quality. Don't worry, quality will take care of itself once we have the quantity. We need fry cooks and scientists who are White. We need low I.Q. Whites and we need high I.Q. Whites. We need children of White fathers and White mothers. We need teeming White life. We don't need sparse White life.

"True religion is not against our true nature, man, it is about our true nature which in turn is part of the nature of all that exists.

"Let me leave you with this thought, man. Arman says that the spinning has begun. The arms of the spinning have started slowly cranking into movement. They're beginning to spin and gain power . They will continue and they will pull energy into them and the center will grow stronger and it will glow brighter and brighter and we are it and it is us."

"I don't get it" I said. "What's that supposed to mean? You know, Jack, I don't know if people are to take you seriously or not?"

"Oh, this is serious man. If you want to know more, really study the truths, study the truths. That's all I have to say today. Live long and multiply right."

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