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"Polygamy is back in the news, man," said Homeless Jack, "and I'm glad it is. Apparently, a whole bunch of teens from polygamous families in Utah held a rally the other day in Salt Lake City at which they demanded their basic human rights to believe and live as they want.
"The haters--some under the color of authority like the witch hunters of old--who have been persecuting these folks have been getting away with their persecution because the polygamists are mostly private people who just stay out of the limelight.  Now, the polygamists are starting to understand that they need to stand up for their rights and confront the bigots. I say, three cheers for them.  It'd be nice if we could all just believe as we want and mind our own business and be left alone, but the bigots want everyone to conform to their views. You have to stand up to them.  Why should we have to believe what the bigots want us to believe and why should we have to live as they want us to live? What gives them the right to tell us who or how many we can marry?
Some of these bigots profess to believe in the Bible but they seem blind to the fact that in the Bible God said go forth and multiply.  And, polygamy helps people do that. Even those who don't believe in the Bible should know that nature says the same thing: go forth and multiply. It's written large throughout existence: GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY. Those who choose to not have children are evolutionary losers, man.  No reproduction; no evolutionary success. Period.
Of course, the bigots know that it's difficult in a PR sense to attack the polygamists in public just for their beliefs so they trump up all sorts of things about abuse and brain washing to demonize the polygamists.  The teens who protested, made it clear that they are not the victims of abuse, brainwashing, neglect, forced marriages and the other phony things that the bigots are using to whip up public support against the polygamists.
What was cool in Utah the other day was that the polygamists who demonstrated were from various religious groups and even some from families that practice polygamy with no religious affiliation.
I told you, man, that Arman says polygamy is one of the ways for us to fulfill the revelations, so I'm sure he's happy about the polygamists coming out of the closet this way. He may even have been there at the rally for all I know.
Naturally, many of the polygamists around today are part of  fundamentalist Mormon groups that split with the main stream Mormons back in the 1800's when the main stream Mormons had a convenient PC revelation to get rid of Joseph Smith's earlier revelation that said plural marriage is the way to eternal salvation.  The main stream Mormons wanted statehood for Utah, but the Feds told them to forget it so long as they practiced plural marriage. So, by golly, the Mormons suddenly had a new revelation.  And, shucks, don't that just beat all?  God now wanted them to give up plural marriage.  Never mind that stuff that He had previously said about plural marriage being an eternal part of their religion. So out with the bathwater went Joseph Smith's revelation.
Now,  Arman's revelations have nothing to do with Mormonism but they do tell us that we must breed often and right to find our salvation and our uplifting.
See, like I told you, man, Arman's religion is in tune with reality and with nature. Arman teaches the way to God is through the natural processes of existence and especially the eternal spinning which we find both outside of us and inside of us. And, as far as these natural processes go in relation to human life, Arman says that we're supposed to find the way to maximize our evolutionary success. That means pass on our genes to as many as possible. It seems that polygamy is one of those ways.
"What do you mean by "evolutionary success?" I asked.
"Man, in the broadest sense that just means that you have more children than others and that your children also bear more children than others and so on down the line and that they bear your characteristics or traits and  that these characteristics or traits don't die out.
You have to think in terms of genes about this stuff, man, or it gets all bollixed up. You have to remember that Genes-R-Us.  You may have blue, green, grey, hazel or brown eyes.  Now, you have those color eyes because you have a gene for them.  Actually, that's simplifying it because it may take more than one gene for this.  Anyway, just think of it as one gene to make this easier to consider.  Now, as I told you before, when you mate, you and your mate supply 23 chromosomes each to the new child.  Remember, your genes are on the chromosomes.  So, if you have the gene for eyes of one color and your mate has a gene for  different color eyes, your child may not have your color eyes.  Thus, a little piece of "you" is lost.  Now, on the other hand, if you had mated with someone with the same color eyes as you, then the child would more likely have the same color eyes as both of you. That means that little piece of you went forward a generation. Consider that sort of thing with all your other characteristics and traits and you can see that more of you is passed on when your mate is more like you. And, the same thing happens with your mate.
We can step even further back in thinking about this and consider DNA to understand this better.  As you may recall, DNA is composed of four chemicals which are usually abbreviated A,T, C and G.  DNA makes up genes.  But, the four chemicals of DNA are exactly the same in a man as they are in a carrot or any other form of life.  A is A, T is T, C is C and G is G no matter what life form they are in. 
So, how is it that life is so varied? 
The answer is in the order, man.  The order is the thing.  And, that's where the eternal spinning comes in, at least according to Arman who, as I told you before, says science hasn't yet discovered what has been revealed to him in this regard. 
"Look, man, don't look confused.  Science is still trying to understand this stuff.  Hell, science only discovered the structure of the DNA molecule--the double helix (or spiral) in 1953. Had Arman been teaching then, he could have told them this before they discovered it. The spinning is the creator and destroyer of all. The spinning is the cornucopia, man.  Everything comes out of it and everything goes into it. The spinning galaxies, tornadoes, hurricanes, water draining from your sink don't just look like a strand of DNA seen head on for no reason, man.  There's a basic principle of existence there.
The constant spinning causes changes--a little shuffle of those four DNA "cards" in genes.  It's all automatic, man.  When living things are faced with different environmental conditions, the body picks up these differences and the shuffling starts making very tiny changes.  It's like water flowing to the lowest level.  Over time, these changes may stick as natural selection plays its part.  When the changes are good, the animals carrying those genes live and breed and pass them on.  When they are bad, the animals die off.
And, it's all part of the struggle between different genes, man.  The struggle is within our individual bodies and it is within our societies and within all of nature.
See, man, when you follow Arman's teachings you get rituals and all that sort of stuff, but you also get science because Arman's teachings are always in accord with nature and nature is always in accord with true science.  Arman puts it all together, man.  Everything is in the flow and the flow spins and circles.  Know the stars and you know your cells.
You want evolutionary success, man?  Breed like with like and breed so often that all the worlds are full of your genes.  That's nature's way. That's the spiral path.


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