Romney with National Black Republicans

by H. Millard © 2007

"Hey, man," said Homeless Jack, "Mitt Romney has started to show what he's made of. Sniff, sniff, whaaaa, whaaaa. 

"Who the hell wants a cry baby with plastic looking hair as president of the U.S.? This bleeding heart lib Romney should be running a pet adoption service. Give me a  brawler with a brain in the first seat, not a bawler with loosey goosey tear ducts.
"This guy is a new Jimmy Carter but without any nuts. Hillary Clinton has more balls than this guy.
"Somebody should have grabbed this guy when he was a kid and said 'Hey punk, instead of going on a Mormon Mission for two years where you'll bicycle around some town in a rumpled white shirt looking like a geek, we're going to send you to Parris Island to learn to be a man.'
"But there's more to this cry baby's pathology.  This is the guy who looked like he had just sucked on a lemon when he was discussing the Confederate Flag at a candidates forum recently.  When I saw his disgust, I instinctively knew that this wasn't just about  the Confederacy, but about white people.  I saw a blender. I saw a guy who doesn't know the first thing about genes or evolution or survival or, yes, God's Plan.  I saw a brainwashed piece of crap.
"This was confirmed on December 16 on Meet the Press when the weeping wimp said he pulled over to the side of the road in 1978 and cried when he heard that his Church had its latest what's happen' now revelation and decided that, by gum, it was now time to let blacks hold the priesthood in the Mormon Church.  All that stuff since way back when the church was formed?  Forget it.  That was then, this is now, baby. Can ya digs it? 
"The mainstream Mormon Church--the bunch in Salt Lake City--has a history of having convenient revelations.  The Church's founder Joseph Smith had set up polygamy for all time.  Then, after he was murdered, the Mormons wanted Utah to become a state, so, bam, they suddenly had a new revelation to get rid of polygamy.
"Here's the cry baby's own words about his crying in 1978.
'I can remember when, when I heard about the change being made. I was driving home from, I think, it was law school, but I was driving home, going through the Fresh Pond rotary in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I heard it on the radio, and I pulled over and, and literally wept. Even at this day it’s emotional, and so it’s very deep and fundamental in my, in my life and my most core beliefs that all people are children of God. My faith has always told me that. My faith has also always told me that, in the eyes of God, every individual was, was merited the, the fullest degree of happiness in the hereafter, and I, and I had no question in my mind that African-Americans and, and blacks generally, would have every right and every benefit in the hereafter that anyone else had and that God is no respecter of persons.'
"Look, man, let's be clear here.  Most of us think all people in a multi-racial or multi-cultural society should be treated the same by the government to which they all pay taxes.  Nevermind, for now, that many of us don't think it's desirable for every nation to be multi-racial or multi-cultural to begin with but that nations should be extended families of closely related people; that's a different story for another time.
"What the cry baby was talking about wasn't the government, but his church.  His church had certain bedrock rules against allowing non-whites to hold the priesthood. They have long stories about why this is what God wants. See, in Mormonism, all males hold the priesthood as a necessary part of getting to heaven.  So, by not allowing non-whites to hold the priesthood, the Mormon Church up to 1978 was pretty much all white. Now, it's becoming a diverse multi-racial and multi-cultural mess like most other churches and nations.
"In my book, man, a religion should not try to be trendy. It should not change with human fashions. What will the next revelation be? Maybe it'll be revealed that all Mormons are supposed to be in gay polygamous marriages with non-whites. Will the cry baby tell us that he cried when he heard that because he just always thought that was the right way to do things? I don't think God changes his mind that much, man.
"It's the madness of this age, man, that the most important thing--the first thing that God gave us: the DNA code that gives us our genotype and phenotype and which makes us different from all other peoples--is being thrown in the dumpster. Instead of understanding that God wants us separate, the  blenders want us to blend ourselves away, man.  It's crazy.  God has to be pissed off. To each his own, means something, man.
"Anyway, Romney isn't going to be president.  Stupid cry baby.
"Meanwhile, man, Governor Schwarzenegger in California is declaring a fiscal emergency for the Golden State.
Schwarzenegger campaigns in Pico Rivera "I knew this would happen. I told you that Schwarzenegger could only be a good governor and get the state on the right track if he took bold steps to stop illegal immigration and help get all the illegals out of the state. 
"It's the only way to put California back on the right track, man.  Did Arnold do what I suggested?  Nope.  He got his ass in office and then got his head turned by all the suits running around the place.
"He forgot who and what he truly is.  He is a man of action who has been turned into a gutless bean counter by the suits.  I still have faith in the guy, man, and maybe he'll wake up and get rid of the hangers-on who are giving him bad advice.  He should listen to State Senator Tom McClintock."

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