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"Viruses, viroids, prions, plasmids and many things unseen can help us evolve, man," said Homeless Jack.

"Arman has long taught that we have to purify to move forward in the spiraling, turning, struggle. He has said that we should be surrounded only by our own people, eat food grown and prepared only by our own people, wear cotton clothes made and sold by our own people, look at and touch the right symbols, smell the right odors, and in all ways immerse ourselves in the things that have been revealed to him. At the same time we are to avoid all things that we have been told to avoid and that if we can't avoid impure things that we are to purify them in various ways.

"To those of who are believers in Arman's teachings, it is enough that God told Arman about these things. No further evidence is needed for us to prove the rightness of our views. God said it. That's the way it is. Period. However, we understand that human beings are born to question things. Arman's teachings even encourage us to question and to investigate the revealed truths. Arman says that all the revealed truths are in complete accord with true science and that we need not fear losing our faith by studying science. Arman says that true science will only deepen our faith as we realize that the revealed truths, really are true.

"These teachings about purifying everything around us, while always valid in a religious sense, are also valid scientifically. To understand why, you need to know that Arman teaches that we are to will our own evolution and that to do this we must cause changes within ourselves that move us in the right direction and we must avoid things that move us in the wrong direction.

"When we speak of willed evolution, it helps to briefly bring in Charles Darwin to help us understand what Arman means. Arman says that Darwin got some things right, but that because of the time in which Darwin lived; before our present understanding about DNA and genes and all the rest of the machinery within, that he missed many basic truths about evolution. Arman also says that had the revelations received by Arman been revealed in Darwin's day and had Darwin been a believer, he would have known that he was missing something. In simplest terms, the revelations tell us that we sometimes absorb things from our environment.

" As you know, Darwin attributed the changes he observed in various populations of animals as being the result of natural selection and isolation. Those are factors, but what Darwin didn't know is that viruses, viroids, prions, plasmids and some other things that science hasn't yet discovered, can affect our DNA by inserting bits of foreign DNA and foreign atoms in our DNA or by causing our own cells to make changes within us. In other words, as I said above, and as the revelations state, we sometimes absorb things from our environment.

"Because we can absorb things, we need to be sure that we are surrounded with the right things and we must avoid the wrong things.

"Get it? Look, we all know about so called mimicry; the way certain animals--some insects and some fish are easy examples--look like other things. Some insects look almost exactly like the twigs and leaves that they live on. Many species of fish look like rocks or coral or even a sandy ocean bottom. How did these animals get like this? Darwin would say that the animals that had these characteristics had a survival advantage and thus lived to breed and pass on more of their genes than others of the species who didn't have these characteristics. Eventually, the whole species changed more and more to look like the things that would keep them from being eaten.

"Arman says Darwin was partly right. In addition, however, these animals picked up characteristics through transduction or processes very similar to transduction. Arman also says that even the characteristics of so-called inanimate objects can be picked up by a process similar to transduction. In other words, some of the characteristics of things that are very different from the receiving animal can be absorbed and can cause changes in the receiving animal.

"In fact, with the way scientists are adding genes to various animals and plants in labs today, Arman's revelations shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. Arman says that what's going on in the labs is just science finally starting to understand what the revelations say has been happening for millions of years naturally. Arman's teachings in this regard are that we should try to manage these changes in the best possible way for believers so that our evolution is willed, and so that we can struggle against some of the path-of-least-resistance workings of nature and the mistakes made by those whose consciousness is too low to see the truth and whose mistakes are harming our geneotype.

"We do not have one destiny that has been preordained. We have many possible destinies. God willing, we will stay on the path to our highest possible destiny and we will move ever closer to the light.

"Live long and multiply right."

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