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Johnny Cash - (c) 2005 by NNN"I just got back from a Colony, man," said Homeless Jack. He was dressed in faded black pants, a faded black work shirt, a faded black town coat or frock that looked a little like a combination of a business suit jacket and something that Johnny Cash might have worn. On his head, covering it down to about the middle of his forehead and to the top of his ears, was a black skull cap similar to those worn by Muslims.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Village of the Damned" - (c) 2005 by NNN"Some Armen have set up a Colony. I was just there. It was kind of small, but since we believe we must have as many babies as possible, I figure that's going to change. These folks are trying to live the way God revealed to Arman. The place reminded me a little of that place in the movie, The Village of the Damned. There were little blond kids running all around the place. It was great. The believers say they're going to take back this planet one birth at a time. And, when the Colony gets full of people, they'll send some forth to start another and another and another.

"This particular Colony happens to be in a rural area, and the folks are trying to get to a point where they can be self-sustaining and not have to rely on others. They're a long way from reaching that goal, so they adjust as needed. Still, they're able to live our religion and maintain our values. They don't have any booze or drugs but they do plenty of hard work and have lots of babies. Every child is a child of God and is worth many prayers. They don't bother anyone and they expect the same from others. Those in the community with the most children get the most respect.

Amish"You see these clothes? They gave them to me. They're not too good at making clothes yet so they buy old blue workshirts, mostly from second hand stores and they purify them and then dye them black. In fact, they dye just about everything black and have big vats of black dye ready all the time. Other colors are acceptable, but doing everything black is economical and it's in tune with the teachings about not trying to be above others of the people and being humble and plain. The coat I'm wearing, they did make. It's plenty big and loose and comfortable like all the things they wear, and it can be worn for casual labor or office work. It's also 100% cotton which is the preferred fabric.

"Anyway, I'll tell you more about the Colony some other time. I've got other things to tell you about right now. Take a look at this picture." Jack held out a crumpled up photo from a newspaper."

"See, they call this the Whirlpool galaxy, but they could call it the swastika galaxy and be more accurate. In fact, all galaxies can be called swastika galaxies, because that's what they're like at some point in their evolution.

"swastika galaxy""You know, this galaxy kind of looks small in some photos but the thing has a couple hundred billion stars and it's just a tiny part of an even bigger cosmic circling that we can't see because we can't stand outside of it. What you see there is what is also inside us. We live in a circling, spinning, reality. The swastika is just the circling that hasn't fully circled yet. It's what you see as the round center spins on its axis and picks up or throws off stuff. It's the engine of creation and destruction. It is the self-organizing principle of all that exists. It is that which evolves all.

"You see, we're part of all of this. Everything is part of it. We're all circling and spinning and we're all evolving, but we're not all evolving in the same way. We're being sorted out whether we want to be or not, and because we know about it in our religion we're directing our own sorting out as we see fit. I figure that God selected us, but he selected everything else too. I mean, he threw everything in a pot of muck and waited to see which ones crawled out to a higher level. And, those that struggled to where we are now have a choice, they can fall back down or they can go higher. That's where our so-called free will comes in. That's what separation and isolation and the Colony are about. We choose to be separate and we choose to struggle to go higher. It's a melding of all that is in existence into a unified whole. I think we're the only religion that sees things as clearly as this, man. And, the reason we see them so clearly is because God wills it and God revealed it.

"Some other religions are out there talking about the brotherhood of man. That's a crock, man. That's not from God. That's from small minded, neurotic humans who are afraid of the Struggle. That's the way to fall back into the muck. There is no brotherhood of man. All things have sprung from the same chemicals and forces, but that doesn't mean all things are the same, and they're not. A lower level of consciousness makes you think this brotherhood of man stuff. Then, when you rise above that level you see that everything is connected, but it is the differences, even though they may be small, that are important. Everything must struggle to be more. There is no rest for those who have this higher consciousness, and the Struggle gives comfort once one understands it. We're our own brotherhood. We are joined with all other people of our kind by blood, but, in addition, we Armen are also joined to each other by belief and by actions. So, we have three glue points instead of one. Much stronger bond that way, man. Much stronger. We don't need others. We're complete all by ourselves. We're not enriched by others. We do not benefit from others. We are a people apart, because we struggled to be so. We crawled out of the muck and we don't want to fall back in or be dragged back down. In fact, falling back in would the easiest thing in the world. Then we could traipse around with moist eyes saying that God is love and other meaningless and false things. That's not us, man. We're on our way up. And, God willing, we will continue to move up.

'invasion of plasmids'"We have to remain separate, man. God wants it. Not only do the vibrations of the others harm us and cause our Essence to be distorted; their plasmids can invade our cells and transform our genes into their genes. If we remain separate, then only our own plasmids will be around us. In fact, the more we are around those of us with the most external and internal signs, the better, because, like it or not, all things become what they are around. It's a fact of nature, man. So, avoid the bad plasmids and surround yourself with the good ones."

"Jack, you're making my head spin with all of this," I said, thinking I might be able to get him to talk in a linear fashion instead of jumping all around.

"That's the point man, the spinning. Look, the way I'm telling you this stuff, the way I always tell you this stuff, is the way it has to be presented. The form is part of the spinning itself. Get it? It's not just the words, but the way they're presented. It's like the order of DNA.

Stonehenge"See, this is all part of the big picture. Don't be confused. Let your head spin. Love the chaos and the self-ordering. Feel the storm. Love the Struggle. Everything is related, but not everything is the same or has the same destiny. We have our own ways and our own destiny. People with the Essence can share it with us, or they can just live purposeless lives not focused on God as He really is. We have right blood, right belief and right actions. I'm here to tell you, man, God is far different than most people think. Far different. He's rooting for us and wants us to evolve ever higher, but we have to make it happen. We have the truth and we have the joy, man. We have our priorities straight. Grab on and take the ride to the future and to the new man. Become part of the new species. You want to go away with some right thoughts? Think: God, circles, roundness, spinning, orbits, swastikas, fylfots, Stonehenge, whiteness, plasmids, genes, life force, tornadoes, DNA, Essence, genotypes, existence, evolution, breeding, mists, forests, light, sub-atomic particles, plasmids, purity, belief, ourselves alone, forever a separate people. Those words will start you in the right direction, God willing. It's not all about race or genes, but they're an important part of the all. If you leave them out, you'll never move higher and you may move lower to an eventual extinction. Take charge of your evolution, man. Make it happen. Will it to be. Think the right thoughts and your subconscious mind will help."

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