Ethnic Cleansing

by H. Millard © 2007

"It's not happening just in the U.S., man," said Homeless Jack. "It's happening all over this dark planet.  Look at London. The place is on its way to being majority non-white. Friggin' London!  But speaking of the U.S., about one out of every ten of the 3,141 counties in the U.S. is now majority non-white.  

"Whites are being ethnically cleansed by non-whites and they're being helped in this genocide by many whites who are either too stupid to understand what's going on, or are so brainwashed by blending that they don't care, or who are evil and full of death wishes for our people. And, there are some who act as a Fifth Column right in the genetic mass of our people causing disharmony and fragmentation.
"Massive abortions almost for the fun of it, birth control, homosexual marriages, miscegenation, murders on our streets and in our homes, our young people dying in Iraq before they reproduce, effete self-indulgence and a desire to not have children, massive immigration of non-whites to traditionally white lands--these are all adding up and taking their toll on our people, man. These cause contraction not expansion.  Contraction is death, expansion is life.
"Talk about Sodom and Gomorrah! Talk about not going forth and multiplying.  Talk about committing mass suicide.  We have it all in the modern world, man.  And, all of these things are accepted by millions of people, in some cases just by silence, as being normal and the way things should be.  What an absurdity. What a strange and horrible time we live in.  We are witnessing the slow-motion genocide of a distinct human type right before our eyes--and it is us. We are in the midst of a plague, man, that is worse than any plague in history and this is so because most of our people don't even realize it. We're not even yelling "Bring out your dead," at every door. We don't even know we're dead and dying.  We're just fading away.
"We are our genes, man.  Without our genes, we are not us. Sure, there's variation within each race, but that doesn't change the fact that we are who we are because of our genes.  Change your genes and you are not you. Look, don't get confused about some of the minor differences between people within a particular race.  Think of us as houses. The main part of the design--the particular model house--makes us what we are even though some of the furniture and other things are different in each model. If you mate within the particular model, that is, with someone who looks much like you, then your children are the same model, but if you mate outside the particular model, then the model is changed and your children are no longer the same model as you.
"Don't forget what I told you before, man. You have to mate so that your 23 chromosomes join with 23 like chromosomes in order for you to continue on into the future. There's no other way. You water down the chromosomes in your children by mating us with not us, and you are gone. Also, don't forget, that because our genes came later, they are recessive. Two like copies are needed to make a new one of us, while with the others only one copy of their chromosomes makes one of them. Our destiny is to become a new species, but we must separate for that to happen; otherwise we get folded back into the mass of humanity. Their genes will cancel our genes.
"You've read the stories about blonds and red heads becoming extinct.  But, maybe you didn't really understand what these stories really mean, man. If you're like most people, you just filed these stories away as little conversational nothings. They're not that, man.  They're important stories even though they were picked up by late night TV comics who made blond jokes. You know why these stories are important?  I'll tell you why. They're important because they are about the extinction of white genes one at a time. 
"Some genetic characteristics are uniquely white characteristics even though not all of us have all of them. Blond and red hair are two of these.  So, too, are some eye colors. And, of course, there is skin color. Then, there are nose and lip shapes and skull shapes and on and on by the thousands. These things are all caused by genes. If the genes are killed off, the characteristics will start disappearing one by one; like blonds and red heads dying off, for example.
"So the blonds and redheads disappear.  Then the blue eyes  Then the white skin. Soon, we're all gone, man. We're faded photos in musty old books read by future generations of people who are not our people. That's what the blenders want, man, they want to destroy us. They want to blend us away.  They want no more white people on the planet.
"But all is not yet lost. They haven't won. We can survive.  Call me an optimist, but I believe we are going to survive.  I can't tell you exactly how it will happen, but I feel it.  Maybe we're on the cusp of a new age of heroes and one will come to save us.  Maybe there will be a massive cataclysm of Biblical proportions that will changes things. Maybe there will be a sea change in our thinking and in our society, perhaps brought on by new religious views. Maybe our people will suddenly wake up and see the truth.  I don't know man.  I can't see the future, but I do have faith in the basic survivability of our people--or at least a portion of our people--maybe a few new Adams and Eves to take us off in a new direction as a new people. Time will tell. God willing, we will survive and we will prevail.
