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"It's sure hard to save our people, man," said Homeless Jack. "So many of them are dopes that it's hard to believe that they're a later stage in the evolution of humans like Arman teaches. Makes me wonder sometimes.

"Down in Georgia, a bunch of people--probably Bush voters--want to take the word "evolution" out of the state's science education curriculum because they say evolution is just a theory, not a fact.

"Do you see where they're going wrong? It's like the way dopes get the word "racist" mixed up with other concepts. In Georgia they're mixing up "Darwin's theory of evolution" with "evolution." The first concept is a theory. The second is a fact.

Darwin"Look, all life forms change. There's no doubt about that. In the broadest sense of the word, "change" is what "evolution" means. Even the stupidest person should be able to understand that. That's not a theory. Change happens. Darwin attempted to explain the changes he observed in nature with his theories about how those changes came about. Darwin posited the idea that the changes he observed in living things came about through isolation and natural selection. So, these things--isolation and natural selection--are essentially what Darwin hangs his hat on. See, suppose a male and female bird of a certain species got caught up in a wind and were transported thousands of miles to an island far from their natural home where others of their species live. Suppose they lived through the ordeal. Suppose they mated and had offspring. The offspring would mate and have more of their kind. This would be repeated over and over. Suppose further that the conditions on the island were different than the conditions where the two parent birds originally lived; for example, suppose in their old land, the nuts they ate were soft, but in the new land the nuts are hard. Birds with harder sharper beaks might have a leg up on survival because they might be better able to get to the food, while those birds with softer, duller beaks might die off. Over time, the birds with hard beaks would become a new species.

"Jack, spare me the Evolution 101 lesson. I know all that."

"Okay, I just wanted to make sure we're on the same page. Anyway, I think Darwin got it right as far as he went, but I also believe that there are other mechanisms at work that are not part of his theories.

"See, it's like I told you before, Arman says that we can cause some changes by using our minds. He calls that Willed Evolution. In its simplest form it means moving to where the natural conditions are such that we might evolve in a certain way; kind of like those birds with the hard beaks. Arman says that all living things can and do pick up various aspects of things that surround them and that's part of why Willed Evolution will work for us. We can understand these things and we can seek out things to surround us that will help us.

DarwinWhen a Darwinist sees an animal that is colored like its background, he might say that this is so because this coloration allowed the ancestors of this animal to disguise themselves from predators so this animal lived to breed more like himself, while those of the same species with different coloration were picked off by predators so they didn't breed as much and eventually their genes for different colors died out. Arman, on the other hand, says that in addition to what the Darwinists believe, animals can also pick up the essence of color or shape or other characteristics from the things that surround them and that these essences are then often incorporated into the animal that picks them up. Most of the time, these things are hidden, but sometimes they become manifest over the generations. The actual mechanism of this is sketchy. One theory is that it may be caused by the migration of viruses from one object, living or inanimate, into the cells of a living thing where the viruses, which have picked up some of the other essences of where they lived before, impart some of these other essence into the genes. Or, maybe, that's not how it works and there is something else that causes it. I don't know, but I think Arman has it right. In a sense, I figure our genes are constantly experimenting with us and often try to make us similar to what is all around us. They obviously can't succeed fully, because there are many different things around us and we can't become all of them and we also can't become rocks or trees or whatever, but I bet that we do change and transform over the years via gene permutations to become a fleshly version of some of what is around us. You've heard of "flinty New Englanders" who seem to be human versions of the craggy shores of that place? Maybe that's a clue about this stuff.

Darwin"Let me get to the point and give you the straight skinny on this evolution business. White people are a later evolutionary step for mankind. We didn't plan it that way, but for some reason we just broke off from the rest of humanity and lived in cold and misty places isolated from the black, brown, yellow and red others. Over the years, we evolved to better live in these places. Our skin got paler so more of the dim sun could get through to our blood vessels to produce Vitamin D. Our eyes changed color. Our bodies changed shape. Our muscles developed differently. Our hair became different. Our brains changed.

"We are the ones who are different on this planet of the apes--this brown planet. We are a species aborning. We are the ones who have evolved out of other forms. The facts that back up this assertion are all over the place, man. Look, why do you suppose whites are only about ten percent of all humans on the planet? I'll tell you why. It's partly because we've had less time to breed than other human types. We've had less time because we split off from other human types relatively late. Had white people been around as long as the darker peoples, there might be a lot more of us than there are. And, look at the stuff we've invented and discovered since we've been around. Most of the modern world was created by us.

"But, let me tell you how I really know we're a later evolutionary development: God says so. End of argument.

"So, Jack, you're resting your opinion on God, just like those who say evolution is false."

Darwin"Sure, why not? I've got the scientific facts to prove it, but those dopes don't listen to scientific facts so I'm not going to waste my time. It's their funeral. Let them be sucked back down into the muck of humanity. Let them devolve. Good riddance. Maybe that's one of the things that is part of the Big Guy's plan--to winnow us as a people. Maybe God is letting the weak minded ones, who can't see the truth, mate with the others and become the others, while letting those of us who see the truth distill ourselves out even more so that we become the progenitors of the new man. Hell may be the condition of falling back into the mass of humanity and heaven may be the condition of rising above it. I get the feeling, sometimes, that the Big Guy has plans within plans within plans and that He keeps making adjustments and fine tuning things as problems and situations arise. I figure everything in existence is part of the plan, but roles change. Our role is to be the next step up for man, but if we don't play our role right, some others will replace us in that role.

Darwin"We are a branching of the human type. However, and here comes the Darwin stuff again, to fully branch off from other humans, we do need isolation and proper mating. If we stay in the melting pot, we're all going to be melted back into the mass of humanity. Then, we'll suffer the same fate as the rest of humanity. However, if we can somehow get ourselves isolated and living in the right places with the right things all around us and eating the right things and thinking the right thoughts and all the rest, then we will more than likely end up as a completely new species. That's our highest destiny, man. We have the potential to be the next man, but we also have the potential to devolve and be just like all other humans. Our highest destiny is to leave the humans behind the way humans left the apes behind. By doing so, we'll be closer to God. But, it's not predestined. We have to make it happen. If we don't take charge of our own evolution, then we will be no more than bits of dust in the currents of eternity. We'll be blindly moved first this way, then that. We're at the point, man, where we have to take control of our destiny and we need to start steering in the right direction.

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