"As I said before, man, it may be that this culling that is being done to our people is part of a cosmic plan.  Maybe some are being removed for a reason.  Maybe those of us who think these thoughts are genetically different even from those who look like us and maybe one of our differences or mutations is that we think these thoughts.
"Maybe ours are the bones to be found a million years from now and from which all then alive will figure their descent.  Maybe we are the Lucys of that far distant future age. I don't know, man, but I do know with certainty, that it will be those of us who have as many children in our own image as possible who will be the only ones who will have a chance of having our genes survive. And, if our genes survive, we survive.  As individuals, we're nothing, man.  We live a puny hundred years at best.  This is nothing. It isn't even a millionth of an eyeblink in the long view of existence.
"I think Arman is right, man. He says that those who think these things need to separate ourselves out from others. And, we need to put the sacred signs on ourselves and around us.  If we can't separate out physically at this time, then we need to at least do it in our minds.  We need to see ourselves as different and we must retain our differences and seek even more of them--in the right direction.  Ours is a different path.  We are a different people. Others can walk their own paths. We will walk ours. We will not stop them from walking theirs and we will not be stopped from walking ours.
"Anyway, you can think of living things as being a little like putty, man.  They are shaped by their environment. That's what Arman says, and I believe it.
"I know what you're thinking, man. You're thinking Lamarckism, right?  You're thinking that I'm saying, as did Lamarck, that genetic change happens in response to environmental effects, instead of by the more accepted theories of Darwin about how we mainly evolve by acquiring favorable characteristics through natural selection.
"I know you know that natural selection says that  those who survive may have something that lets them survive and they pass this on to their offspring. So, for example, a black insect hides better against a dark tree and the birds don't pick off as many of them as they do the lighter hued insects of the same species. Then, because more of the black insects survive to have offspring and pass on their black genes, that eventually the black insects replace the lighter insects. Conversely, lighter insects in  sand would have the survival advantage over the darker insects and would produce more of themselves.
"Look man, I'm not saying that Darwin was wrong.  I'm just saying that there's more to it than he thought.  Lamarck also got some of it right.  The two theories are not mutually exclusive.  Nature moves through more than one avenue at a time. 
"But, Arman goes even beyond Lamarck, man. He says that we can pick up characteristics from other living things and even so called non-living things. He says there are several mechanisms at work in this that science has not fully explained yet. Possibly there may be viruses or bacteria pr things similar to prions that cause the changes.  Maybe, for example, a virus or bacteria that lives on whatever we're around gets into the cells of living things and causes changes to their DNA that gives them a survival advantage over others. Or maybe it's got something to do with the "essences" of things--those things on the atomic or sub-atomic level of everything--that get inserted into the DNA. 
"Arman uses various insects and fish as examples of this process. How do some insects look like the leaves they live on?  How do some fish look like the rocks they lie on? Natural selection?  Not completely, according to Arman.  He says some ancestors of the present insects "absorbed" the appearance of the leaf  into their DNA and then natural selection has caused those with these favorable changes to reproduce more of their kind.  See, man, Arman says both mechanisms--call them Lamarckism and Darwinism--are at work at the same time.
"But, the real importance of this to us, which is an article of faith in Arman's religion, man, is that believers can will our evolution by surrounding ourselves with the things that cause us to evolve in the direction Arman says has been revealed as the most advantageous way for our people. 
"In other words, we become what we surround ourselves with.  And, this means both living and non-living things. It means the total environment inside us and outside us.  We need to control what we eat, what we see, what we smell, what we feel, what we think, what we wear, what we do.  It is a total immersion in those things that will cause our transformation. 
"But, this is for the future, man. The way the transformation happens is through our children.  We absorb and we pass on.  They absorb and they pass on.  Evolution is faster than most people believe is possible, but don't expect as an adult to physically transform your body in the way your yet unborn children can be transformed by receiving your DNA that has been transformed.
"Live long and multiply."

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